Monday, January 12, 2015

A Sneak Peek at Lucky Streak!

Hey, that rhymed. :)

Today I'm putting up a little snippet from Lucky Streak due out this Friday (1/16) from Excessica. I'm so excited for this anthology I couldn't quite contain myself. So, I'm post a little taste today just to satisfy myself.

It's raining here. Hard. And it's gray. I have a headache and I just got off a 3,900 writing tear so I'm pooped. Alas, none of that dampens my excitement, so onward and upward and onward to that little bit of what's to come :)

From Blue Lights and Love Bites (Lucky Streak)

“You know your mother’s going to want an invitation to dinner for this,” I said under my breath as Roy, the giant, oven delivery man, maneuvered our new oven into place.

Noah nudged me with his elbow. “And is that so bad?”

“Depends on the day,” I snorted.

Roy began leveling our new shiny oven. Black with chrome, two power burners, a simmer burner and what had sealed the deal for Noah—a grill. Roy was efficient, and I could tell he was doing everything by rote. When the clock lit up, I clapped and laughed.

“That amuses you?” Noah asked, raising an eyebrow.

“The clock lights are blue,” I said. “Cobalt blue. Blue Christmas blue. Elvis blue.”

Noah raised his upper lip in the classic Elvis sneer, and I smiled. I was an Elvis freak, and I loved blue. He loved the grill…I loved the clock.

“All this bad assery,” he whispered in my ear, the fine hairs along the back of my neck raising from the stimulation. “And you’re excited about the light?”

I kicked him lightly. “I am.”

“You’re a weirdo, Maggie.”

Roy, who had been eavesdropping, stood, eyeballed the oven and brushed his hands on his workpants. “All done. You’re hooked up, the oven’s level, the warranty and the receipt are in the folder, and since it’s all paid for, we’re good to go.”

Noah handed him a folded twenty and thanked him for his time. We ushered Roy out, watched him climb into his gigantic truck, off to his next delivery and installation.

“New oven,” Noah said, brushing his hand along my back.

“New oven,” I echoed. “Courtesy of your mom. Which, I guess, means…dinner.” I pretended to be beleaguered because it was fun. The worst that would come of our gifted oven would be her asking me a thousand times how I liked the new oven. Then having to prepare a dinner for her. Which I could live with.

“Let’s go stare at it in awe and wonder once more,” he said, taking my hand.

In the kitchen, I approached it, something way nicer than Noah and I could ever have possibly afforded. I put my hands on the edges, bent to look at the wrought iron grates, the smooth shiny grill top, and the lovely glow of the blue numbers on the readout.

Noah came up close to me, pushed his hips against my ass, leaned over and kissed my neck. It was getting dark in the kitchen and sleet began tapping at the windows. “It’s cold and dark, I should cook something warm and comforting.”

He rocked his hips, and I felt his stiffening cock press the crack of my ass.

“Or maybe not…” I murmured, liking the feel of him hard and warm against me.

“What’s that?” His hands came around to cup my breasts through my thin, well-worn sweatshirt. My nipples stiffened instantly. I never failed to get excited when my husband touched me. Even if it was semi-playful.

Semi-playful often turned to breathtaking with us. Even after all these years.

“You heard me.” I pushed my ass back against him, welcoming his advances.

“You know what I think?” He tugged my nipples through my sweatshirt, and lust swirled down from my breasts to my pussy.

“Hmm?” It wasn’t even a word. Not really.

“I think we need to christen this here oven. We need to fuck like animals in front of these blue lights that seem to mesmerize you so much.” He bit the place where my neck met my shoulder, and I shivered and let out a little moan. His teeth on me always did me in. Always made my mind shut down and my body turn on.

The phone rang. A shrill interruption of our christening.

“That would be your mother.” I snorted.

His teeth came down on me again, this time on the back of my neck. Pain sizzled down my spine, quickly morphing into a warm heavy pleasure. “Ouch,” I said, but we both knew I didn’t mean it.

“Nothing but love bites,” he said, doing it once more.

My nipples grew almost painfully tight. Just as he knew they would. He found them with his fingertips and stroked them through my sweatshirt. I felt my heart beat between my legs. My hands began to shake.

Noah slipped his hand down into my leggings and breached my panties. He pushed a finger into my cunt and spread the gathered moisture over my clit, stroking me. I hummed softly, pushed my ass back to get better contact. The kitchen had grown darker which meant the blue lights shone brighter.

“I think you agree with my theory of celebrating our oven with a good kitchen fuck,” he said, his voice rumbling against my earlobe. He darted his tongue out to lick me there, and another shiver rocked me.
“I’ll take that as a yes,” Noah chuckled. 


  1. Hot hot hot! A new oven huh? Some girls are easy to please I guess. :P Can't wait to order this one.


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