Thursday, September 30, 2010

there's still time!

I did a fun chat this morning on the Excessica group. I put up a bunch of dirty snippets from Coupling and a few others. Theeeeeeeeen I put up some questions. You can still go back and read and answer the questions. Send your answers to me at hot4sommer[at]yahoo[dot]com before midnight tonight (EST) and I'll put your name in for a little goodie bag~A print copy of Coupling, some chocolates and maybe another random treat or two.
The chat's on for today and tomorrow with lots of great authors, prizes, chatter and at the end there will be a lucky Kindle winner.


Wednesday, September 29, 2010

It's Chatastic!

<--not the actual hunt icon

I kick off the Excessica chat tomorrow. The next two days there will be a chat on the Excessica group to wrap up the Scavenger Hunt. At the end (10/1 during Selena Kitt's slot) the winner of a Kindle 3 will be announced. So run over and join and be there for my snippets and chatting and question answering and a prize! And others too. I think it'll be a super fun and dirty way to end the week.


turned on: occupational hazard

So I'm doing the errata for LTD today and...whew. Is it warm in here? Warning snippet is NNNSFW (not, not, NOT! suitable for work)...

"Yes. Touching myself.” Lucas pushed his fingers higher when I said it. My confession earned me a rough rub of his wide thumb over my clit. He went right to it like he had that X-ray vision I feared. Simply ran a line up my leg and centered in on me there. He stroked, the pressure soft and perfect. My eyes fell closed and my head tipped back.

“Does that feel good, Ember?”

I nodded, it was all I could do. Lucas removed his hand. I opened my eyes and he stared at me like I had been here a thousand times and we’d known each other forever. I read that look and said, out loud, “Yes. It feels good.”

I was rewarded for my verbal skills. His finger returned and pushed me more firmly, rubbed a half-assed, lazy circle that curled my bare toes on the cool tile floor. Watching his face made me uncoil inside. Pieces of the horrible night lifted off of me, fell away in dirty chunks as he moved closer. I would have been surprised if a sheet of paper would fit between our lips, and yet, he did not kiss me. Instead he said right up to me, so close I couldn’t lie. “What were you thinking about?”

My breath stuttered and I blew it out softly. My lips shivered belying my nerves. The truth? Lie? I found his eyes. So close and so brown, gold flecks like some gorgeous but dangerous animal. His hand had left--he wasn’t touching me. I felt the absence of his touch. Lying wasn’t an option. “You. I was thinking about…” I forced the last word out. “You.”

This time he did not touch me through the sweatpants. He pushed them down just in the front. Just enough to expose the angle of my hipbones, the smooth hill of my shaved sex. I watched, my breath stalled in my lungs, my ears rang. He pushed a finger into my cunt. Slow. It disappeared to the first knuckle and only then did my brain and body reconcile the sight and the sensation. I inhaled the air I’d been denying myself. Middle knuckle. All the way in. He stopped, one finger deep in my wetness, smiled. That fraction of an inch disappeared and he kissed me. Softly at first. Gentle.

“Oh,” I said. I didn’t take the time to feel stupid. It had slipped out and this bizarre but perfect moment in time could not be wasted with worrying that I was stupid.

“Yeah. Oh. You’re very wet down there, Ember. Your pussy is wet. For me.” He flexed deep inside me and it was as if he had pushed an invisible switch with the pad of his finger. My nipples went taut, my belly fluttered with a delicious pressure. “Your cunt is wet. For me.” His lips pressed to my earlobe and he pushed another finger inside.

“Yes, it is. It is for you.”

“Say my name.”


“Say it.” His thumb slipped over my clit, wet with my own silken juices. Had I stopped breathing? It felt like it.

“Yes, Lucas, for you.” My hips bumped up under him. I gripped the sides of his ladder back chair. Holding hard to the woven seat like it would crumble under me. I watched his hand in my pants. Watched his eyes track my movements. I sat trapped and mesmerized as he leaned in, kissing me again. He bit my bottom lip. Pain and pleasure warred in my nerve endings.

Holding the pink flesh between his sharp white teeth he said, “Say it.”

My mind scrambled for a moment. Frantic beats of anxiety pulsed in me. Say what? What should I do? But then he pressed my clit, circled, pressed harder and harder until my vision was peppered with little white spots. I started to come and he almost pulled his fingers free to deny me. Magically, mercifully, my brain kicked in. “Yes, Sir,” I whispered. “Yes, Sir. For you.”

“You’re coming for me.” He bit my throat above my collar bone. The sparks of pain accenting the liquid pleasure that rolled through my cunt, filled my womb.

“Yes, Sir, for you,” I managed before my head fell back and my hips shot up. His hand in my pants, his mouth at my throat and what wanted to be fear in my mind. But I tamped it down. Just for now. I could worry when it didn’t feel so fucking good.

Pass me that ice water...


Mazels (pilfered)

I love Andy Cohen and his hook-ups with the Bravo reality stars. More than that, I love Andy's Mazels of the week (and jackholes too). So, I'm pilfering Mr. Cohen's fun mazel. I'm going to try and do them often. I like to spread sunshine and joy wherever I go (hold on, I just choked on my coffee laughing).

This week's Mazels go to:

Alison Tyler for a super duper author spotlight by Violet Blue for Digita Publishing. Woo and also hoo!

Cora Zane for her upcoming Cyber vamps. Her EC release will be on November 4th but I am already enjoying her chesty cover. Are my fangs showing?

And Cassie Exline for making me pee my pants when this popped up in front of me on her blog...

God. I need a drink now.

Anyway, if you see a mazel in the making let me know. Because I love to say it. Mazel, mazel, mazel. In the meantime, go check Andy's Bravo blog. He is too cute.


Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Are you dead?

This morning, on Twitter, I posed the question: "How tired to you have to be before you just fall down?"

The answer to that riddle: two o'clock tired. Kids off to school, breakfast dishes done, errata done and sent, short story done and sent, new short story started, library hit, store hit, liquor store hit, laundry done, done, and done and folded sort of tired.

Two o'clock tired. And then I crashed like a kite full of holes. I laid down on the sofa (dropped like a rock is more like it) and dozed off and pretty much slept (except for mild stirrings) until 2:40 when I heard boy child at the front door. It was locked. He had his face pressed to the window and when I started to get up I heard "are you dead?"

Not yet. Not. Yet. But I think I need a pot of---->

But at least I feel like I got a lot done. I even ran. How, I do not know. But I did it. And I just have one it bed time yet?


Monday, September 27, 2010

live and uncensored from my 80's brain...

Such a child of the 80's am I that my current book is rolling around in my head as this and this (I was always partial to JT). I am currently wearing my sunglasses (a new pair almost identical to a pair I owned in high school) at night and hungry like the wolf. I need a snack...

Almost. Done. Errata...*gasp*


Let there be print...

and Kindle. That's print and Kindle for Coupling. Yay. :D

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Snippety Doo Da...

We were walking the dog and discussing RV's and camping of all things and I said something about something about something and then said, "You know. That way I control it. You know how I am about control..."

And the man said--with faux surprise-- "Noooooo. You?"

Heh. Smart-ass. Anyway, it made me think of this sexy snippet from Blackout by Alison Tyler. You know, from the brand new hot couples erotica anthology COUPLING I edited. Not that I'm proud of it or anything...

From Blackout by Alison Tyler

“Trust me, baby. This time, I’m in charge.”

He didn’t say, “Let me be in charge.” He didn’t ask. He told. I felt something turn over inside of me, slowly, like a key twisting in a sticky lock.

“What are you going to do to me?” I asked as he tied the blindfold behind my heavy dark hair. There was a tremor in my voice. We both knew that I was scared.

“You’ll have to wait to find out, won’t you?”

I didn’t like that. I felt my body tense, but Jay started to kiss me—my lips, my cheeks,the hollow of my neck. He moved along my body, working his way along my stomach, my ribs, the insides of my thighs. Quickly, I forgot that I like to be in charge. What he was doing to me was too mesmerizing, too sexy. He avoided my breasts and my pussy, but focused everywhere else. I twisted and turned, writhing when he found a ticklish spot, bucking when he kissed somewhere unexpectedly sensitive. The heat from the fire made me feel sensuous and lazy. Jay’s tongue made me feel hot and crazy—filled with wanting. I hadn’t known begging could be so erotic—that is, my own begging. Hearing Jay ask me to do things to him has always turned me on. Now, I was the one to say, “Please, god, please kiss me.”

“I am kissing you.”

“No, Jay. Come on. Come on…”

Kiss Me Martini glass here on Etsy

down and out and gumballs

My mother once insisted on knowing how I could write day in and day out. I didn't really know how to explain it. It's sort of hard to explain writing to non-writers sometimes. Like the question: where so your ideas come from? How the hell do I know? They just come. They simple show up and say, howdy, how about you do something about me or I won't go away...

My best analogy for explanation to my mom was my mind is a gumball machine. And I truly do sort of see it that way. A gumball is always lined up to drop so to speak. When I write it, the gumball drops and the next one nestles up at the top of the shoot ready to go. How do dentists drill teeth and doctors suture wounds and butchers cut meat and checkout boys bag groceries? They just do.

I've been called prolific. Sometimes it's said in amazement, sometimes it's condescending, sometimes it sounds dirty like I'm cheating. However you want to mean it, I just take it as fact. Like she has blue eyes or she has dirty blonde hair or she's tall. She's prolific. I have a lot of gumballs in my um...head. I think most writers do if you want my humble opinion.

Sometimes the machine goes wonky and drops a bunch of them at once. And then I'm sliding around in a whole mess of colorful ideas trying really hard to grasp one and flailing about like someone in a ball pit (think kids' birthday party). That's where I am right now. My brain has dropped about seven ideas and I'm rolling around surrounded my vibrantly colored plots and feeling a tiny bit desperate.

Also, for a few reasons, feeling a bit down and out (but not in Beverly Hills, alas). I'm trying to write, de-funk my mood and not give into the icks. Something I can do very easily if I let myself. So that's about it for now. I'll just sit here dressed in purple (Go Ravens!) and try and work on one a time. Yeah, see, that's an analogy that went too far ;)

Happy Sunday.


Saturday, September 25, 2010

Base Nature

NOR reviewed Base Nature and gave it a 3.5 My initial perfectionist reaction to this is doom and gloom. But it got me thinking and then I undoomed and ungloomed myself. Because it's not a bad review, LOL. But there's more on this topic I'd like to express to readers and fellow writers (and to say out loud to self so it sinks in). I just don't have time to type it out today. I'll be blogging about reviews and reactions to them very soon.

If you want to see my non-doom and non-gloom review from NOR go here. And thanks to Megan and NOR for taking the time ro review me in the first place :D

Off I go. Wheeeee!




were sent their prizes but I still need email addresses for t'Sade and Anne. I have a shiny new pdf of Coupling for you. So if you can shoot me the right address to hot4sommer[at]yahoo[dot]com I'll send it out.

Now it is boy child's birthday weekend so I'm off. It started last night and it'll go on till tomorrow (or beyond). We sure do milk the birthday dealio around here. heh.


Friday, September 24, 2010

Out, out, out! (and a giveaway too)

Coupling is out today! Woohoo! I love this dirty, couple-geared anthology stuffed full of some of my favorite writers today:

These stories are steeped in succulent pain and tender couplings, because in the world of long-time commitment - the hotter the fire, the longer it burns.Includes works from Alison Tyler, Jeremy Edwards, P.S. Haven, Craig Sorensen, Benjamin Eliot, Alison Seay and others!

Coming v.v. soon to print (once Amazon um...gets it up) and Kindle (ditto) and all over the place at your favorite vendors. For more info follow this handy dandy link to the book's page.

Want a pdf copy for your very own? Comment here or email me at hot4sommer at yahoo dot com and I'll put all the names in the kitty. I'll draw a winner at midnight tonight (EST) and contact the winners tomorrow. I have two copies for giveaway from this here blog!


Thursday, September 23, 2010


I'm guest blogging at Excessica today on world building. Pop in if you get a chance and weigh in (on world building not a scale. Whew)



Another great review for Smoking Hot. Click here to see the 4.5 star review from Manic Readers. Also another "too short". I love it. If that's the worst thing you have to say about a piece of work...I owe you a kiss! Thanks to Claudia at MR for taking the time to review me.


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

and here it is...

that yahoo! list i mentioned. join me and pop in whenever you like. with your coffee. on your lunch break. after dinner. come whenever you like, just whether i get one person or one thousand, the door's always open...

Good fortune and Epsom salt...

Yay! I finished a story this morning that makes me happy. It started a bit stiffish (heh, dirty reference there) but after a few paragraphs I found my rhythm (heh again) and then it just took off like a shot and did it's own thing. Love, love, love it. I have high hopes. My little red friend to the left is a nod in the direction of one of my characters. He represents good luck, by the way.

Also, today, I have a boy child home. He had an ingrown toe nail taken out yesterday and he's home soaking in Epsom salt, milking it for all it's worth and playing Xbox Live. He's also yelling, "Don't touch it, don't touch it, don't touch it!" When I'm supposed to be dressing it, so how I'm supposed to pull of that miracle I don't know. Overall, though, it looks damn fine compared to how it looked when it was all gnarly and gross. *shiver*

In the works, also is a yahoo list for anyone who wants to come chat at any time. If I'm not going to be on twitter and facebook I want a place subscribers, writers, readers and friends can pop in with their coffee and just say howdy. I'll probably put up exclusive excerpts and contests there eventually. So keep your eyes peeled! pealed? either way it's gross. Be on the look out for it! (there. that's better.)

Now, I'm off to work on the next book. No running today. It's my 'off' day and I'm feeling kind of antsy.

p.s. less than two days to Coupling. Wooooohooo!!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Use as many characters as you like... or Done Done Done

Okay, I've given myself time to ponder this today. I took a run this morning--and hey, as an aside, I lengthened my stride to see how I'd do--I fully expect that tomorrow my chorus of "ow ow ow"'s will be kept company by some "ooh, ooh, ooh!"'s every time I stand, walk, move or sit. Beyond running I puttered around the house. I made onion jam. I sat quietly with the problem as my grandmother would have said. My mom stopped by and I gave her a brief rundown. I gave myself time to think and not be rash (like running about the internet and deleting stuff) And I've made a decision. No big deal.

From here on out Twitter and Facebook will pretty much be just for updates. A tool, if you will. It's gotten to a point where all the social networking stuff has become a drain and a distraction to me. And that's just me, so Twitter-lovers and Facebook-soldiers carry on. I just find that it's become a sort of...sore spot of my own doing. So I'm undoing it. I said to the man one day (of Twitter), It's a tool. Would I get worked up over a hammer? No. So why am I getting worked up over this...

But this is where physician heal thyself comes in. I still carried on after that conversation. I went on with my chit chatty blurb writing. I caved to that false sense of kinship. Of contact, friendship, approval etc. Which is all good. However, for me, personally, I'm the kind of person that gets hit way too hard by people randomly being mean, needy, sad, weepy, depressed, kinetic, snarky, dark, crass etc. I get my feelings hurt or I get upset, irritated, annoyed, angry, sad, giddy, flabbergasted. Fill in the the adjective of your choice.

So it's time for me to stop letting little snippets of text influence my day. If I want input, I'll find real people in my life or email the friends I've made and maintained on line. If you want to follow me, interact with me, 'get to know me' this is the place to do it. If you want to really have some kind of connection with me, from now on, THIS is the place to do it.

Twitter is now a tool. It's my hammer. Facebook is now a tool. It's my screwdriver. When I have things to announce: Releases, anthos, contests, calls for sub, I'll put them on those places and here. But for the personal stuff, stories, excerpts all that happy crap--here is where it'll be.

Why am I even saying it? To keep myself on track. Twitter especially is the opening the fridge/cigarette break of my writing day. But as with eating due to boredom or once upon a time smoking because I had nothing else to do, it's not always good or harmless even. I get little bits of information from people I don't know and it can tweak my mood or even my writing. Bottom line is the social universe seems to be more harmful than good for a miswired type like me.

Hint one: sobbing incoherently because of a tweet I read about someone's (I didn't know) relationship (o_O)
Hint two: getting pissed and wanting to quit writing because people think nothing of crapping all over each other's writing in 140 characters or less
Hint three: today when a virus invaded Twitter and I realized I was more freaked out about that than my daughter getting a cold (also a virus) last week.

So if you want work/writing info on me, follow me on my hammer or my screwdriver. If you want updates about me and my life and my stuff and some kind of back and forth, welcome to my web home aka my blog. Pull up a chair and tell me about yourself. Use as many characters as you like...

super clever hammer print here!

Sunday, September 19, 2010


so I bought these today! (Tan). My name is Sommer and I'm a bootaholic. I also ran for the first time in months, feared I'd barf in the middle of the street whilst pushing myself, came home to runner's high, basked in the glow of my athletic awesomeness (*snort*). I cleaned the bathroom--which means the whole house is officially clean at once, huzzah! Cause I also made offspring clean their caves...I mean rooms. I feared a virus on my computer because it did that weird thing where you type in a site and you get some bizarre religious site and a Java script notice. I then ran a full scan (clean), took a shower, stretched and now I am doing this blog.

Ta and da! What about you? What did you do today? Did you buy boots too? (please say yes. please...)


Saturday, September 18, 2010

Like I...

said last night, there's something to be said for good sex. And it's this: it was good. Very, very good. Amen.

Heh ;)

Happy Saturday!


Friday, September 17, 2010

There's a lot to be said for good sex...

And I've said it and then said it some more. But there is also something to be said for molding yourself to his chest at his urging. Letting him hold you. Feeling the steady thump-thump-thump of his heart right beneath your cheek as you both sort of doze a little, in some kind of couple alternate reality. The sex will still be there tomorrow, and then some, judging by the dirty talk. That moment would have been lost way too fast, though, had it not been seized.


For Emma...

Hillman, the great boot hunter. I promised these and finally found the camera! It was cleverly placed the last place I hid it from boy child (to teach him a lesson for leaving it about). It was in a secret location that I *knew for certain* I'd remember. *ahem*...
Can you see the halo around them? Can you hear the heavenly choir?

Close up of the sexiness. Where's my whip?

Bonus Pic: gluten free noodle soup made with stuff from trip to Farmer's Market and grocery store. Nom, nom, nom...



Random Crap You Don't Need To Know:

But I need to tell you.

I bought a new robe. I love it. It's the color of eggplant, light like a cardigan, hits me just right, was cheap and I feel like a movie heroine in it. I am wearing it now despite warming temperatures (it's been cool for like a week so WTF!?) and humidity. I still feel like a movie heroine. A sticky, sticky movie heroine.

I am waiting to go to the bank. And waiting. And waiting...I am still not used to this damn new one-child-in-high-school and one-child-in-middle-school schedule. I have to get up at 6:15 (oh the horror) and it is still dark and my coffee is all consumed (drat) before girl child is even gone and then I think: okay, errands! and realize (damn it all) that it is only 7:40 and nothing is open. Hmph.

I have to return shoes. The man needed trainers. I am this size...this size...this size. He insisted. This. Size. So I bought that fucking size and..."They're too tight". Hmm. How about you take your feet to the store and buy your own shoes? Then you could try them on oh...there! But I will take them back and I will smile. But only because I've been promised sex and I want that on the record.

The dog keeps farting. Please remove him.

I am currently fixated on the color red again and wolves though my next paranormal does not just feature a wolf but a wolf and a vampire. Be still my heart. Heh. Get it? Dead humor.

And...I read this magazine article about women's purses and what's in them. They had stuff like 'solid perfume' and 'wine wipes' (I'll take a case) and tweezers and sewing kits. I looked in my purse: A pencil case I use as a makeup case. Hey, I liked the pattern. Lipgloss, dental floss, pennies. More pennies. A tissue-crumpled. Sixteen spent shopping lists. Four billion receipts. A wallet that is bursting and weeps when you open it to extract money. A coupon holder that I bought simply because it had skulls on it. All the coupons are expired. My Superman spanking Ms. Lane cigarette case that I use as a business card holder (from Alison Tyler). A tin of mints to keep boy child busy while we wait at the docs/dentist/school (crunch-crunch-crunch...can I have another?). More pennies. Oh look! A nickel! A man from the Renaissance festival...another map from the Renaissance Festival. A parking receipt. A...I don't know what that is. We'll just throw it out.

The point is: no snazzy girly items. Just a college fund in pennies and an unidentifiable something that I just disposed of.

I feel very unglamorous right now. And by the way...come get this farting dog!

p.s. yes, i know i typed "a man from the Renaissance Festival" and then a map. It should be two maps. but the fact that i typed man cracked me the fuck up and i like the idea that i somehow smuggled a man out of i left it!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Meet a few of my muses...Mmm-uses...

I just wrapped up my collection! Yay! Yay! More juicy details about it later but I thought you might wanna meet a few of the boys I've been hanging with since July. Fierce.



me hard it's out. Spank! is now available on the Logical Lust site and on Amazon too! I remember writing my story Sugar. I really put myself out there and went whole hog with the research. Um...yeah, we can totally call it research...



Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Hot Couples Erotica In NINE days...

I'm so excited I'm counting down. If this were a Christmas song it would be um...nine ladies dancing? Or is it leaping lords? Damn, damn, damn! Oh well, I'm just looking forward to some private dancing, scarf bondage, blow jobs and other fun stuff us sexy couples do. It'll all be ready to go on Friday September 24th from Excessica. I've waited so damn long. Seems like forever from idea to print! ;)~


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

70K+ has never looked so effing good...

I am done-done-donnety-done! Sangria for everyone. Huzzah!


The Procrastination Bump and Grind...

I'm doing it. I have about 3,500 words left to be Done. This. Book. And as usual with me and books, I am doing the putting it off shimmy shake right now. Not sure why I do this. But I almost always do. So I am (*gasp* *sniffle* *sob*) cutting myself off the internet until I'm done. I have to. Otherwise this is going to take a kajillion years because I write a hundred words-dick around-write a hundred and twenty-dick around. Instead of doing what I am totally capable of and just banging out the final 3,500 or so and celebrating.

What can I say? I'm a big flake. So here I go. Off I go. Onward and upward. Soldier on. Put on the helmet, fight, fight, fight! I know I can most likely even finish it up today if I'd just STFU and do. eeeet (to Quote T. Harrison)., yeah, I'm gonna go do that now.

Flake, over and out.

sexy cuff links I need for my vintage men's white dress shirt available (to purchase as a gift for me ;) here

Today is...

Halo Reach! and you'd know that if you own a teenager boy with Xbox like self. So in honor of Halo Reach, I am posting one of Tobuscus's literal trailers. Now...if you have never seen this guy, I warn you...he's addicting. The boy showed me one the other day and then an hour later we were all still watching them. My fave has to be Farmville and Mafia Wars. Heh. But today we'll stick with the MOST ANTICIPATED GAME OF THE YEAR! and I have to drink coffee so we can go pick up said MAGOTY!


p.s. and to celebrate my notquiteawakeness i posted this on the wrong blog, so if anyone at the Self Publishing Revolution saw it for a split second, my bad! and now i go to pour that coffee...

Monday, September 13, 2010

It's the 13th...

which means you can find me blogging over at The Self Publishing Revolution. I'll be there on the 13th every month. Running my big ole mouth :)

p.s. how bad to I want this tee? shh-shh-shh-shh ahh-ahh-ahh-ahh...

Sunday, September 12, 2010

So it's raining a bit...

Like the ark just floated past. No street fair for us today. We were supposed to go and wander in the crush and crowd but the weather interfered. I always look forward to it. The street fair always inspires me. Like the first year we went I wrote this story. And hey! It's still up as a free erotic read at TEW.

It's cleverly named--wait for it--Street Fair! Tada! Hope your Sunday rocks.

Friday, September 10, 2010

and another bright note...

has thirty ever looked so good? Wishing Danielle de Santiago a sinfully good 30th with whatever he wishes for when he blows out his candles. My favorite thing about Danielle? He's the first to give a compliment. We need more people like that.

Have a great day, Danielle. Happy happy birthday, kiss, kiss, kiss.


Bad, thirty-four years ago today my father died of leukemia and I still miss him even though the vivid memories I have of him are as thin as shredded ribbons. Good I have this book coming out to benefit the LLS. Bad, to this day there are moments I'd murder someone for a cigarette. Good, three years ago today the man and I quit smoking cold turkey, ensuring longer lives for us and more time with our kids. Bad, we had to cancel the vacation we were supposed to leave on this morning. It was only a few days but hey. Good, we have a daycation trip planned tomorrow and we'll be able to squeeze maybe two more daycations out of the money we'd had reserved. And fall is upon us so a few daycations in October sound pretty snazzy.

Bad, I am bone dead tired for some reason today. Good, I am only about 5,500 from finishing my project that will go to print. Bad, like I said I'm tired--really, really wiped. Good, it's so breezy and cool I can laze about with my hoodie and socks on. And in a moment I'll make a cup of tea.

I guess you can always wring something good out of something bad if you really try. Happy Friday. ;)


Wednesday, September 8, 2010

"And the pain is a welcome thing for me. Dancing with the monster."

I'm the free read up at Erotica For All! This story Panty Lines originally appeared in Hurts So Good edited by Alison Tyler. I've switched computers three times since I wrote it. Criminy, I hope that's the right version. If you find and boo-boos forgive me, will ya?


one day left!

in my goodreads giveaway. i'm so pleased with how many people have clicked to enter to win. yay goodreads people! :)


12,000 words...

from finishing my project. :)


Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I'm pretty sure...

I had an intimate moment with a grilled cheese made with Udi's gluten free bread a little bit ago. A breadgasm? This afternoon I got it on with a tuna fish sandwich. Best day in a year as far as bread products go. If I could give the Udi's gang a big wet sloppy kiss...I would so totally do that. Instead I'll just say thanks. I *heart* U.


3 days...

off! Who am I? I don't know, but it was nice! :D Three days of puttering,
cleaning, organizing, off-line mostly, reading books, no writing. Just vegging with the family, getting some stuff done slow and unrushed, playing Sports Toss (aka Corn Hole, heh), losing at Sports Toss. Walks and the food store, gluten free bagels that rocked my world and a car full of donation items from purging house.

Good. Stuff.

But now we return to our normally scheduled project. I left my sexy guy handcuffed to a fence for three days. Poor baby. I guess it's time I write him out of that, don't ya think?

Good morning. Happy Monday.


Saturday, September 4, 2010

something as simple as tea and toast

has been lost to me for a year now. It's something I always did when I was sick that gave me comfort. Toast and tea. Or toast and soda. Toast and toast. But toast has been something mythical, dense, hard or icky for a year now. Ever since I found out I had Celiac and had to live gluten free. Something I gladly did because I did feel a lot better in general. But I missed buttered toast, bagels etc.

I've found Udi's through the grapevine. If I could smoosh my lips through the computer and kiss the people at Udi's I would. Because today I tried an Udi's bagel. I nearly wept. I did dance. It was soft (soft!), airy, chewy, light, crispy. All adjectives I've been missing for about a year. (Most GF bread is dense and crumbly and MUST be toasted). I am so fucking excited I can't stand it. My health food store gets the bread shipment this week. I'll be there with bells on. MULTIPLE loaves for me because the bagels have shown me the skill of this bakery. And when winter hits and colds start to assault, I can so totally have crispy, comforting buttered...TOAST! Or a bagel. Woop!


Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go make a lovely nommy pizza bagel.


My flitting about money...

I don't know this woman. I accidentally hit the EC button on my shiny new computer and this baby has a hair trigger. When I saw this, I read the information provided (click the link). It's been a very hard year healthwise in Casa De Looney. For the man, esp. And when I read this, I couldn't really comprehend what the past year or so has been like in that home.

Bottom line, I've always been blessed to have people extend me a hand when I needed it. I also know the sheer healing power of just being able to forget for a day or two and have fun. Laughter is the best medicine (and free) and joy can buoy the body and the soul. Anyhoo, I took my cold-coke-from-the-pharmacy-buy-the-kids-slurpies-rent-a-movie-candy-run-for-kiddos money for the week--aka flitting about money--and donated it. I'm sharing the info in case you too would like to donate your flitting about money. I believe in karma and helping when you can. Even if you're helping a stranger.

Like I said, I don't know Maggie, but I am a wife and a mother. I adore my man and my kids. So I feel like I know her heart.


Friday, September 3, 2010

I'll Cop To It

I can be a pretty bad girl. Especially if there's promise of punishment (and then reward) in my future.

Today is my day on the Spank! tour and I'm posting a teeny nibble of my story Sugar. I'm always getting in trouble--that kind--for little things. Stealing a piece of fudge when I make him swear not to let me eat any more lest I get sick, laughing when I get the Jeopardy! question right and he doesn't, being argumentative when I'm cranky, wearing pants that look too good (heh)...blinking. Sometimes I think I'm so ornery so I have to pay the price. What do you mean duh?

Don't forget to follow the tour. List can be found here. Yesterday's post was on the adoration of spanking and who knows what tomorrow's will be!

From Sugar by Sommer Marsden

I suck the chocolate off my finger feeling something akin to a state of arousal. I'm locked in a traffic jam of bodies as everyone crowds and drinks and jostles to find the birthday boy. I sip my vodka and tonic and sigh as if I've just had a good, good orgasm.

"What's that on your breath, babe? Thought we were off the sugar," Jake says against the back of my neck. His lips pressed to the small spot of skin to the right of my nape.

I freeze, heart pounding as if I've been caught mid pillage or plunder or rape. All I've really done is eat a piece of chocolate fudge. One that was roughly the size of a dime. That was all. One little nibble and I'm fucked.

"We are," I sigh and take a big swig of my drink. No dainty sip this time. I have a feeling I will need the liquid courage soon.

"Is that you impression of abstaining?" He's still pressed to the back of me but his hand comes into view. Large, powerful, freckled at the knuckles. He turns my hand over, palm up and traces the lines on my skin. Then he points, matter of factly at a smudge of fudge on the tip of one finger. "That's a pretty sad rendition of refrain."

My stomach is turning, turning, turning nervously. An invisible Ferris wheel of emotion, lit with small colored lights of anticipation. It turns inside of me and I try to hear the party din over my heart beating in my ears. "It was just a tiny piece," I say.

Someone bangs into Jack, thusly banging him into me. I feel his cock, hard and eager, press the back of my short denim skirt. My panties grow wet in the space of two breaths once I feel that. Now I am certain. I am definitely in trouble and I am in that kind of trouble.

His one visible arm wraps my waist in a possessive snaking grasp and he laughs softly in my ear. My nipples respond, my pulse jacks up, I try to swallow and my throat feels stuffed with cotton or tissues. I am a mess but when someone waves to me calling, Sheila, I grin and nod as if I am totally in control. The taste of fudge is still on the tip of my tongue. Just a tiny sugar resonation, but it seems to be all I can taste.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

I. Am. So. Excited.

I have no words. Just a picture. Oh, and a link. And a great great love for Alessia Brio for making this happen.


good stuff...

Smoking Hot got a nice review over at Seriously Reviewed. The only thing I've seen said negative about this Quickie is that the readers wanted more. Something I'll keep in mind for next time for sure! LOL.

"As to be expected from Ms Marsden, it was.....SMOKIN' HOT! "
I love that line. :)

And another nice review comes from Miss Jo on Amazon for Bad Ass. Go check it out.

I'll also totally take this little compliment "And Sommer's 'Sneaking in the Backdoor' is probably the most romantic anal sex story you'll ever read. Beautiful..." Aw shucks. ;)


Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I ♥ This Cover!

and I love Willsin Rowe's writing. This seems like a win-win deal for me. It's on my TBR list as I hack away at my current project. But I have peeked and I'm on board. I adore the premise:

Love changes. Love grows. The world is indifferent to the fate of any one woman or man, but will use its bulk and its duties to obstruct lovers. Jobs, parenting, housework...onerous tasks, but when performed for a lover, they become gifts. For one couple, a stolen afternoon, a ride in the mountains, affords an opportunity to express their undying love. The way it was...and the way it has grown.

It's now available at Smashwords and I have to say, the cover grabbed me. Doesn't she look happy? I want to ride a motorbike too!

Nom nom nom....

Do I even need to say more? If I do go here.


And the hunt is on!

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To learn more about how you can play click the icon. I mean...a Kindle! Pre-loaded with smut. Score!