Sunday, December 7, 2014

Amazon says no so...

The first review of 'tis the Season went up yesterday. should have. But for some reason they've rejected Kiki Howell's review of my new Christmas novella. Citing obscene language and/or links embedded. Well...neither of those was accurate but there's no way to respond. So, I did what any good writer would do, I immortalized it and am posting it here. This is what SHOULD be up on Amazon for my book, but instead it's here. Either way, I'm thrilled that this is Kiki's take on my book and I'm grateful she took the time to write a review!

Ta and da.


  1. Actually, she can do something. When I was doing a review of Alison's Wonderland, I got seven rejections. After four, I sent an email back and asked why. They were really helpful in pointing out that I couldn't have "fuck" or "gangbang" in the review (even though it was the name of the actual story). So, I had to the distasteful thing of "*" but that was also rejected. So, I ended up having to just say "Story by ..." (I review every story in an anthology separately).

    So, if there were no links or bad words (can't see any), just ask her to reply or ask a question, they can pull it up and give some hints of why it was rejected.

    Oh, and a lovely review at that.

  2. It's a wonderful review. But this world is driving me batsh*t. :P Why does everything have to be so sanitized?


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