Monday, May 23, 2016

Playlist Blog #3: Annabeth Leong

Happy Monday! My intention was to start these playlist blogs and do two a week like clockwork. Um...then prom/graduation season hit. And THEN all these other thing get tacked on. I'll say what I said on Twitter a few weeks ago: What no one tells you about high school graduation is that even before prom hits it's like a rocket ride. And you're not strapped on. And the rocket is on fire!

The good news is I survived this weekend. Saturday being prom (sob!) and Sunday being an art reception for girl child because her work was chosen for a student showing at the Baltimore Museum of Art. Today is a last minute hunt for an all white dress (a quest I just found out about yesterday :/ ) for Friday.

The rocket is still on fire and still going a million miles an hour but I'm back with a playlist blog featuring Annabeth Leong. I'll attempt to be punctual with the remaining posts, but I know I'll fail. So check back often for more playlist blogs because I have more on deck.


The book: Untouched: A Sensory Voyage of Voyeurism and Discovery

The playlist:
Untouched: The Veronicas
A Little Death: The Neighbourhood
All Time Low: Nine Inch Nails
Lust: Tori Amos
Eye: Smashing Pumpkins

The Excerpt:
Eli moaned and fell to his knees on the hotel carpet. "I won't go," he said. "Just let me touch you with the tip of my finger. Just for a second, and I won't go." It was almost disturbing to see him that way, his hard, finely sculpted face cut by the flaw lines of need—lips parted, brow wrinkled, cheeks drawn high and tight.

Celia dug her heels into the mattress, tensing every muscle in her body to hold herself in place. She wanted to do this for him. "Just... just move as slowly as you can," she told him.

She held her pussy open, her clit framed by her fingers. She knew he needed to touch her there. A brush against the sole of her foot wouldn't mean enough to him.

Her clit seemed to grow by the second, swelling and beating until it felt like the only part of her body that was really in the room anymore. Celia had broken her own hymen with an oversized dildo years before. She had taken her own ass with a set of graduated plugs, then progressed from there to anal hooks and more. It seemed ludicrous to think of herself as a virgin—she wasn't shy about her body, ignorant, or inexperienced.

In this moment, however, staring into Eli's eyes as he crawled toward her with one fingertip outstretched, Celia knew he was about to claim her in a way that no one had before. Never in her life had she let another person touch her pussy in any way. That had always been absolutely and exclusively her own.

She held her breath as he inched closer. She didn't know how she had lived so long without doing this, or how she had lasted so long without doing this with him. Her teeth chattered from the effort of holding still. If he'd been about to kiss her clit with fire, she wouldn't have had a harder time staying in place for him.

"Don't touch me until I say you can," Celia whispered. She wanted to do this, and Eli needed it from her, but she still didn't know if she could go through with it.

Additional details:
The book is about a person who can't stand to be touched but is very sexual, so a lot of these songs include lines about touch. For example, the chorus of "A Little Death" ("I want you to touch me there...") ran through my head for days on end while I was writing. The playlist is short because while I'm writing I'll play things on repeat for hours on end.

Links for the book:

Social Media:

Twitter: @AnnabethLeong



Annabeth Leong is frequently confused about her sexuality but enjoys searching for answers. She writes about a range of orientations, in stories from sweet to dark, though recently she has gravitated toward writing lesbian fiction.

She frequents the haunts of H.P. Lovecraft, lives in the midst of a teetering tower of piled-up books, and can often be found at the rock climbing gym.

She has performed her work at events both kinky and literary, including Sticky Stories Boston, Readercon, the Fetish Fair Flea Market, and Bound in Boston. She hopes to win Providence Sex Trivia one day, but so far she's had to satisfy herself with second place.

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing this! And I love that you've got more playlist blogs on deck. Couldn't help picturing a big tape deck when I read that. :)


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