Wednesday, April 22, 2015

"Scary good..."

So yay! Despite trying to avoid reviews, these were brought to my attention. Haunted now has two 5 star reviews on Amazon.

"Creepy, abandoned amusement park? Check.
Ghost hellbent on revenge? Check.
Hot sex? Check.
Two deeply wounded people each trying to banish their own demons? Check and check.

Sommer Marsden's Haunted, is en eerie, gripping story that gave me goosebumps - more than once. It's also a story of healing and realizing that some things are worth taking a chance on. And love is one of those things. If you like a touch of the spooky with your romance, this book is definitely for you!
"~ 5 stars C. Allen-Riley

"Always love Sommer Marsden. This was a sexy healing slightly terrifying ride. Definitely worth the price of admission. Scary good."~ 5 stars Evelyn Adams

To those of you who've picked it up, Thank you, thank you, and a jar full of kisses.


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