Friday, February 13, 2015

I'm Obsessed & Dirty! So lucky me...

That's Alison Tyler's new release! I'm offering you, the day before Valentine's Day, a little nibble of each. Fabulous!

AT's intro:
Obsessed: An Introduction

Some stories arrive in pieces. I see an image. I hear a phrase. I catch a glimpse. And then I’m off. Not running, but writing. Obsessed was different. Obsessed was born from a review that stated: "And I think whoever compiled these was obsessed with spanking. . . "

I couldn't agree with that more. I am—oh yes—obsessed.

The review spurred me to write these stories, which feature spanking, voyeurism, exhibitionism, fantasy play, and dirty roommate swapping. Based on the fact that most of my best-selling titles deal with BDSM in some format, I know that other people are obsessed, as well.

What’s extra funny is that the review focused on one of my sweeter, softer, more accessible anthologies. Even when I'm soft, I'm hard. See, I bring my brand of kink to any story. That's how my brain works.

And I hope it works for you!

These two stories were originally available individually. This is the first time they've been packaged together.

Alison Tyler

Publishers Weekly says: "Readers tired of sensationalistic portrayals of BDSM will appreciate Tyler’s nuanced and realistic approach."

City Book review says: "Alison Tyler shines as a literary voice in erotic fiction."

From Obsessed:
She was telling the story as well as she could—because Brandon had started to spank her once more, harder than before. Tales of torrid moments with her former boys brought out this delicious jealous streak in him. He wanted to know more, but at the same time, she could tell that listening for him was like pressing on a bruise.
“And his friend was listening throughout all of this?”
“I didn’t know that until after I got dressed and went out into the living room. And there’s Dan with a beer in one hand and this shit-eating grin on his face. I would have been so embarrassed, except I saw he had an obvious erection in his chinos. That made me kind of proud, actually.”
 From Dirty:
Janie’s mind did a quick flitter through the past stories she’d told her boyfriend. Had she created one in which Daniel had seen her behind the glass? This was the problem with making up stories. Sometimes she couldn’t remember. She took a stab.
“This was different because now he had permission to touch. Parker positioned himself against one wall, and he made it clear from the start that he wanted to watch.”
“How did he do that?”
“He said, ‘Isn’t she pretty, Dan?’ And Dan said, ‘God, yes.’ And Parker said, ‘Don’t you want to fuck her?’”
You can grab your copy HERE. Go, go, go...obsessed and dirty. Better than sweet and salty! 

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