Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Never Look Back Mode

I have a nasty habit, or maybe not according to the Buddhism I so love, that I try not to look back. When I do it usually fells me in some respect in the present. The one thing that I need to stop adopting this attitude in is my writing. I have a lot of books out. A looooooot. Some indie pubbed, some traditionally pubbed, some big company pubbed, some small press pubbed. So, when I run across a treat like today, I try to remember that it's okay to look back and show the books that came before the newest release a little love. Give 'em a squeeze.

I found, quite by accident, today, that there are two new 5 star Amazon reviews up for my gay romance novella Unexpected. Probably one of my most beloved pieces of writing ever. I fell in love with my characters as hard, or harder, than I was hoping the readers would. The following review was up there on the page and it made my heart happy.

Just for a moment I'm looking back to blow my novella a kiss. I promise to try and do it more often. I usually try not to read any reviews at all, but I'd like to give my past books a little shout out when they get a WTG from a happy reader. :)

"This is a sweet tale of love at first sight and a budding friendship. This book had all the right points, it was funny, sad and had just enough angst and drama to keep your attention. I loved this book." 5 stars/Amazon reviewer for UNEXPECTED


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  1. YAY for unexpected lovely reviews! (Need to check my Sommer shelf to see if I have that one...)


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