Friday, January 16, 2015

Release Day Polka Dance!

It's here! It's here! Lucky Streak is out on Amazon, B&N and of course Excessica. Probably other places, too, but I haven't had time to hop around. So excited I can't stand myself. ;)

Ever been so excited about something that it doesn't matter a lick if anyone else is excited about it? Yeah? That's me with this book. I mean, obviously, I am hopeful that others are excited to read this little ditty, but I think I might be excited enough for everyone.

This is one of the last projects I worked on when Jim was alive. If you're a constant reader, you know that I always, always, always dedicated my books (if I was allowed a dedication) to "The Man". When I came on the scene everyone called their husband, "the husband", "hubs", "husbo" or "Mr. ___fill in the blank___". So, I chose "the man" because no one else had. Thus, you can find an entire slew of books dedicated to said man. It was only after he'd gotten sick that I changed it to Jim. With his permission. Actually, he loved it. So, again, if you are a constant reader, you will see that this book is dedicated to him too. Because, like I said...nothing really changes when you're in love. Love you, baby.


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