Thursday, September 8, 2016

If you think my blog's been neglected...

You should see my poor newsletter. I think I missed the release of at least three books. Um...yeah. So to kind of relaunch the Unapologetic Fiction newsletter and apologize for being the great silent one, I'm including a special story in the next newsletter.

This is a story with bite (heh. can you mebbe guess the kink?) that was only available on a pay site until now. Now it will be available on a pay site and to UF newsletter subscribers. I'll also mention those books I forgot to promote. And possibly some stuff that's in the works. I've been mulling over some stuff that's sort of thinking outside the box. I'd like to set the box on fire, actually, but we'll see.

If you're reading this and you already subscribe, sit tight, it'll be out in about a week. If you aren't a subscriber and want to be (don't worry, you might get one newsletter a month, often less, or might think I died!) got that way to ye olde sidebar ~~~~~~~>

p.s. Premature Friday dance. I ordered this tee from Teeturtle last week :)

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