Thursday, June 25, 2015

Surprise! (for me)...It's release day!

Well, somehow I got the insane notion that when school let out things would be more relaxed. Ironically, I've been about 10x busier since it let out than I was when it was in. WTF is that about? I have no idea.

The point of mentioning that is this...I never have any idea what day it is. Just what's on my list for that day. So, imagine my surprise when I woke up to a tweet announcing my new book Chasing Shade is out today. is? Turns out it is! For some reason I kept thinking it came out tomorrow (Friday) but Today! So, yay! Surprise release day for me :)

Chasing Shade has gotten some lovely reviews on Goodreads so if you're a goodreader (heh) go check them out. If you've picked up a copy or even are just considering it, thank you, thank you. I appreciate it. :)


If she was selfish, she’d let him love her. If she was more selfish, she’d tell him that she loved him too.

Betsey’s trying to recover from a violent past that’s still haunting her. Paying emotionally for something she’s never done. She’s created a small safe life.

Archie’s homeless, jobless, living on the road and clueless as to where he’s going. Until a hair piece and gas station directions leads him to her. Then he’s just trying to hold onto his emotions as he finds himself falling hopelessly fast for the girl in the yellow uniform.

Fate is not dealing them an easy happy ride, though. They’re trying to get through one day at a time. Making it work. Chasing shade…

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