Thursday, February 5, 2015

Finally! "Confessions of a Sexpert"

After almost 60 hours and "" email Amazon has posted my Confessions of a Sexpert: The Zushia Chase Stories!

A little time capsule: I wrote the Confessions of a Sexpert installments in the early 2000s for Ruthie's Club. My intention was to continue the series indefinitely. Sadly, RC, an erotic institution, closed before I could do any more than the two. They were a big hit and I've always loved them seeing as Zushia is an accidental siren, if you will. A lot of the erotic party info is based on my very (very!) brief career peddling erotic aides at home parties--ya know, like Tupperware parties only way more interesting.

I love them because their fun and filthy, and yes, a little raunchy. Probably more so than a lot of my stuff you've read. But they are 110% fun!

I hope you'll check them out and tell me what you think.

p.s. my fave part is that cover shot was taken by me! What a beautiful night it was. xoxo

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  1. FFS lady! Between you and Alison...I mean, I can only read so fast!! That being said, I look forward to this. :D


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