Tuesday, July 25, 2017

I murdered my phone...I need some happy...COVER REVEAL!

I was taking a picture tonight. Of this, ironically.

And then, I dropped my phone, and this happened (I hadn't even had any of the damn wine!). Oops, indeed! *sob*

That doesn't even do this spiderweb of cracks justice. Honestly, the fact that it still works boggles my mind. My new one arrives by Thursday, most likely. So, this one is limping along. I'm amazed.

Anyway, I need more than wine. I need some HAPPY. So...here is my brand new Willsin Rowe cover for Lucky 7 my new collection due out August 4th from Excessica. Woop Woop! I'll take any silver lining I can get right now. Isn't it gorgeous? :) 



  1. It is gorgeous and looking forward to reading.

  2. Woooo! Delicious cover and I'm sure the stories inside are just as yummy!


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