Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Happy Ho-Ho-Holidays!

This is just a quick winter pop in. In 2019, I hope to come here and blog more than once every 18 months (kidding, mostly...).

Just wanted to say that you don't have to subscribe to my newsletter to read it. The latests is full of updates and even a recipe and can be found HERE.

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As we speak, I am writing some erotica, working on what's turning out to be a very long (again!) horror story, and rereading a book that scared the ever living fuck out of me when I was fifteen. It disappeared into the ether many moons ago (seeing as I just turned 47) but I managed to score myself a used copy.

So far, it's as great as I remember and the cover is the bomb, don't you agree? ;)

The Bearded Giant and I have been doing a lot of rewatching of 80s movies lately. And I've been doing some rereads from the glory days of 80s thrillers and horror novels. So stay tuned! If you have any books you're looking to give a reread shoot me an email or leave a comment. I've been playing with the idea of finding a book many people have read and doing a book club kind of deal. Who knows, we have a whole brand new fresh year coming up, people! (May it be full of less insanity than this one).

Have a Merry Christmas or Holiday of Choice. Above all, I wish you time with those you love--human and furry kinds alike--and some down time. And a warm beverage or three. And wine. Don't forget the wine...


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