Sunday, October 31, 2010

Treat, no trick! (free download)

As a Halloween goodie I've put Old Wives' Tale, one of my favorite werewolf shorts, up for $0. Which! This Halloween goodie is only good on Bookstrand and only today through tomorrow [simply because I was late in getting it up...heh ;) ]

It's a sweet little thank you to my readers on one of my favorite days. Better than candy, no calories! Enjoy!



Saturday, October 30, 2010


Seriously. Does anyone want a surly mouthy teenage boy? All day we have clashed like two pig headed, stubborn Titans (cut from the same cloth). First when I had the nerve to ask him to make room in his closet (disaster zone) for his AC unit. Then when I asked him to oh...change his clothes...bring down his laundry...etc. etc. etc. Before noon I had administered three (((LOUD))) lectures.

The man removed (wrestled) me from the domicile for a walk to the hot sauce place, the farm stand, the natural food store...on the way home the much calmer me said:

"I will not yell any more. I will chalk surly, head-in-ass attitude up to hormones and teendom and I. Will. Not. Yell."

He was not buying it.

"No, no! I mean it!" said I.

"Fine. Then we need a safe word."

"Peace?" I asked.

"No. Too transparent. Something he will not know is me correcting you. Okay, I"ll say Bocephus."

"Oh, yes, that slides right into any situation," I said. But it was set.

Well, turns out whilst washing his clothes for him and you know, feeding him, chauffeuring him, paying for him. etc. etc ETC. his father had the audacity to shrink his hoodie (by about a billionth of a millimeter from what I can tell). The father who was currently downstairs cooking dinner for him on the grill. admit it, I was off. Like a shot. Lecture number 8,754,110 of the day. And mid yell my cell phone rings in my pocket. I knew it was coming. I almost didn't answer it...





(((that is my horn sound)))

The artist formerly know as 1 Romance Ebooks is now 1 Place For Romance. Behold! (and mark your browsers folks). All December Ink's will be found there going forward.


Friday, October 29, 2010

just today and tomorrow...

left to enter my October giveaway. I'll announce my winner on Halloween and then get the goodies in the mail.


Thursday, October 28, 2010

my neighbor...

from the left is wheeling her wheelbarrow back and forth to my neighbor on the right side. She's getting free mulch from the back yard. Back and forth...back...and forth...squeeeeeeeeeeeeeek goes the wheelbarrow. Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek as I try to write. And make GF veg lasagna. And...well...think. Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek.

I have no idea why but the plot to a good murder mystery springs to mind.

p.s. love the neighbor crime movies. Rear Window, The Burbs, Disturbia. Bring it!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

holiday hijinx...

has begun! Some recent titles from December Ink. All holiday related. Now everyone step back while I sing some Robert Goulet Christmas album.

happy birthday kisses and wishes to...

Aisling Weaver! Join me in wishing her a fan-fucking-tastic birthday!

Now! Who wants to administer spankings? Or since it's her birthday does she get to do it?


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

walter, peter and i...

are still hanging today. I am feeling a touch better. Managed to drag my ass out to get food as I was getting the evil there-is-no-food-in-the-house eye (though that is a bald faced lie!) but now I'm home and that was exhausting. Don't know what's wrong with me, but am a) tired b) exhausted c) pooped and d) achey. I'm gonna try and sit here and pretend to be a carrot (veg, heh) and finish this novella today.

I'm also poking you with a stick to remind you to enter the tote bag give away for breast cancer awareness month. So far there's three books, pencils, sock and various other oddities in that there bag. Are you really gonna pass that up?


Monday, October 25, 2010

miss may does it again!

"This was a quick, hot, funny read. Not something you find everyday, that’s to be sure." Chris at NOR

Another fab review for Allure, this one at NOR. This little Quickie I thought would get no notice at all sure is getting a lot of thumbs up. Yay May!



back soon

Feeling a bit under the weather today. Managed a bit of work on each book but now I'm managing Peter, Livia, Walter etc...Back soon.



Sunday, October 24, 2010


Happiness is jumping your husband in the kitchen and being met with "Okay, apparently the chili can wait but you can't."

Cut to: bedroom. heh.

Pretty much makes me not care that the Bills are beating the Ravens and totally reminds me why I did the anthology below.

Hope your Sunday is turning out as fan-fucking-tabulous as mine.


Friday, October 22, 2010

"...a super sexy, hot, kinky collection that just titillated the hell out of me"

Oh. My. God. I am so thrilled I really can't say anything beyond those high pitched sounds dolphins make. So just go read the full review at Seriously Reviewed.

"I am thrilled to give this one my stamp and approval to say that if you are looking for some dirty, sexy, kinky smut….100% designed to turn you on? This is it :)" ~Seriously Reviewed

Thrilled. Super, duper, uper thrilled. Woop!


Thursday, October 21, 2010

Guess I’m An Adult Now or Who The Fuck Put Me In Charge?

I have always been a big believer of things happening for a reason. Even the sucky ones. So today, after dropping a few bills and my local savings store (starts with a Wal ends with a Mart) the last thing I wanted to do was spend more money. But the man wanted to grill. So I dragged my ass back out intending on grabbing a steak and some sodas.

An hour and a half later I had wondered if someone was going to die in my arms and making a decision that scares the shit out of me like shall we call 9-1-1? I had run into the man’s elderly aunt who was having “a spell” in the grocery store. The spell progressed to disorientation, very labored breathing, paleness and a nearly impossible to find pulse. I got to a point where I was running her family history through my head (strokes and heart attacks) and I was really feeling like the most inept person on the planet despite having managed to deal with her and her groceries, the store managers, locating her son on the phone via my sister-in-law (he was on his way) and keeping her calm.

She kept telling me (this is so funny to me now) “It’s okay, honey, you go on.” And part of me wanted to. I wanted to run so fast my high top Chuck’s caught fire. But that was just the panic talking.

When she asked me my name after we’d already been together for a half an hour, I made an executive decision and called 9-1-1. And I was the one who decided it. Me. The flighty, flirty, falls down the steps, writes dirty books for a living perpetual fifteen year old. I dealt with the ambulance folks, the EMT’s, the store manager etc. And it was during this time—in the back of my mind—when I was calm as a cuke on the outside and raging with anxiety on the inside (which is how I operate in a crisis), that I realized a) I actually am grown-up despite my best efforts to portray otherwise and b) I was running this show. And even though I didn’t want to be near the stupid fucking show, let alone running it, I was. So it was time to man up, grab my balls and do it. I did it.

The point is: when the fuck did I grow up? And also never put me in charge (please!), stop to pay attention to people around you (I almost walked right past her b/c I didn’t realize it was her) and in that situation better to feel silly for overreacting than attend a funeral. Call 9-1-1. Something the (cute) EMT (yes, sue me! I noticed) told me about ten times. She’s at the hospital doing well, with her son by her side and she’s already demanding to go home. Good stuff.

Now I’m going to nap or drink or possibly both at once.


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

five buff men and four stars!

No, I'm not hallucinating. Though I am totally on this runaway train called the project that sprang fully formed from my brain late Sunday afternoon. So, if I'm not hallucinating what am I talking about?

Reviews for Allure, of course. Fanny at RomFanReviews gave me five buff men. And thank goodness because I like looking at him. She also says this:

"The wild passion between these two tickles you like wildfire. The rich characters share a delicious rapport. I highly recommend this quickie for anyone who wants more than just a few moments of bliss." Read the full review here.

Sabine at Manic Readers gave me four shiny stars and had this to say: "Ms. Marsden has written a humorous take on the mating heat of shifters and despite Allure being a short story, the reader does get to know the characters...keep writing Ms. Marsden!" Read the full review here.

Thank you, Sabine, I think I will! :)

I'm all giddy over my hunky torsos and shiny stars but dinner is calling and so is my WIP (((Watcha!!!)))<~~~~my whip noise.

p.s. fangs are for my bobcat May. She's such a thexy beatht...

Bobcat love...

Allure is getting so many nice reviews (there's a new one from yesterday but I um...lost the link...I'll find it!) I've been reading bits and pieces. I usually forget books as soon as I'm done. So reading them is like reading someone else's work. And I have to say, I like this little quickie by this author, uh, what's her name ;) But don't tell anyone I said that. I have a no buying your own hype policy.


From Allure
by Sommer Marsden (who is me!)

Chase opened his door and slid behind the wheel. He put a big hand on my arm and I saw every miniscule caramel colored freckle on the back of his hand in great detail. The curve of his well shaped fingernails, the whiteness of his cuticles. I could smell his cologne and his skin and under it all the steady thump of his blood. And his attraction—to me. The thought would normally warm me with excitement, but the fact that I was already so warm, running a fever in human terms, had a cold river of fear swirling in my belly.

“I’m really glad I had the nerve to ask you to go out,” Chase said. He touched me again, this time on the thigh. I could tell by mildly stunned look on his handsome face that all the touching was maybe out of the norm for him. Or he was just pole-axed with pheromones. This was the siren song of my maniacal hormones. I turned my face slightly away from him, acting as if he’d turn to stone instead of just outrageously horny if he looked right at me.

“Me too,” I said. I heard the seductive purr of my own voice and cleared my throat. “Where are we going?” I tried to modulate my tone and the end result was a militaristic bark that made him jerk back for an instant. “Sorry, sorry,” I said. “Scratchy throat.”

“How’s Gregg’s?”

“My favorite,” I said. I gave in for one brief moment and touched his hand. The fingers were long and tapered and he’d settled his palm back on my thigh as he drove. I traced the backs of his knuckles and then the tips of his fingers. He moaned softly and my brain said stop but my hormones said go. I laid my own hand flat over his and moved his hand inch by inch up my thigh. It was like watching a horror movie where an appendage moved against its’ owner’s will. I was panting and he was panting and finally, just shy of the very tippy top of my thigh I managed to put on the brakes. “Sorry,” I said. My voice was more wheeze than word.

“Me too,” he said. “I don’t normally… I mean, I know we’ve known each other for a while now. From the shop…but still, I don’t normally. You know. I’m not—”

I heard the concern in his voice and forgot myself. I turned and smiled at him as we drifted to a stop at a red light. “It’s okay. I understand. It’s my fault. I moved your hand. So I—” I didn’t get to finish because he was staring at my mouth like a drowning man staring at a lifeboat. He pushed his hands in my hair, tugged me forward and kissed me. His lips were firm but soft and his mouth tasted like strong mints. I tried to pull back but his tongue curled around mine and I hummed low in my throat, feeling that buzzing tingle that precedes a change. A spontaneous one. One that I do not control, to be exact.

Panic swelled in my chest. What would he do if he pulled back to find himself face to face with a bobcat? A big-toothed, emerald-eyed, horny, ovulating cat! I bit my tongue, only it wasn’t my tongue. Chase let out a yelp and pulled back, touching his mouth.

“Oh my god! I am so sorry!” I heard the apprehensive hiss of big cat in my voice. Chase did a double take.

“I was too forward,” he said, turning dazedly back to the wheel as some ass behind us laid on his horn because we’d dallied a whole two seconds after the light turned to green.

“Shove it, jackass!” I yelled out my window before catching myself. My pulse was off the charts and even my fingers were tickling with power. If I didn’t shift soon, it would be out of my control. “Can you pull over for a minute?” I asked.

“Are you okay?”

“I am fine. I need um…the facilities. Service station? Convenience store?” I didn’t have to continue, because Chase was already turning off the main road and pulling in at Chuck’s Car Mart. All things automotive and refreshments and restrooms. Yay, Chuck. “This okay?”

“Great,” I said. I had the door half open before he’d stopped the car. Now all I had to do was pray for a restroom with two exits. “They’re just over there, so here I go.”

“Want a soda?” He looked concerned. “How about some pain relievers?”

“I’m fine. Fine. Really. I’ll be right back.” I scurried off, half out of my sweater before I hit the corner of the building. I glanced around, I didn’t hear or smell or sense anyone. I shucked my clothes behind the brick fa├žade and started running for all I was worth.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Don't forget...

Tie a pink ribbon around your finger. Enter my tote bag giveaway in honor of breast cancer awareness month. Every day I pass the tote and every day I drop something in it. Who knows what'll be in that thing by the time I mail it. Original blog (and pic) here. Just follow me ----> (follow button is to the right) and say howdy on this blog or the original.

I have a snazzy pink ribbon pic but blogger is doing maintenance so you'll just have to just close our eyes and imagine it. And...go!


Look what I'm in!

How freaking cool is that? Look for it 2011 from the ladies at Oysters and Chocolate. Ole!


Monday, October 18, 2010

eyes and teeth, teeth and eyes...

I woke today with what felt like something in my eye. Like when you get an eyelash or whatnot up in there. I got up at 6.15. At 8.15 it was not better. In the doc's for the man's appointment it was not better. 11.15 it was not better. It was, in fact, driving me ape shit. I was so very good about not rubbing it but I really really wanted to rub it until it stopped hurting. Or popped out (o_O) Whichever came first.

I made an appointment. I had to have it checked. I have two main phobias. Teeth and eyes. Eyes and teeth! So I had to get it checked to make sure it was not infected, scratched or you know, going to shrivel up and fall out.

I also, just because it's fucking funny to admit, am terrified to knock out my two front teeth. I have had this phobia forever. Forever! To the point where if I stumble, especially on the sidewalk or concrete, I will shield my front teeth with my tongue (this is show you lunacy day, folks). Apparently, I'd rather bite my tongue in half than knock out my teeth.
Anyhoo, they tortured me. They lifted stuff (like my lids!) and put on Mr. Magoo space glasses and peered in my eyeball. They put drops in my eye and then used some freaky humming CSI blue light on me. Anyway, they see no scratches or infection or whatnot.

So now I have to go to an eye doctor tomorrow if it's not feeling better. The good news is I worked on two seperate books to keep myself distracted until my two o'clock appointment. I think i'm at four thousand words and counting.

But it was a day. Jeesh. Eyes and teeth, teeth and eyes. But I still have all four! My two front teeth and my eyes.

p.s. ironically, I am horribly allergic to spiders and have some scars from stitches courtesy of the little bastards and yet...not scared of them at all. That is, in fact, one of my favorite movies...ever!
p.p.s. And how was your day, friend?

Sunday, October 17, 2010

forgive me...

the no makeup. This is me playing with boy child's camera to try and illustrate what a great score I made by accident the other day at the mall. Whilst playing chauffeur to the chitlins I stumbled over the most perfect sweater in the most perfect shade of blue-red. I was embarrassingly (to girl child) giddy in the store when I found it.

I have been obsessed with a) red and b) hoods and yes, c) wolves since working on Base Nature last year. I had many an entry at my old blog singing the praises of red hooded items. And there it was. The holy grail of sweaters.

So here here is photographic evidence and behind me what do you see? My beloved penguin Chuck from last Mother's Day gift! Anyway, sorry I didn't put makeup on for you but behold...the sweater.


Saturday, October 16, 2010


Okay so Allure's bobcat shifter May isn't so much fierce as she is fetching, but her little tale has garnered some nifty reviews. So here goes:

HEA Reviews gave a nice three cup review here. And Romance Writers Reviews gave it four stars here. Plus I have two super nice reader ratings on EC's site. Reader's reviews touch my cockles (of my heart!) in a special way. Which is a klutzy but efficient segue into this which I stumbled over the other day...

A super nice reader write up for my story Strawberry (a December Ink release). Woo and also hoo and thank you to all my readers. You rock my world. ;)


It Is I...Remindey Minderson asking you...

Are you remembering to hunt? Hope so. Click the pretty picture to get started. You still have time. Hurry!

p.s. and while you're here, don't forget to say howdy and follow me for a chance to win that fancy pants tote you see below. Look below! (on this blog, not yourself). Happy Saturday!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I love boobies!

Big, small, black, white, male, female....healthy. Breast cancer is a cancer that can effect all walks of life. Old, young, grumpy, happy, female and yes, male. All you need is breast tissue to get breast cancer and it's something we all have.

I recently ordered several totes from Avon (I have a fab Avon lady. i call her Mom) that were too cute to pass up. All the proceeds go to breast cancer. And since I know several spectacular kick ass women who have battled and beaten breast cancer (yay them!) oops, look at me, I bought an extra. And I wanna give one away at the end of October.

What do you have to do? Oh...say hi and follow my blog (handy dandy way to do that to your --> right). And spread the word about my giveaway. I'd like to meet some new folks, get some new followers and give away a nifty tote. I might even stuff something in it. You know me, I like when things are um...stuffed.


I'm thrilled...

to be working on my mainstream project again. The project formerly known as BSP is now known as what I'm working on. I have high hopes for it, and either way, no matter how it flies, I love it. And I love this print. I think when I'm done, I might have to snag it to put on my wall. Did I ever mention I have a media wall with a trinket for just about every book I've written? I'll have to take a picture some day.

So, I'm stepping back from zee pr0n for a few weeks. Wish me luck! I'll still be here, it's just my work project won't be so dirty. Or not as it stands right now. I mean, we are talking about me, after all. Anything could happen. LOL


I'm shooting off my mouth

...over at The Self Publishing Revolution Blog. Step number two in what I like to think of as the top rules for self publishing. The goal is for new self pubbing authors to learn from the mistakes of the established ones. At least that's my goal! #2 Think It Through, Genius is up now!

Happy hump day, happy 13th, happy, happy!


Tuesday, October 12, 2010


I'm so happy! This fab review was given to one of my favorite books ever by the lovely Lucy Felthouse (author, reviewer and ringleader over at erotica for all). Here's a little bit:

Calendar Girl is an absolutely fabulous book. As I said, it had me laughing on a regular basis, but it also had me feeling frisky, too. It is the perfect mix of engaging storyline, likeable characters, smoking-hot sex and light-hearted fun. I can’t recommend this enough.

I'm thrilled beyond belief because Calender Girl truly is special to me and I think I had more fun writing that book than any other before. When all was said and done and submitted I missed spending my days with Merritt and Jeffrey and Penn and yes...even moms.

Full review can be read here. Thanks to Lucy for taking the time to read me!


Monday, October 11, 2010


First review is in and it is good! Happily Ever After Reviews gave Coupling four tea cups. Very, very happy. Here's a tiny sip of the review:
Coupling: Filthy Erotica for Couples edited by Sommer Marsden has very erotic and interesting short stories by different authors. For example you have Alison Tyler, Jeremy Edwards, Alison Seay and more. These erotic short stories are very interesting because there are a couple that I would have not thought about, one in particular which I will share a little of.

One story that I will describe to you, the reader, is about a couple Cameron and Charlotte, The Clothes Make The Man by Emilie Paris...
read full review.

Yay! I'm so pleased I believe I might have sparks shooting out of my fingertips. Woop!


Thinking Caps...On!

The man and I were watching Paranormal State last night (thank you football the Amazing Race was super late! :P ( not that I do not love football. I'd just like them to finish on time.))

Anyhoo, something was said that bang! zoom! gave me a full blown plot in about thirty seconds. A whole book--novel length. (This will have to go third in my mental novel lineup). I have the characters, the scenario, the premise, the idea, the feel, tone yar yar yar. What I do not have is the title.

I basically need a title that means "linked" but don't want to use that word. So Anyone have any great ideas? If you give me a suggestion and I use it, I might send you a goodie (if you're receptive) and I will totally thank you in the dedication.

Back to proofreading. I am slow today. Like a snail. Or a turtle. Or me trying to run two miles.

think anyone would mind if I totally rocked out that beanie?

Sunday, October 10, 2010

hot sexy monster

My all time fave muppet. Go Grover, go Grover, you're a superstah!


A Spanking Good

and happy birthday to Willsin Rowe! Today 10-10-10 is his birthday which I think means he has some kind of magical powers or something. I think he can fly, or maybe melt things with his mind. Here's hoping his day was as great as he is!

sexy and coveted pearwood paddle found here

Saturday, October 9, 2010

spooky good mood

from decorating for Halloween and watching the girlies (girl child and niece) decorate my front porch, yard and tree in festive bone and blood decor. So I've put all paranormal titles on ARe and Bookstrand on sale for 50% off until Halloween! Fifty percent off. That is so cheap it's nearly...frightening.


Friday, October 8, 2010


There they are. The new December Ink pubs "Three Fingers of Want" and "Is He Watching?" Oooh, pretty.



research assistant

Editing aide. He does it all.

p.s. that is apple juice on the sofa blanket. though he does tend to get a bit tinkly if he's too excited...

Thursday, October 7, 2010


Just ordered these from Sock Dreams. In deep red and natural. Oh. My. God.

100% True...Sadly

My mother recently started working from home. She, like so many before her, thought it would be easy breezy lemon squeezy. You are home. You can do homeish stuff and workish stuff and there will be birds and flowers and flutes will be playing...

Um. What no one tells you is the work/home/crossover/world's collide (jerry!) phenomenon. Phenomena? Issue!

There is a fine line you must balance and walk and if you are like me you fall off that friggin line often and then you have no idea what you are doing and you forget everything, but somehow (aliens, i think) come the end of the day you have gotten a lot done though you feel as if you have accomplished zero.

So here has been my day thus far. I have what I call dumb dog syndrome. Or you can call it the world's shortest attention span. Or you can just call me Sommer.~

  • Get up, stagger out of bed, cook breakfast for the chitlins and then put the coffee on.
  • Check emails.
  • Remind children of everything they must take/do/remember/etc today
  • Check emails
  • Last child leaves. Have answered all emails. Start errata.
  • Drink more coffee.
  • Walk dog
  • (so far so good!)
  • Get dressed. Lose glasses. Find glasses. Lose glasses. Lose book. Find book. Am I dressed yet?
  • Go to parental units house to check plants and make sure all is well (they are away for a day or two).
  • Did I lock their door? Did I? Did I? check door about 64 more times and then get in car and leave.
  • Where am I going? Oh! Store. Right.
  • Go to store for cream cheese, soda, toothbrushes and sausage
  • Get: all of the above and pineapple, gluten free cake mix, vanilla pudding, pop tarts, apples, ice cream, pizza, munchos. plan to make pineapple cake. do not forget cool whip!
  • Get home. No fucking cool whip. damn.
  • Wash hands because is cold and flu season. Oh! decide to make saline solution and put out swabs and order children every day to swab noses. (something I started doing last year.
  • Made the solution
  • Hmm..need swabs. Go upstairs.
  • Should open the windows. Is cold and flu season after all. Go in boy child's room and open window. what is that smell? Cannot find smell. Leave.
  • Go in girl's room. Open window. Wonder at what level messiness condones condemning a room. Leave fast.
  • Go back downstairs, happy to have opened windows.
  • Oops. No swabs!
  • Back upstairs.
  • Oh! have to pee (pee pee pee...hey, I stole a soda from my parents' house. butt out).
  • Notice the trash can in the bathroom is full. Empty trash can. Empty bedroom trash can. Bring trash down.
  • Damn! Still no swabs.
  • Back up. Get the fucking swabs! Finally!
  • Down. Swab own nose. Wash hands. Realize I just took like twenty minutes to do something that should have taken me 20 seconds.
    Aliens. I'm telling you.
  • And now this blog...
  • Goal for the day: errata. How much is done? 15 pages.

    Working from home. Priceless.


[wolf whistle!]

It's out! It'soutit'soutit'sout...! My brand new paranormal quickie Allure is out today. There's a shifter and hormones and running and a squirrel and a phone booth and...*gasp*...and what could be a very interesting date and...well, read the blurb here. I love May so much. She is my favorite shifter girl I've ever written. And let's just say, Chase ain't nothing to sneeze at either.




I Suck At That Game

I Suck At That Game is the title of my guest blog at Excessica toda. And really...I so do suck at that game. heh.


Wednesday, October 6, 2010

No, no...that was me...

me-----> (o_O)

You may notice if you go back through my blog that the last 25 or so comments say they've been removed by me. Because i fucked up and removed them. So all my damn lovely ass comments are gone. 25 of them. Because I misunderstood and clicked a button. Trying to organize. Heh. Organize.

Last time I do that.


And another...

December Ink publication. Tada: Is He Watching? Another one I've been procrastinating on. Wow. That was a relaxing off?


Three Fingers Of Want

I have been so swamped with finishing up novels and erratas etc I haven't put this short up for what feels like ever. It was about two months from pulling it off my old laptop till now. But that is not the point...the point is...I did it! Finally. The newest December Ink release can be found at ARe and Bookstrand etc. Coming soon to Kindle and if I can defuckify the Smashwords version I'll have the all clear (though it's up there too). Etc, etc, etc.

I finished my errata (that would not die) yesterday. Huzzah!!! [sounds of applause] Today I can laze about with cleaning, doing grunt work and maybe take a run. Tomorrow is...*gulp*...the next errata.


Wish me luck!


Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I'm part of the hunt...

Are you hunting? Click the picture to join in the fun!


Oh my god. What a day. I feel like I can't tell up from down. First of all, I swear to you this errata is never going to end. I feel like no matter how much I work on it, the remainder continues to grow. I think it's become clear to me that I need to give myself a tiny bit of a break soon. Because when I read I see...

Crap Crapcrapcrap Crappety crap. Crap.

"Crap crappety crap?"

"Crap-crap, crapper, crap..."


I need a tiny bit of a break if I don't even enjoy my work. But, ha!, ironically, as I was telling myself I could take a breat, I got another errata to do. But you cannot complain, can you? Work is a good thing, especially right now. So the schedule has shifted to 1. finish current errata, 2. day off, 3. next errata, 4. break! Maybe just focus on the holiday season as a treat for an insane year of writing and publication.

I didn't even realize what day it was until I looked at the calendar. I am not decorated for Halloween (usually an Oct 1 activity) and it took me by surprise to realize that my book Allure is out in two days! Ack! It comes out Thursday and I am super excited. I absolutely adore this quickie. It was so. Much. Fun!

Okay, I feel a bit under the weather today, have to work on the (neverending) errata, and take boy child to a specialist appt for his gnarly ass toenail. Wish me luck!


Monday, October 4, 2010


Two quick things. Was in grocery store. Clearly have not had enough sleep. Little boy in front of me with his grandmother had frogs on his raincoat. It. Is. Pouring. And the woman checking us out say: "It's good weather for..." Then she pauses.

I pipe in. "Frogs."

"Yes, frogs but I was thinking ducks, my mother always said ducks." She smiles.

They're all looking at me so I want to say: fish and frogs and ducks...

I say: fish and dogs and frucks

Kill me.

And the second quick thing: Something about wearing riding boots that makes strange men hold the door for you.


Xcite-ing stuff!

See my cool play on um...word? I'm appearing in two new Xcite five story collections. My story Would You Like Fries With That? is in the new e-collection of the same name. And my story Sticky Notes (an all time personal favorite story, if I do say so myself) is in an e-collection of the same name.

We now return to my regularly scheduled coffee. I have no idea how morning got here so fast.


Sunday, October 3, 2010

From Fucking The Mermaid

in my new antho Coupling. Ta and Da. This is a snippet and dash weekend. I'm off to...hmmm, I'm not sure what's next on my to-do list. I'm not running the show, I'm just the chauffeur...cook...nurse...maid. LOL.

Happy Sunday!

pendant found here

from Fucking The Mermaid by Alison Seay
from Coupling: Filthy Erotica For Couples

"You are. Let me play with you."

I laugh. It's not as dirty as it sounds. "Why would you do that?"

"Because I can show you what I see when I look at you."

I glance at my scars without thinking and his fingers hook under my chin, push my gaze up to meet his. "What I see whenever I look at you. What I've always seen. And they're just scars, Sammie. No big deal."

"They're near death scars."

"They're beat death scars," he corrects and turns me away from the mirror. "Will you

I nod. "I'll try."

"Well, that's the most anyone can ask of you. You're pretty ornery," Jace says and all I can do is laugh.

The makeup is cool and smooth and makes me shiver just a bit though the heat is
cranked. Jace keeps it high so that I don't catch a chill. My body's still at war some days.Warm when it should be cold, shivering when I should be toasty. My scalp tingles, my fingers go numb, my stomach rebels at the smell of food and sometimes I get headaches that cut me off at the knees. So he babies me. Coddles. Treats me like I'm made of glass and light and candy floss. Fragile and treasured.

I like it and I hate it, too.

"You are more than your scars," my husband says, swirling makeup on my formerly
naked face. Jace is a makeup artist. A damn fine one who works for movies and theatre and even Broadway when we can travel. It is his joke. He started as an artist and now he paints people for a living.

I wonder what he will make of me?

Some fragile fairy tale beauty? Some pale pink figure with a kewpie doll mouth? A
sleeping beauty, a damsel in distress, a great lost broken woman with a wicked tale behind her?

"I know. But the scars are a big part of me now," I admit. I feel my eyes fill up a little. I stave off the waterworks not wanting to mar Jace's artistry. I don't quite know why I'm still angry. The worst is behind me. I am now the proud owner of a new breast and a clean bill of health. Sure, I'll have more doctor's visits, scans and check-ups in my future than most, but I am clean and healthy and symmetrical. I laugh out loud at that thought. Why the symmetry is important to me, I do not know.


"The fucked-up way I think sometimes," I say.


"You're reading my mind again. That's creepy. Not to mention unfair." I shiver when he dips the brush, smeared with wet, cool liquid makeup to my collar bone.

"That's what a baker's dozen of years in our marital arsenal will get you."

Jace paints the scars that accent and mar my breast and I have to fight myself not to
shy away. From the paint, from the brush. From my husband.

"Stay right there, Samantha Marie. Don't you move. And if I weren't busy painting your tit, I'd be sucking it."

My mouth pops open in shock and I want to be outraged. Instead I feel a swirling mix of intense emotion. Love, gratitude, lust, anger. I shake my head. I will not cry. The fact that he still wants me is a given on some days, a mindfuck on others. "Stay out of my head, mister." I whisper.

Jace smiles at me. "Drop the pants. Panties, socks. All of it."

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Because Halloween is coming...

and it is one of my favoritest of holidays, I'm putting up a small snippet of Smoking Hot which takes place at a Halloween Party. A hot, dangerous, crazy Halloween party. Happy Saturday! I now have to go wake up the offspring. I have my helmet and my protective gear on...

The third person who hit the middle of the staircase lived that nightmare. A hand made of black smoke and pure intent snagged that girl—a little blonde dressed as a cheerleader for our Halloween festivities—and yanked. I watched her fight like hell, but she was pulled through the narrow space of the stairs in no time at all. Not pretty. Trust me.

“Move,” Sean said in my ear and started the policeman shuffle. He hustled me off to the left, to what appeared to be another door as the swell and crush of bodies parted and folks started making their way for other exits or offshoots of the basement.

He pushed me into a narrow nook that held the boiler. Thank god it wasn’t cold enough for the boiler to be used yet, or it would have been a tad toasty in there.

“Oh my holy shit, what the fuck was that?” I was babbling. I thumbed my cell phone and the screen said out of range…out of range.

“Don’t know, but it looked like smoke. So—“ He was glancing around wildly.

“So? So! So what? You can’t just say that and then leave me hanging here, Sean. My cell won’t work!” I squeaked.

“Van!” he barked.

“Shut up and look for rags. Sheets. Carpets. Anything like that. I don’t think any cells are working. Mine’s totally dead. Now move!”

“No need to be rude,” I grumbled, but did as I was told and found a huge pile of shop rags in one corner. There was more screaming coming from outside the door and I winced. I started shoving rags under the door crack just as a black feeler of smoke snaked in. Sean shoved a rug over it and pushed it into the crevice. Thankfully that one tendril snaked back out and was gone.

“You okay?” he asked, taking me by the upper arm.

“I’m having a stroke,” I said very calmly. My heart pounded so hard I felt ill. My hands shook as I pulled the ends of my long dark hair to try to focus myself. Yank, yank, yank. The sharp bites of pain kept me from melting down but at this rate, I’d be bald before we were free.

He tilted my head back and studied my face. I feared flawed makeup, tears, twitches…boogers. God, I feared boogers. “You’re not having a stroke,” he said and leaned in to kiss me. I took that kiss like a drowning woman takes a life raft. “You’re just scared, girl.”

“Stroke,” I muttered, but I pushed my hands into that unruly surfer-boy hair and yanked so that he retaliated by biting my bottom lip.

“Nope. Just fear.” He pushed his hand into my jeans and I let him. He shoved his warm fingers into my panties, and I moved forward to help him. He buried his fingers inside me and I sighed. “See, fear. You’re so wet.”

“Heart attack, maybe?” I countered. His mouth tasted like summer fruit and handsome man.

Friday, October 1, 2010

oh. my. gott...

I am apparently senile and watching Full House reruns every morning with my kids while senile and half awake without coffee is NOT the time to announce contest winners.

If Sherrie could contact me, I'd be glad to get her info and send out her Coupling goodie bag prize.

Steffanie is someone I apparently concocted taking the double 'r's in Sherrie's name and making them f's and taking the name of a Full House character and...


Sherrie, if you see this, hit me at hot4sommer[at]yahoo[dot]com with your snail mail address and I'll get your prize out to you. Real fast before I forget who you are or what I'm doing (o_O)


Friday stuff...

Woohoo! Friday. And the rain has stopped and the air is cool and I am ready to...sleep all weekend. True story.

Now on with the stuff.

Stuff #1: Steffanie won my Excessica chat group prize from yesterday. She'll get a print copy of Coupling, some chocolates to nibble while she reads and....whatever else I decide to toss in there. So, Steffanie, shoot me your address and I'll get your prize bag out. And thanks for coming by. :D

Stuff #2: Wonder edited by Selena Kitt is out today and my story "A Life With Purpose" is in it. Man oh man, that was a hard story to place but I finally found it a good home and am super pleased!

Stuff #3: New contest as Erotica For All featuring Coupling. It runs all month.

There is a stuff #4 but I have forgotten what it was. I did not buy coffee yesterday. I have scraped together enough for 1.5 cups. How? How oh how did I forget coffee? It's like forgetting air. (o_O)

oh! #4! Today the chat is still going. So come back and join us. Tonight we find out who won the Kindle. Woop!