Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Sending Flowers to Alison Tyler...

In case you've missed it, Alison Tyler is on a #10000flowers mission. She's asking folks to send her shots of flowers for her blog and to share. To spread something nice and pretty around online.

I'm such a good friend (actually, I'm just quite obsessive when given a mission). Below are some of the flowers I've sent to AT. And believe it or not, I have another. When I wasn't looking, flowers began to spring up in my life. Inside, outside, and now thanks to Ms. Tyler...online!

Send her some flowers and brighten her day. And anyone else's who happens to get a glimpse of the pretty you've sent along.

p.s. Sorry so incommunicado. I've been writing and 'spring-breaking' with girl child. I'll probably be less inclined to silence when my mini-me has been returned to the classroom. (*sob!*)

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