Monday, February 28, 2011

MP3 "Playah"

So the girl child killed her MP3 player. Her faithful morning bus stop/dishes after dinner/chore companion. She has butter fingers (like her mother) and dropped it one too many times. Distraught because now she did not have her evasive maneuver in the morning. See, she likes to play it at the bus stop because she can still eavesdrop but avoid talking to people she really doesn't like (what can I say, she has her mother's antisocial gene). She demanded a new one ASAP. Had the money and everything.

So she found one online. I ordered it, it came super fast. It was small and light and cute. I could tell from the get-go she hated it. She put music on it, gave it a few hours and then came down to announce that it was too hard to use and 'too light'. She couldn't tell it was there, therefore would drop it often. She deleted everything, boxed it up. Wanted me to send it back.

It occurred to me to let boy child try it. I will do ANYTHING to avoid shipping items back to a vendor for some reason. He had twenty bucks and if I withheld 2 months allowance it would be paid for. Easy peazy lemon squeezy. He's wanted one for a while anyway and has his mother's inability to save money.

Problem solved!

Until two hours later. "It's too hard to operate. I'm not sure. I don't think I like it..."

Fine, fine, FINE! I will take it, says I. I have just gotten back into running. I can't imagine a better song to run to than When They Come For Me (see below). I will take the damn thing you crazy freaking picky kids!

I used it to run this morning. At one point I wanted to go from MCR to the song mentioned above. I had to stop to find it. Could not find it. Could not GET to it. Ten minutes I stood still. I was supposed to be running. Finally, finally, I figured it out. Then the rest of the run the earbuds kept popping out of my ears.

So it's going back. That little slut has made its way through the whole damn family and everyone hates it. Now comes the hard part...Shipping it back? Nah. Telling they kids THEY WERE RIGHT.



Friday, February 25, 2011

We are now experiencing the...

The quiet side of my nature. I know what you're saying: you don't have one! Oh, but I do. And me and the QS have been doing the tango for about a week now. Good news is I have finished that project I was so stoked about and turned it in. GoodER news is the man and I celebrated 15 years of marriage yesterday. Neutral news, I'll be quiet more than usual for a bit. Things are chaotic at best.

Happy Friday!

My current theme song is below. I swear to you, this drum beat is in my blood now I've played this so many times in the last week or so...

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Another freebie...

I forgot this story A Smear of Red was a Valentine's story. So consider it a late Valentine. It will stay up as a freebie (along with Love is in the Air) through the end of February. Both are entirely free reads on ARe.

Go get one. Or both. Have a dirty weekend. :)


Friday, February 18, 2011

Wicked Good Space

It's funny. Lately, I've randomly--for no apparent reason at all-- taken two shots of my tiny workspace where my laptop sits. I am either smushed in and seated there writing or in the rocking chair where the desk is still in view. Here's some of what I see:

Then I followed an Etsy link on twitter and found this nifty article. So...what does your space look like? I never shoot the desk TOP because all you'd see is a power strip, the Verizon tower, my laptop and a pencil cup. I tend to shoot the decorative items. to share with me? Dirty, neat, tidy, cluttered, classic or eclectic? Do tell.


And for my 40th birthday I get...


Ohhhhhhh, I am so excited. This December 1st Xcite is releasing The Best of Sommer Marsden. Hey, that's me! Inside are a bunch of my favorite shorts, handpicked by me, and some brand new, never seen the light of day content. So it's a best of with a twist.

Yay! I know my birthday is still like nine months off, but day-um, I have never wanted to be forty so bad.


Thursday, February 17, 2011

" The author does a great job of drawing her readers into the plot. And not letting you out until the story is over."

This 3 star review from Paranormal Kiss made me laugh when I read:

"This story is very hard for me to say if I actually like it or not, because the book is almost too unbelievable. But it does keep you turning the pages."

Because Dirty or Die was my literary version of an awesome B horror movie. And she nailed it with that comment. So the reviewer might not have totally meant it as a compliment, but I took it as one. It means I did my job and had fun doing it. Which to me is a win/win!


"Ms. Marsden has quite a flare for paranormal romance!"

A really nice review for an all-time fave Sensitive. The Reader's Roundtable gave Alex Church...I mean my book 4.5 crowns. Yay!

I'm feeling really blessed this week, even the first review for Dirty or Die that made me laugh (3 stars and some interesting comments, I'll post later), tickled me.

I'll be back later with the DOD review link and some super cool news!

p.s. I hope you understand how difficult it was to post this cover. He's soooo hard to look at. But I do it all for you, dear reader.

"That Sommer flare that just drives me wild..."

Oh, I like the sound of that. :) That is a snippet from possibly the coolest, nicest, most awesometastic review over at Seriously Reviewed. Something tells me I'm on Fire was enjoyed. Just an teensy-weensy bit!

Read the review here.


Wednesday, February 16, 2011


We've all seen it--especially in chick flicks--the perky girl shaving her legs, talking on the phone, sitting there with her jammy pants rolled up or her leggings pushed high or whatever. The point is, she is shaving her legs fast and conveniently with her clothes on and she is...fine!

Who knows why she didn't shave her legs in the shower. Maybe she was working on edits and eager to get back to them. Maybe there was a glass of wine and some TV waiting for her, chatter about the day with a good looking man. Maybe she didn't...okay, I will say it...FEEL like shaving her legs! But then later she thought, hunh...It is warmish and I could sleep sans pants if my legs did not feel like I might be related to Sasquatch.

So this girl, the light bulb goes on over her head and she decides she will roll up her pajama pants, pop in the bathroom, lather, shave, rinse. Then she will unroll her pants and be smooth and happy and shaved.

Lies! It is all lies! You CANNOT shave your legs clothed in ANY FASHION. I had--I mean this girl--had soaking wet pajama pants though they were ROLLED DAMN NEAR TO HER CROTCHULAR REGION and a soaked flannel overshirt. And the bathroom was soaked and the floor!

I was--I mean SHE! was wetter than if she had just gotten in the goddamn shower.

I am going to go watch Top Chef now. Carry on. And beware the media's lies about shaving your legs with clothes on.

The end.


another chance...

actually 3! to win a copy of Hard Lessons. Go here to the lovely Lucy Felthouse's brain child Erotica For All for details.


Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Nifty news! My Rubenesque Xcite title Nothing But The Boots is number four in the romantic comedy section of ARe right now. I think I'm in the top 20 of the actual Rubenesque category too. Either way, I'm stoked. I had such fun writing that story, and I have to admit, it's based on a chunk of truth...I have actually been stuck in one boot and a kimono. But don't tell anyone.


Monday, February 14, 2011

though i hate to part with any of them...

I have two copies of HARD LESSONS up on Goodreads for giveaway. Runs from today through my anniversary!

See the giveaway in the upper right hand sidebar. I'm taking it out of the blog section. Seems it is hosing up the works (o_O)



(and just in time for Valentine's Day!). I'm the featured author at the new Xcite site. Yay me! Did I get lucky or what?

I'm still sort of on a "away from my desk" period regarding the blog. Lots going on. My weekend off included lots of movies: Dead Ringers, Needful Things, Stripper Zombies and The Long Kiss Goodnight. Some of them I had not seen in years. Good stuff. I also read a lot, worked a little, hung out a ton with offspring, including some clothes shopping at the dreaded mall. Cooking, puttering, cleaning and just for fun, a little hot nookie.

Good weekend. I think I need to take the weekend off more often. I sorta kinda maybe ran myself into a wall last week. I got a whole book done but it wiped me out.

Right now I'm working on zombies and have a busy weekend ahead of me. So...of I go. Gotta see about some braaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaains...


Friday, February 11, 2011

God, have I been waiting for this...

book. Yay! Learning to Drown is out today in ebook and in print. Woohooo! I toed the line a lot in this one, and it was exhausting and thrilling and fun as hell. Plus...check out that cover. Pretty, yes? ;)

Now I have some zombies to kill. Back later.


Thursday, February 10, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

Pour vous from I lost my five years of French there. Anyway, one of my all time favorite giggled-through-writing-the-whole-damn-thing Valentine's Day stories is now free on ARe through the end of February.

Go get a little magical nookie on me and download Love is in the Air.


Erma gets a bit of liquid help rekindling her love life with her husband Tank in the form of a magical oil called "Wild". It makes her sex life go from putt-putt to vroom-vroom. Marital bliss at its humorous finest.

Originally ran in Ruthie's Club Valentine Issue 2008


“Hey.” Tank’s normal after work growl.

“Hi, honey. Steak for dinner. Your favorite.” Erma did her best to bat her eyelashes and cock her hip. Anything to help the magical elixir do its job.


“Can I have a kiss?” She puckered and waited.

Tank didn’t seem too happy about it, but he planted one on her cheek. Erma took the opportunity and threw her arms around his brawny shoulders. She rubbed her face against his bristly face and tried to shove her throat up to his nose.

Tank sniffed. Then he snuffled. Rooting against her neck like a truffle pig seeking its prize. “Mmmm. You smell good,” he said.

Erma thought he sounded a tiny bit dazed. Maybe drunk. Then she forgot to care. He shoved his pelvis against hers, and she felt a lovely hard-on. Growling and Mmmm-ing, he rubbed against her sex. He had perfect aim, each stab of his cock slid the length of her seam.

It was working!


has arrived. Base Nature came today, in book form. Oh. My. God. Pretty.


i hear they are steampunk---ish

my favorite boots at the moment. Well, one pair. They got a lot of time in the rotation is what I'm saying. I've been chatting steampunk with some folks on twitter today. I still don't get it, but at least I have a very vague, blurry idea thanks to my boots.

I wrapped up a longish project in three days (finished yesterday)and plan to start a new one tomorrow. So, in my feeble, tired, wrenched-my-neck-working-out-today brain this is what constitutes a blog/update. A picture of my boots and some crazy woman rambling.

You're welcome! :) Oh, but I just remembered (yes, at this second) that I have a new book out tomorrow. Yay! A novel length dirty BDSM book. Hurrah!


Tuesday, February 8, 2011

"...witty dialogue and fun engaging characters seem to be a hallmark of her writing style."

Fabulous 4.5 cherry review for Allure over on Whipped Cream Erotic Romance Reviews. Thanks to Honeysuckle for reviewing me (and posting on my Facebook--it made my day!) and for all the nice things she said. As you will see if you scroll down, I have stolen some of her kind words for my sidebar :)

You can read the full review here.


Monday, February 7, 2011


Oh my god! They just came. I nearly licked the DHL man. He looked afraid. I can't say anymore. Am mostly incoherent! Woop!


Sunday, February 6, 2011

so we watched CLASH OF THE TITANS last night...

I have one word for you. Dreco...Yum. Okay, that is two words. Shut up.

I have never seen a buff man with long lovely locks shot with gray and silver who could wield a sword and wear a skirt so, so, so well! I might have to watch again.

p.s. It seems to be up in the air. It's spelled Draco all over the internet but Dreco in the credits. We'll call it either or.

Saturday, February 5, 2011


Done! DoneDoneDonettyDoneDoneDone! I finished my paranormal novel this afternoon. The one that was supposed to be a teeny tiny novella. But it wasn't. It was a book. And unless I've lost all my marbles...there will HAVE to be a sequel. But I am...done!

I said I'd never do a vampire/werewolf/human novel...and I did. I said I'd never write another book that demanded a sequel....Hmm...I did.

And now I have to get off this box and go attend to all the food I made yesterday for the party we are hosting in a half an hour. I looked like a lunatic yesterday. Write...cook...write...cook...writecookwritecookwritecook. But by the end of the day I had 6 thousand words and sweet potato salad, stuffed mushroom caps, homemade applesauce and a mustard smeared pork shoulder slow cooking until it could be tossed on the smoker.

Off I go. Have a super weekend. And I totally need that tee to celebrate. Don't you think? Of course you do!


Thursday, February 3, 2011


Up on the EC site today. Base Nature in paperback. Woop!

check it...

If you click the lovely image it will take you to Book Cover Lovers. Where my cover for Dirty or Die is up as we speak. Writers, check out this nifty site! Show off your cover art and give your cover artist some props. The owner Shiela is lovely.

Speaking of cover artists of the greatest magnitude Willsin Rowe, writer, movie maker, cover artist of the book to your right (heh, typed write) has a brand-spanking-new site. Go check him out.



Wednesday, February 2, 2011

"...his attraction to the blonde lady with the crazy socks..."

Hey, that's me! Oh wait, not really. She's talking about Mel in my book I'm On Fire and sock fetish even shows up in my books. To your right are my lavender slouch socks. Fabulous on a cold icy night.

But this is so not about socks (okay, a little bit), it's about a fan-freaking-tastic five nymph review for I'm On Fire from Literary Nymphs. Yay! Yay! Happy funky chicken dance!
Ahem. Sorry. I'm better now. Thanks to LN for reviewing me. And tonight--to celebrate--red slouch socks.



Tuesday, February 1, 2011

random sock shot!

Sorry, folks, I did mean sock and not cock. Those are my lovely lime green slouch socks that were caught in a totally candid shot as I sat on the steps to pull on my boots to go outside and see if I could avoid falling on my dupa. We had a bit of an ice storm here last night. It wasn't as bad as they expected, but bad enough. They shut schools because at first glance it just looks wet...'til you walk on it, fall on your ass, and end up sliding on your bottom down the street (we live on a hill). So...yeah. Snow day!

Today I'm just showing you my lime tootsies (if you follow me on Facebook you've seen the orange and purple ones too...hey, you are welcome ;) ) and pointing you to one of the most original and entertaining reviews of a book I have ever read. You won't be surprised to see that it was written by Miss Alison Tyler...of course it was! Anyway, read a great review of Spank! here (scroll down to the bottom).