Monday, January 31, 2011

"...this was such a great story about second chances."

Bwah! Who let Monday in? Jeesh. But if I had to get up and act like I know what I'm doing, at least this fabulous review was waiting for me. 4.5 stars for I'm On Fire from Dark Divas.

Dark Divas Reviews

As my fourth grade teacher used to say: "Wooo-da-hoooo!"


Saturday, January 29, 2011

things that have made this day super...

Being woken up by a laughing man...

Good strong coffee...

Snow everywhere but roads clear enough/safe enough for me and girl child to hit two libraries and snag a few books I've been jonesin' for...

"emergency orange" slouch socks and red checkered Vans...

Writing a killer scene in my (increasingly longer and longer nearly novel length) paranormal...

A super dinner of a gorgeous salad with all the bells and whistles and awesome grilled pork chops...

Walking into the bedroom to grab my robe to shower and having a big handsome man walk in behind me and lock the door...

Taking a hot, hot shower forty minutes later...



Have a bite of us. I mean, on us. For this weekend only the Eat Me anthology, edited by the unstoppable Miss Alison Tyler, is free! Go to ARe and get yours today., you! Right now! You have some weekend reading to do.


Friday, January 28, 2011

Dirty or!

Woohooo! My newest paranormal is out today. Today! Todaytodaytoday! And it's another snow day so everyone is here to witness my abnormal shrieking and flailing about (aka the 'happy' dance). Dirty or Die is available here. And here's a little blurbage for your reading convenience...

Trapped in a haunted house…three blind ghosts, three blind ghosts, see how they hunt… Ghosts are average when you’re a reporter for The Skeptic. But these ghosts are energy vampires. They like fierce emotions—so sex, violence and lust are high on their menu demands. Paranormal reporters Darla and Mason find out that their pent-up, squashed-down lust for each other might just be what keeps them safe in Pike House.

The game of survival starts off with a bang—literally—and keeps escalating at a frenzied pace. If they ever get out of Pike House alive, Darla’s thinking she might just give her huge, handsome partner a shot. After all, she’s lived through much weirder things than love.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

4.25 stars...Bueller?...Bueller?...Bueller

Yay! NOR has given my little ditty I'm On Fire 4.25 stars. Woohoo! Thanks to them for taking the time to review me.

We had another snow day today. We all got out there as a family and shoveled ourselves and a sick neighbor out. It was fun. Like being the Waltons for the day. Then since we had another day off we had another 80's lunch break. Yesterday was Weird Science. Today was...Ferris Bueller's Day Off !

If it snows tomorrow I'm diggin out Pretty in Pink. Ole!



Wednesday, January 26, 2011

snow day...

pretty pretty. I went across the street to take a shot of my favorite angel statue (peppered all over my previous blog and the cover of The Kept. lol). I went over in boots, snoopy pajama pants, knee-high white socks, a My Chemical Romance DEAD! hoodie and my new hair cut pulled up like a looney bin patient. I trudged up through the snow to get my shots. Framed them, took them, and looked see some guy parked in a car watching me.

I am 39 now. That means I am used to myself. So I let out a huge woop of laughter and then waved to him before running down the driveway in the snow. No. I did not fall. Shut up.

p.s. Click 'em. They get bigger! :)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

well fuck me hard

So some of you have been following my hellish travels through the world of what can I eat. And I simply had to share this ridiculously Sommeresque story.

Since my food has been cut down to basically fruits, vegetables and lean meats with some nuts and seeds at the moment, I am trying to be adventuresome with vegetables. You know, snazz up the miserable state of I cannot eat anything fun and or processed. Ever. Any more. Forever. And also Ever!

I am off wheat, corn, rice, nightshades (potatoes, eggplant, tomatoes and peppers) and beans. I figured out beans by accident. I thought I was very clever making a crisp for my birthday brunch with fava and chickpea flour for the crumble. Well, I thought that until I was trying to peel my skin off and saying what the fuck what the fuck what the fuck? six hundred times.

Anyway, on with the story. So I bought that cute little guy up there for dinner. That is Jicama. Isn't he cute? Or as I like to call him, the devil.

We had a lovely dinner of turkey breast, jicama fried in coconut oil and sweet potatoes. Root vegetables are my friends, and to me that Jicama looks like a gnarly big root veg.

Two hours after dinner I start itching. Huge knots and welts and rash. What the fuck! yell I for I have been good for days. Days!

Then I start to moan: Oh, not the coconut oil. No! Not that. I was going to bake with coconut flour and sugar, I was going to make soups with coconut milk. I was going to use coconut oil as a lube even (hey, you can! safe, cheap and non toxic. ole) And now all my planning is ruined, ruined I say, as I claw my skin off.

But something in my wee little brain says: Check the jicama.

Check the jicama? It is just a giant turnip. A giant radish. A giant...root veg. Right? Right? So I bend to my internal voice and google Jicama. Um:

"Jicama belongs to the legume or bean family (Fabaceae)..."

Wha...Wha...What!? Well fuck me hard! Leave it to me to go out and pick out a giant goddamn bean to have a 'safe' meal.

Good news is I'm probably fine with my potentially beloved coconut.

Any of this sound familiar to you? I'll be posting links of places that you might find of interest. Such as The Spunky Coconut.

Stay tuned. Maybe next time I'll pick out a giant secret nightshade. Kidding. I plan to google all my suspect and foreign veg from here on out. Trust me.


Monday, January 24, 2011

like a good girl...

I just arrived unfed, unwatered, uncoffeed for my yearly physical (only 14 years overdue) and the lady says:

"Oh, honey, your appointment is tomorrow..."


Well...Fine...FINE! I will go home and have some coffee then.

Son of a bitch.

That is all. Carry on. Oh, and happy Monday.


Sunday, January 23, 2011

good things...

Here I am to try and put down a few good things in a way that people who are not me can comprehend. This weekend has been lazy and busy and I'm not sure how that paradox came about, but even though I feel like I'm doing nothing, I haven't found time to blog properly. Go figure.

Good thing #1:

Being part of Miss Violet Blue's VIP Lounge for her upcoming book The Total Flirt. Yay! I was really stoked to be a part of this. As always, working with Miss Violet is a pleasure. She is fierce, Just ask Oprah.


Good thing #2:

The man had to go have an eardrumectomy after I saw this on amazon the other night. My lovely, hot, sexy, awesome, studly, wonderful, stunning werwolf Garrett and the gang are print! Base Nature paperback ~Tada!

Now all I need to know is...WHEN DO I GET MY COPIES, PEOPLE?! LOL (((not really LOL. I really actually do want to know...tell me!)))

And since I teased you in the title, here's this. I saw FYC in concert once. Okay, there were four of us and two actual tickets. But that is what big, studly, kind security guys are for. They sneak you in when you're short a ticket. Or two.


Saturday, January 22, 2011

some people are so awesome...

I'm so behind on blogging and have very cool things to share, but I am making myself take this moment to blog this~~~~>
From the amazing mind of Alessia Brio comes the Coming Together: Over the Rainbow journal which benefits the It Gets Better Project. So, pass it on and please support. All our children need our support and love.


Thursday, January 20, 2011

Hootie-Hoo!! (now say it five times)

Anyone remember Carla from Top Chef? She's actually on Top Chef All Stars as we speak and still kicking ass. Anyway, I loved Carla for her Hootie-Hoos and her positive attitude. I am very pleased to Hootie-Hoo! over my first official review for I'm On Fire. It's a...drum roll please...five hoot review from Nocturne Romance Reads. Yay!!! Thanks to Karia for taking the time to review me.

Okay. I can relax a little now. The first one always gets me right in the solar plexus. Now I can just...breathe. Om...

In other news, I have thusly written three shorts this week (and am almost done a fourth). When I realized I had a few that needed writing, I was wondering if I could get back into that short story swing. I am happy to report that I have indeed swung my um...swing and am uh...swinging very well. With stories, that is. heh.


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

It's happened again...

Just like at Christmas. Below is the method of my embarrassing downfall. Don't say a word. I am prepared to kill you if you laugh...

You're welcome.


"...sure was one hot quickie."

Yay, four sea shells for Allure from Siren Book Reviews. Awesomeness. Thanks to SBR for taking the time to read me. Every time I get a nice review for May and Chase I get a warm fuzzy. And here I truly thought people wouldn't like this book. I have zero judgment, apparently. But happy that's the case!

Back to work. (((Whuppa!))) <~~~~~~my whips sound.


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

sorry so quiet

I've been trapped under a bunch of shorts. And one long. Heh. But that just sounds dirty...

Back soon!


Sunday, January 16, 2011

best selling lesbian ebooks...

on ARe includes my short f/f Strawberry (#8 at the mo). And looking at the reports it has for a while. And top #100 for lesbian erotica on Kindle, too (as of today) Jeesh. Guess I should attention!


Saturday, January 15, 2011

Only dogs and dolphins can hear me right now...

Because Hard Lessons is out in pdf et al! This compilation of four m/m novellas contains: Blank, Ferryman, Unexpected and Report for Repair. The print version is do out in a month on Valentine's Day [insert piercing high pitched shriek here] from Xcite Books.

Okay. I have to go calm down now. Which involves having some plan for calming down.


Friday, January 14, 2011

“It feels good. It does. Do it again..."

Thanks to this evenings unexpected um...festivities, I'm inspired to give you a hot snippet to maybe inspire your Friday night. I know so far mine's been a hell of a doozie ;)~



From "I'm on Fire"
by Sommer Marsden

She wasn’t sure how it had disintegrated so fast. He’d apparently come to say he was sorry for hurting her feelings. Something she should have given him brownie points for even noticing. Instead, an irritation had flared fast and bright inside her. She didn’t want Jackson Goodman, he of the firemanesque scolding, to know that she had been hurt at all.

It had somehow dissolved into the verbal kind of argument kindergartners might have.
All that was missing was “I know you are, but what am I?”

But then he’d grabbed her upper arms in his big, strong hands and her mind had gone sort of gooey around the edges. Her body remembered the arousal she’d felt when he’d grabbed her to steady her, but this time he was grabbing her to grab her.

His lips were warm and soft and they crushed down on hers almost angrily. Mel parted her lips, letting his mouth work over hers, letting his tongue into her mouth. The moment their tongues connected, she felt a warm rush of fluid in her panties. This man did strange things to her head. He made her want things she didn’t want to want.

Like sex when she was still hurt and angry.

Like him.

She said it again. “We’re not having sex.”

“Whatever,” he growled. He pushed her to the foyer wall and buried his fingers in her pussy. With the other hand he held her close.

Even as she uttered the rule of no sex, she was fumbling with his zipper. Jackson sighed, his hot breath feathering over her lips. She nipped his lower lip and he made another rough noise. He used his free hand to help her with his pants and then he was in her hand. His cock long and hard, warm and incredibly soft-skinned. She hummed and he hummed and his big fingers flexed gently deep in her pussy and her whole pelvis filled with heat and pleasure.

“Does that feel good?” he demanded, but his voice was softer than she’d heard so far.

Mel nodded. She stroked him, soft at first but harder when he thrust into her palm. Her back pressed to the wall and he had her pinned, one big leg trapping her leg, his hand in her pants, fingers thrusting deep. The weight of him and the way he had her caged turned her on to no end and she felt her body inch closer to a climax. But she didn’t speak.

He froze, his fingers deep in her. She could feel her heartbeat in her pussy and she squeezed his cock so he winced. Jackson broke the kiss and stared in her eyes. His had gone impossibly dark and hooded with lust and she wanted to tell him they were gorgeous, his eyes, but feared he’d laugh at her.

Men were odd about compliments beyond, “My, what a huge penis you have!” Or so she thought.

“Does that feel good?” he asked again and flexed his fingers once more. Just for an instant, barely pressing. A blip on her internal radar that made her heart fluttery in her chest.

Mel nodded again. Jackson stopped and shook his head. Mel swept her thumb over the head of his cock and for just a second, his eyes drifted shut like he’d been swept away into sleep. They sprang back open and she stared at the little flecks of gold in the brown.

“Say it,” he said. He withdrew his fingers almost all the way, pressed her clit with his thumb and thrust up hard, filling her again so he was knuckle-deep.

“It feels good. It does. Do it again,” she asked, feeling brazen. The words simply gushed up out of her.

She’d expected a shower and wine and some TV. She had not expected hot, sticky groping in the hallway with the fireman who had scolded her this morning. But her body was rolling along toward an orgasm like a runaway train and all Mel really wanted was for him to touch her some more. To make her feel good.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

I'm up to #5

in my The Self Publishing Revolution blog 'series'. And by series I mean stuff occurs to me that people who are considering self-publishing might want to know. Or might not. Either way...

Go here to see Self-Editing: Do It and Do It Again.


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

so the doorbell rang...

and there were socks! And nothing but the girly sounds of me and girl child shrieking and high pitched noises only the dogs can hear. Ah, Sock Dreams, we love you so...

Oh. My. God. Fabulous!


"This story contains very explicit love scenes..."

My favorite kind! And any excuse to put up the cover of handsome, handsome, HANDSOME Alex Church. Yum. If you haven't guessed, this means Sensitive has received a nice--four hearts worth!--review. And it can be found here at The Romance Studios.

We had snow. Yay! They're making kids report to school anyway. Boo!


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Uniform Behaviour Review

Uniform BehaviourUniform Behaviour by Lucy Felthouse

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

If you like your books tucked and primped and put together like—well, a man or woman in uniform—Uniform Behaviour edited by Lucy Felthouse (of Erotica For All fame) is a book you should add to your TBR pile. Waiters in crisp uniform turn you on? Military men and women? Security guards, cops and priests (oh my!) Uniform Behaviour is a buffet of uniformly hot erotic fiction.

I did enjoy taking breaks during my writing day to sneak a story at a time—like eating a truffle between lunch and dinner—and savoring the collection. I found some real treats:

Lexie Bay is a new voice to me and her stories, yes two, stood out to me for various reasons but In Love and War had such an authentic voice for the young narrator, I actually teared up at one point (oh shut up, you!) and Taken With Consent was just a fun, sexy romp. It’s no surprise to me that Justine Elyot’s Guard Mounting was one of my favorites. I love Ms. Elyot’s voice and find her writing engaging and flawless and yummy—she so does not disappoint in this anthology. Elizabeth Coldwell was my hero with a fast-paced, hotter than hell spanking story—Strictly No Parking— that left me breathless and satisfied. But hands down, the stand-out star of this collection in my humble opinion was Craig Sorensen’s Lingua Acutus. The tone, the characters, the premise—that story stayed with me way beyond finishing the book.

So, my recommendation is grab yourself a copy and get comfy. At ease, soldier (priest, waiter, security guard, um…you get the picture). Go AWOL and read a good book.


View all my reviews

Friday, January 7, 2011

ramblings of a clearly sick-sicky-sickerson mind...

Still sick. But working. One foot in gritty crime. One foot in a vampire werewolf extravaganza (that was only supposed to be as long--total--as it is right now and I'm just gearing up). I am sick-sicky-sickerson but here is my currents. Share yours if you want to give me something to get excited about reading. Comments are always open (though I had to put the approval back on, sadly. Thank you spammers and your attempt to advertise your Japanese sex dolls and other wares).

Current soundtrack(s): Tie between Rubber Factory by The Black Keys, a band that's been around forever but are brand-spanking-new and highly addictive to me and Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys. I wake up with track 2 in my head.

Current book: What the Night Knows by Dean Koontz. And mazel to Mr. Koontz because I felt his last book was just sort of 'meh' but this one...well, let's just say hat's off because when I coughed myself awake last night (for the first time out of seven) and shuffled-staggered-lurched into the bathroom to get a glass of water...I was afraid to look in the mirror.

Current TV fixation: Supernatural: The Complete First Season The boys! Starting all the way from the beginning. Yum.

Current med: Z-Pack. Oh, please, glory hallelujah, be over soon. Those little pink pills are kicking my ass.

Current: gluten-free, corn-free, rice-free, bean-free, potato-free, air-free (just kidding) snack...Terra Chips sweet potato chips. Addictive. Especially if finding snacks you can eat is like braiding your hair only using the power of your mind.

There was something else but I forgot what it is. I'm currently sitting here wondering if the Tylenol 3's the dentist gave me for my tooth (which is also what the Z-pack is for) would also work on hacking painful cough. It is something to ponder. And did you know that sweet potatoes are actually white and the orange ones are yams? I'm just rambling. ;)

Carry on. :)


Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

"Marsden writes with an astonishing blend of spare prose and lush description..."

Somehow I thought I'd make it through this winter without getting sick in any way. Um...wrong! I woke today sneezing my bed-headed head off and feeling generally like poo. But I found this super review for Blank today and it made me happy despite all the misery.

This is possibly one of the nicest things ever said about my writing in my humble opinion:

Marsden writes with an astonishing blend of spare prose and lush description, sparse detail but heady, rich emotion. It isn’t something that can readily be explained. You have to read it to understand.

There you have it. I am a happy if not sick girl. And thanks to Laurel at Readers Round Table for snagging my book off the line and giving it the time and reviewing. Now don't mind me, I'm going to crawl off and watch TV. And when I get up in the morning I *will* take the antibiotic that I am already supposed to be taking but fear like the plague (which I feel like I have). I know I will because if I don't, I'm going to be in a lot of trouble with the man. And not the fun kind. ;)


Monday, January 3, 2011

it's a hell of a choice...

don't you think? Dirty or die? It is also the title of my upcoming paranormal for Ellora's Cave. I was shocked to see it up there for the end of this month, the 28th to be exact. But then again, anyone who works with me knows I can't sit on work. If you send stuff to me with a deadline to get it back to you, my deadline becomes...immediately. I hate stuff in my inbox. So I guess that afforded a speedy release. Yay me and my OCD. LOL.

Anyway, here's the blurbage:

Trapped in a haunted house…three blind ghosts, three blind ghosts, see how they hunt… Ghosts are average when you’re a reporter for the Skeptic. But these ghosts are energy vampires. They like fierce emotions—so sex, violence and lust are high on their menu demands. Paranormal reporters Darla and Mason find out that their pent-up, squashed-down lust for each other might just be what keeps them safe in Pike House. The game of survival starts off with a bang—literally—and keeps escalating at a frenzied pace.

If they ever get out of Pike House alive, Darla’s thinking she might just give her huge, handsome partner a shot. After all, she’s lived through much weirder things than love.


Now I really, really need a nap. Getting back to the regular school schedule is killing me today. Couldn't go to sleep last night, and now it's day time and all my body wants is sleep. Bleh.


"...sure to thrill readers"

Yay! I love to thrill readers :) My EC Quickie Allure received a nice four tombstone review from Brit at Bitten by Books. Go check it out here.

I don't know about you, but I made no formal New Year's resolutions. I am dropping weight and inches thanks to be being able to eat...oh, just about nothing. I spend time with family and friends. I have weaned myself off the internet some and am reading more. I write every day so I can't really amp that up. However, I do get upset about stuff I cannot control. So, I guess the closest thing to a 'resolution' I have is that I promised myself I would not get all bent out of shape and discombobulated over poor reviews/ratings of my work.

Lucky me, I got to test that on day one of the new year! LOL. I ended '10 with a five star rating on my new book and kicked off '11 with a five star and star. And I was upset about it. For about three minutes! And then I kept calm and carried on. Yay me, must say, pretty proud.

Hope '11 is starting out with a bang for you.