Monday, February 8, 2016

Less than 3 weeks, baby!

I just realized Muse is out in less than 3 weeks! Yay! It's up for pre-order now. Which seems to be happening in the UK so that is awesome :)

The only thing more exciting (to me) than Muse almost being live is that I'm almost 10K into the newest novel. It's different for me. A bit terrifying...but a challenge. And I like a good challenge. So, onward and upward with the new book and much excitement over the impending release of Muse. Blurbage and links are below if you care to get your pre-order on.

Happy Monday. Sort of. I is still Monday. Eek!


Life as a nude model wasn’t what Dani Young expected. It was all Chris’s idea. His art class was minus one model and her life needed a change—a big one. An emotional shake up, he said. Something to make her feel wild and brave and free.

She’s learning a lot about herself — her wants, her desires, her unexpected fantasies. But her biggest lesson may be that she deserves so much more than she’s always settled for in the past. Something like a courageous, blazing shot at real love.

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