Tuesday, August 31, 2010

It's a woman's right...

To change her mind. And I did. My contest was due to run until mid-September but fizzled after a few days and no comments have been made for almost a week. Though I liked some names, none of them grabbed me and shook me hard. Until...the man said "December Ink" whilst we were out trotting the big red wiener around the neighborhood (the dog not his...nevermind).

I'm a December baby. Snow flew the day I was born and I still live for the stuff. The new press was instantly named. Bam! Just like that. So I am buying him some mussels and beer as a prize (guys are so easy). If you entered and would like a free download of a book of your choice hit me at decemberink@gmail.com and tell me where to send it and what you want. I'll send you your booby prize (heh) ASAP.

New press will be up soon here. Now I have to scurry about changing information wherever I've already been. And since I can barely remember where I am or where I'm going, remembering all the places I've been is gonna be interesting! :)

Sommer who is still scarce due to defective zombie like computers...

Monday, August 30, 2010


my piece of poo computer. It bit it today. All week it's been telling me to run a disk check. It's important! Run it! it said (not verbatim). I kept putting it off. Today I did what I was supposed to do and ran it. Oops, it said, you are now dead. Since we ran it we discovered we have bitten the big one. Thank you for running the disk check and now kiss your computer goodbye. It was a good year...(again, not verbatim). I've had it about 14 months. Meanwhile, girl child's cheap ass laptop she paid $300 for is running like a dream. (that's what I'm typing on now).

If you need me, I might be slow to answer. If I am permanently missing something and you have it, you might be hearing from me. That sound you hear is me swinging wildly between weeping and cursing. That smell you smell is my brain burning. That grinding sound is me trying not to list mentally all the stuff I just lost. This H and this P can be put together to warn you what kind of thousand dollar paper weight I now own.

Is it too early to drink?

Tomorrow it's out to store to buy DUPLICATE cheap ass LAPTOP like girl child's! Eesh!


Sunday, August 29, 2010

lucky fish, lucky girl

He pointed the spatula at me. "I get the fish off in two minutes." Then he waved the spatula.

I thought it was a joke. I knew he had fish on the grill. I thought the get the fish off in two minutes was a funny. So I said "Lucky fish."

He stared at me. "I get the fish off in two minutes," he repeated. Then again with the waving of the spatula. And then I realized he wasn't waving. He was pointing. Up. To where the bedroom lives. "Don't make me ask you again."

Nope. Not me. I never have to be asked again. The fish wasn't the only thing he got off...lucky fish. Lucky girl.


Lucky me...

I received a super review on Goodreads for Lucky 13. I usually spotlight a certain line or section, but Paul said too many nice things to pick just one. Go see for yourself...

Oh, okay! Twist my arm. I did like when he said:

"Again, and again, the name [mine!] would crop up, always tied with a story that had strongly developed characters, were sizzling hot, and understood that the fastest way to arouse anyone of any gender or sexual orientation was to engage the organ everyone has in common--the brain."

Made my whole durn weekend. And I return to my current smut project, already in progress.


Saturday, August 28, 2010


Time seems to have accelerated these last three weeks. We hit the second week of August and bam! It was warp speed, Mr. Spock. (Heh, typed 'warm speed' the first time. Not sure what kind of Freudian slip that was).

Today I'm trying to dive headfirst into the current m/m novella. I want to wrap that up , move to the next, then the novel and all the baby projects I tuck in between big ones. School starts Monday and I think they're ready but I am not. Especially not ready to be the mother of a high school student. Oh. My. God. How did that happen? (o_O)

And tonight we are going out to a big celebratory dinner with family. So for the next six hours I will obsess over my apparel. Because you know I'm a home body by nature, I don't go out a lot. But when I do I like to pass for human...heh.

Happy weekend!


p.s. Don't forget to scroll down and enter to win the Name My Press contest. Or look to your right for the Goodreads Coupling giveaway. And if I owe you a package (*snort* *giggle**laugh*) they go out Monday! Ole!
p.p.s. fabulous "flying time" pendant here!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Spank me on September 3rd!

And if you can't shove your arm in the computer to do so, then just stop by for my day on the Spank! tour. Full listing of the tour is below. I can't wait. I'll be putting up a small taste of my story Sugar. Say it with me: sah-weeeet. ;)

Hope to see you there!


Blog Tour Dates

9/1 D. L. King (our esteemed editor)
9/2 Cervo Logical Lust
9/3 Sommer Marsden
9/4 Anna Black
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9/6 Tara S. Nichols

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Ohhh. Right there. Heh.

I'm giving away one more pre-release copy of Coupling if anyone missed the blogwarming contest that Raven won. This giveaway is on Goodreads and all you have to do is point and click. You'll also find the widget in my sidebar until the contest ends.

And while you're there, if you belong to Goodreads, goodness gracious, find me and be my friend/fan/partner in crime. Whatever version of sidle up to me and get comfy GR provides :D


Thursday, August 26, 2010

Coming October 7th...

woohooo! Allure by...me! Fab. U. Lous :D



I could try to articulate how in love with this cover I am. Or how much I love this novel (due out from Excessica 2/11/11). Or how far away 2/11/11 seems. I could try all that. But...I'd fail.


p.s. It will be out in print too! Eep! If you need me on 2/12/11 I'll be rolling around in a big ass pile of books...

Bad Ass

Oh it so totally is. That pendant, that cover, this book. The whole shebang is Bad Ass. And to think it's been almost a year since Kiss My Ass. How time flies.

We're up. The original crew. Me, Alison Tyler, Kristina Lloyd, Jax Baynard and Sophia Valenti. It's all about the ass. All ass, um...all the time. I think this whole ass thing is getting away from me. Anyway, check us out! We're all over!


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My Big Fat American Contest

So I've become international. Thanks to the internet and the magic of WiFi and all that jazz. I have 'met' people from all over and I must say that is grand. But I also must say, it's confusing. See, the man works in Aerospace, he has to learn all kinds of cultural stuff for his business. Such as never show the bottom of your foot to someone of African origin. Or make sure your "peace sign" is pointing the right way. Etc. etc. etc.

When I was growing up I had a tendency to um...fall down. Drop the ball in sports. Have my head in the clouds which often meant I landed on my ass. I was called (affectionately) unco (as in uncoordinated) and spaz as in one who falls down a lot. No malicious intent. I know the word can mean other negative things but I have never (and would never) dream of using it in a negative way. So, when I named my press, Spastic Girl Press, I used that term. But I am international now. And though I try hard not to let people dictate my words, thoughts or behaviour, I also would never want to offend or hurt anyone. Period.

Thusly, I'm renaming my press. Ironically, I'd been thinking about it for a while, but tonight I got an email that put a RUSH JOB stamp on that particular project. The problem is...I can't come up with a name I love.

Here's where you come in. Name my press. Grand prize? $25.00 USD (must have a Paypal address to collect) and a free download per month for a year. If I have the right to send it to you, I will.

So, going forward, I want to say, that title was directed at me. It was an affectionate tag I've carried for years. However, I don't like sobbing against my husband. I just bought new eye cream and it was working. I like my pretty blue eyes unpuffed. So help me name my press.

All you have to do is comment here. The contest will remain open in the sidebar when I put up new blogs. Please make sure for every comment there is an email where you can be reached. No limit on comments (just don't get ridiculous okay? ;) )CONTEST IS OVER.

p.s. I am the final judge of course. I mean...duh.

Oh Lucy, you got some...

'splaining to do. About how you got this fabulous idea. The ever-adorable smutter Lucy Felthouse has started a new site Erotica For All. And I'm up there. And so are some other great writers and word on the street is more to come. So, why don't you go poke around (heh) and keep coming back for more (heh heh) because it promises to be a scandalously good site.

Erotica For All~Doesn't that sound like some grand declaration? Like one for all and all for one or it is a far, far better thing I do than I have ever done...or...beam me up, Scottie.


The worst part of being an over-thinking girl human-type person...

is when I think I'm over something. And I feel so fucking superior and so very evolved and mature and healed. Then I realize I'm really not over it. And it flares up and I'm flailing around in this toxic soup of frustration and anger and hurt and pain. So I'm not so superior, evolved, mature OR healed. I'm just a big fucking mess all over again. Barreling down that old familiar track.

But other than that my day is going grand. And yours?

p.s. I put up these random ravings because I am human. Things aren't always awesome. Feel free to skip them. Usually you can tell in the very first sentence if you should turn tail and run ;) Back to the new novella. xo


Is the winner. And three is Raven. Yay, Raven! Send me your snail mail address and I'll get you your prize. I have a few fun things up my skirt. What? Oh. Sleeve. I have a few fun things up my sleeeeeeve.

Woohoo and yay and also yippee! Now off to get some work done. Tonight is back to school night part one. Tomorrow is back to school night (for a new school) part two. Eesh. (o_O)


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

"12 pages of psychology and sex..."

Woohoo! Making Me Do Things (a personal short story fave) just got an awesome 5 star review on Amazon. Thanks to Sharazade who said lovely things such as:

" It's well-written and creative, the sex is descriptive and hot, the setting is fun, and the mind games are intriguing. Not bad for less than the price of a latte."

Seriously, dude...I'm cheap. ;)


Fall is in the air...

this morning. I opened the sun room to let Oyvie out and ah...cool air. Not the blast furnace morning heat that's been greeting me. I am ready! Fall is my favorite time and the first day it feels cool every summer I start the coveting. The super fabulous, sexy, yummy boot coveting. This year I want these so bad I can feel their naughty smooth surface under my fingertips if I close my eyes.

Hmm. I did just get a royalty check...

Anyway! If you are coveting a free goodie (or a bag) you have today left to enter my blogwarming giveaway (see below for details). I'm off to start that project I mentioned. And that other one. And a short I promised someone.

More coffee, please. And a side order of those boots to go with.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Brain Scramble

Okay, so here is where my head is. That's a tiny piece of my inspiration. Add it to another piece you'd never ever ever place it with and voila, two men you'd never put together but in my head...smoking hot. I start a new novella tomorrow for a m/m project. Oh, and I have the mainstream still trickling out of my skull page by slow page. Plus, I have that full-length erotic paranormal stalking me and...this is why I try to be a runner. [note the use of the word try] It slows my head down. Running. Baking. Wine. Painting my kitchen. But for now...we'll go with the wine.

Good night, y'all. Tomorrow starts a brand new project.


It really seems cruel...

That I can't eat any of it until our guest arrives tonight. Cruel. Unusual. Just plain mean. *sigh*

p.s. here for the giveaway? see below...

Did you want something?

Boy I wish I could perfect that "this better be good" look. Anyway, doing edits today for an upcoming Ellora's Cave paranormal. I'm doing them with May (seen above). Oh it's not the real May but when I randomly pointed to that name in a baby book I was very pleased because it did bring to mind the real May. Who is hawt, by the way. The one above. In my book. Not the real...well, I bet she is too, in fact I'm sure...nevermind.

Like I was saying. Edits. Not enough coffee. And later company for dinner. Which reminds me, I have to go put on actual clothes and run to the store for ingredients. Am making a flourless chocolate cake in my new oven, among other things. But all I really care about, to be honest, is the cake!

Don't forget my smut giveaway to your right. You could have a chance at rare and coveted smut...heh. Look that way and click the pretty picture of the books to enter (or scroll down to the blog below) ------>


Sunday, August 22, 2010

Happy Blogwarming Giveaway!

Okay, so I can't shove wine into the computer to celebrate my new crib. But I can do a happy housewarming party-ish thing. All you have to do is say hi on the comments. "Hi, Howdy, What's shaking, mamma, whazzuuppp, Hola, Duuuuuude...they all work. Say hi and I'll put you in for a giveaway.

The person chosen (you'll need to be willing to give me a snail mail address) will win a pre-release print copy of my upcoming antho Coupling (includes work from me, Alison Tyler, Jeremy Edwards, Benjamin Eliot, Craig Sorensen, Rita Winchester...and more). It's not out until late September and you cannot get it anywhere. Not in ebook or print or on the back of a diner napkin. Only I have it (muwah!) and I'll give you a bright shiny pre-release copy along with some other goodies found in my writing cabinet. I have various treats and other bits and saucy pieces.

So that's it. Say hi. And you could win my summer blogwarming bag of pron.

I'll leave this giveaway going until...um...Wednesday! Hump day I'll announce a winner.


Saturday, August 21, 2010

Ah...so you found me

Kick off your shoes and get comfy. This new site has just a few of the covers from each publisher I write for. Going forward I'll add new ones and soon enough, I'm betting it'll be just as populated as my old digs.

I'm still working on the blog roster so if you don't see yourself, don't worry. Or better yet, if you should be on there (or think you should) send an email to hot4sommer at yahoo dot com and tell me how you want your name to appear and your specific link.

I'll be back later to do some more updating and I'll be here every day from now on! Or almost every day ;) Right now, though, there is a very impatient man and a very angry dog waiting on me. They want to walk and here I am skipping around my new site. Gee...hope I'm not in trouble. [okay, I'm lying. So sue me!]

New folks feel free to go rifle through my old posts whenever you like.


Mmm...en and lingerie

*I'm cross posting from my old blog for a bit until I announce the new digs. It just looks so...naked over here! :)~


Love it.

That being said, you have no idea how hard it was to officiate Alison Tyler's Dear...Dear...Dear letter leg of the Smut Marathon. Truly. I had two that were neck and neck but the laugh out loud quality of the winner "Customer Service" got me in the end. (heh) And it wasn't just me. After I sent in my choice, the voters tagged it their fave too.

Way to go t'sade! You rock. You roll. You had me at 'teddy'.

Stay tuned for more of Ms. Tyler's sensational smut as the marathon continues.


Friday, August 20, 2010


a new home for me! I'm not actually coming. Well, not at the moment.