Friday, April 17, 2015

Release Day! *boogie down*

Haunted is out today! I'm very excited. Not only did I fall in love with this story while writing it, but it's the last novella I wrote while Jim was still alive. I wrote the majority of it by his beside. For that reason it's especially beloved to me.

I won't ramble on. I'll just post the blurb and the buy links below. I hope you'll consider giving it a read and then telling me what you think.


*also available at most major vendors. I just haven't grabbed the links yet!

A paranormal erotic romance...

Two people lost and alone in life searching for answers…

Maddox visits abandoned sites to take photographs and figure out his future. He haunts the places that are monuments to the way he feels inside. Stark, empty, raw. And Olyvia searches for answers to her own painful loss by hunting ghosts. Trying to comfort herself by seeking proof of an afterlife.

One haunted amusement park with a dark history…

Maddox and Olyvia recognize kindred souls in one another. But a chance to fully explore their connection is a luxury they may not have. There’s a ghost stalking Screamland hell-bent on revenge. And it’s targeting them. 

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