Wednesday, November 26, 2014

A time for gratitude...

I've had a rough 18 months. Many of you know that. But one of the things that sustained me during that time was people so willing to give to us when we needed it most. Time, money, good thoughts, well wishes, an ear to So at a time when we are supposed to be grateful for the good things, I'd encourage you if you're looking to read me or haven't read the following books, buy a copy. All proceeds--*all*--go to the foundation they are dedicated to. In order they are: The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, American Diabetes Association and

I am grateful, at this time of year, for my children, the family who kept me going me during the last year and a half, my online writer/reader friends and the opportunity at this time in my life to be in a position to give again. To do good things for others. Paying back is soothing my soul. And that is a gift.

p.s. another charity antho is in the works so if you are a writer please watch for a Call for Submissions. Should come after the holidays. <3
p.p.s. Please check out all the Coming Together titles for more dirty reading for a good cause!

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