Sunday, December 17, 2017

On Christmas and Time and Happy Holidays

I wrote the post below on FB off the cuff a few minutes ago, but figured I should post it here. For those of you who show up to read the blog I hardly every update any more. Below kind of explains why I don't update it much. I forget, to be honest. But I appreciate every single one of you who subscribe and show up when I do remember to say words here in this space. 
Happy Holidays, my friends. May they be fun and comfortable and cozy and full of laughter.
I love you,

*Our sights at Penn Station in Baltimore upon picking up my beloved girl child at the ass crack of dawn*

I used to work a lot. A lot a lot. I got a lot done. I ran a house, wrote god knows how much in any given year, cooked dinner every night, baked a lot, made a ton of gluten free from scratch. Crafted and was pretty spot the fuck on with my holidays.
I loved my life. I loved all of that. I loved all those thing about myself and the life I had with my family.
Trauma changes you. I'm not the same.
Now I work a lot. But in various things. One a grand new quest that lights me up the way writing did when I was a noob. I am open to more adventure. I go to crowded places, new places, scary places. And I love it. I cook a lot less but still eat good food with people that make me laugh and feel loved. I bake a lot less but have known to whip things up for those I love. I am more laid back about some things. Less about others.
Like time.
Time is not unlimited. Time is very finite. So, if your Christmas is not perfect and pretty and all done up the way mine used to be, if it's kind of chaotic and imperfect, but you're spending time're all good. Are those beloved faces around you? Then you're golden.
Remember that. It's about the time. Not the stuff and the perfection. It's about the time. Because it's the most valuable fucking shit you have, my friend. Use it well.

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