Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Things That Are Nice: Part One

Today hasn't been the most spectacular day, so I kind of decided instead of getting all fuckety in an angry way I'd get fuckety in a different way.

Fuck it, I figured, I'll list things that are nice. That should work. Won't fix the day but it will draw my attention to some good stuff. Right?

Can't fucking hurt, can it? Nope. Let's go!

1. Writing when you want to scream. That is nice.
This morning I had an appointment that I dreaded. I felt equal parts sad and angry and impotent. That's quite a combination. Somehow, after weeks of not being able to wrangle my writing habits very well, I managed to throw myself head first into some submissions I wanted to get done. I was still angry, sad, and impotent, but I had almost a full story under my belt.

2. My dog. My dog is nice. He is the nicest fucking dog and he will lick you within an inch of your life.

3. My dog loves the person petting him in that adorable picture. That is nice. There is a new person in the pack and Oyv adores J. So that is what I call a win-win.

4. Someone said: "An instant wank bank favourite this is one I would definitely recommend to my friends." about my story Appetizer in Rose Caraway's book in this review. No one had ever said that particular thing about my work and it made me laugh. That was all kinds of nice.

5. Alison Tyler and I haven't been able to talk for ages on ye olde telephone. So she's been sending me shit in the mail. Real mail. Letters, notes, etc. Now that is fucking nice. And she is a dreamboat of a friend.

There's some nice stuff. I'm sure there will be more poopy days. And I'll be posting more nice stuff because...can't hurt, right?

p.s. The evening ended up being much better than the day.

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  1. We all have poopy days. Glad you found a way to get through yours. Mine's been lasting for about 144 hours now....I'm working on it.

    And Ovy is totally adorbs!


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