Thursday, February 25, 2016

Release Day! Muse is live!

I might be mildly excited. Just a touch. A smidge. A wee little bit! My lovely Muse is live today from HarperCollins Mischief and despite the mutant cold from hell I may or may not have given a happy little whoop when I woke up (at five-freaking-thirty, no less) and realized it was release day.

Here's the blurbage and some buy links (available at other vendors as well). If you follow me on social media I'll be posting some tasty little snippets throughout the day. *cartwheel* more coffee. MOAAAAAR COFFFFFFEEEEE!


Life as a nude model wasn’t what Dani Young expected. It was all Chris’s idea. His art class was minus one model and her life needed a change—a big one. An emotional shake up, he said. Something to make her feel wild and brave and free.

She’s learning a lot about herself — her wants, her desires, her unexpected fantasies. But her biggest lesson may be that she deserves so much more than she’s always settled for in the past. Something like a courageous, blazing shot at real love.

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