Wednesday, June 3, 2015

I interrupt this long blogging break to show off something sexy!

You might have noticed I've been silent but for some promo posts. I'll explain below. But I'm interrupting my silence to say yay! Chasing Shade (due out June 25th from Mischief Book HarperCollins) has a cover! Woohoo! :)

If she was selfish, she’d let him love her. If she was more selfish, she’d tell him that she loved him too.

Betsey’s trying to recover from a violent past that’s still haunting her. Paying emotionally for something she’s never done. She’s created a small safe life.

Archie’s homeless, jobless, living on the road and clueless as to where he’s going. Until a hair piece 
and gas station directions leads him to her. Then he’s just trying to hold onto his emotions as he finds himself falling hopelessly fast for the girl in the yellow uniform.

Fate is not dealing them an easy happy ride, though. They’re trying to get through one day at a time. Making it work. Chasing shade…

CS is available for pre-order both in the UK and the US. The US link is HERE.

As for what I've been up to (see some photographic evidence below!)...A lot of writing trying to finish up another Mischief title, a lot of produce buying, a lot of juicing, a lot of learning, and a lot of reading. I'm firmly planted in real life at the moment and trying to move forward and heal what I can from the last two years. Which means I often have less to say on blogs. But the ones I do show up for are important. I hope you'll stick around and keep checking in. I haven't forsaken my blog, I'm just not online as much right now. But I always come across things, both personal and professional, I want to share. So I'm here! I hope you are too :)


 *quite a haul of fruits and veg...eager to mash them into my magic machine!

 *swamp juice. Looks like ick, tastes like yum! 4 organic apples (seeds removed), 1 lb organic baby spinach, 2 organic carrots, 1 orange (peel removed)

*a recent fave read. After reading the Wayward Pines trilogy Black Crouch has picked up a mega fan in me. I read this one and just ordered the sequel book. It's on deck once I finish Saint Odd and then Stephen King's newest Lost and Found. #readingfiend

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  1. So happy to see you! Love that life is what's keeping you from us. :D Even though you're sorely missed.



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