Saturday, October 31, 2015

Sticky-Sweet Procrastination

So, I've discovered that when I'm procrastinating on writing (usually, this means I have to figure something out mentally so I don't tend to panic), I don't always do things that are necessarily unproductive. I sometimes, hallelujah, finish things I've been fiddling with for a while. For instance, this Sticky-Sweet Duo.

My new duo (I love that term) holds inside two stories previously only available through a pay site. Now they're available to anyone. Huzzah!

Why sticky-sweet? Well, I'll let my intro posted below explain that.

Happy Halloween, by the way! When you burn out on candy, maybe try something equally decadent with, hey, good news, no calories :)

Boo to you,


Sometimes we just want the good stuff. We want to skip the meal and head right to the sticky, sweet satisfaction of dessert. That’s what this Sticky-Sweet Duo is all about. The stories are erotic, straight forward, and definitely sticky-sweet.

In Project Melissa thinks she’s being subtle coveting her neighbor’s handyman. Turns out he’s on to her. Her request for a quote on some work leads him into her house, which leads them into an intense kitchen situation that’s anything but subtle.

In Up to No Good Bex gets a very special present from her husband Michael in honor of her recent promotion. The present’s name is Tom. And he’s an old friend of Michael’s, but a new intimate friend for Bex.

I hope you enjoy this indulgent duo. I know I always get excited about skipping right to dessert.

Sommer Marsden
October 29, 2015

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