Monday, December 1, 2014


Girl child took her father's job of putting up the birthday banner for my 43rd today (he was obsessed with it lol). She apparently did this while I was asleep last night. She told me she promptly tripped over the ottoman because the furniture is rearranged due to the tree (a three day affair this year but one we accomplished). A noise her brother heard, threw on all the lights and came down because he thought someone was in the house. These are the things that go on when I'm conked out after a long day of pre-birthday stuff with my MIL. LOL. But I know we're all looking out for each other. That's the biggest gift.

Today I see my mom, have dinner with the kids, and eat gluten free cake that girl child made me last night. It's a difficult day but I have a wonderful family, amazing kids and no one is letting me skip my birthday. So onward and upward. With many thoughts of my man and I love yous said out loud on a day he always made special for me.


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  1. Happy Birthday Sommer. Sending lots of love from north of the border. And hugs - lots of hugs - because it's cold and body warmth is good. And fuzzy socks. Fuzzy socks are good too.


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