Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Stuff, Things, Holidays, and an Upcoming Reading. Come see me! Watch my Social Anxiety at its finest! Alright!

Once again I have been away from the land of Bloggerdom for way too long. I have no excuse other than life, fun with the bearded giant, writing, not writing, girl child coming in for holiday, actual holiday, birthday, getting infected with the plague, and opening an Etsy shop as myself...gasp!

But I did want to share a couple cool things about one of my short stories "Demons Purse" which is in BWE of the Year #3 edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel. I wrote the story after hearing the phrase, had fun, wrote dirty--filthy, actually--and thought not much more of it other than "Yay!" when it was accepted. But apparently, other people notice the phrase :)

Like Library Journal:

And this from  Publisher's Weekly !

And here's the best most psychedelic part: I am doing my first EVER reading of erotica this winter in February.  I am already drinking! I mean worrying! Come see me. Meet me. Say hi. See my social anxiety at its finest. Come whisper in my ear that it's okay and when I get home with the bearded giant and have a glass of wine life will become less bright, sharp, and terrifying.

"Mark your calendars for our Best Women's of the Year 3 reading Feb. 13 at 7 pm! Join and Lynn Townsend at . Can't wait! "

All joking aside, I am extremely anxious about it. But also excited. Because fear doesn't stop death, it stops life. And I'm old now. So fuck it! Come shake my hand, I'll already be shaking ;)


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