Saturday, April 2, 2011

better than Easter eggs...

New 'drawers'. As pretty as Easter eggs in a basket...
And homemade peppermint patties (got the fab recipe here). Though I messed up the "patty" part. They looked more like bon-bons. That did not stop boy child from inhaling them and asking for more.




  1. Those look great. Well, they look like poo cakes, in truth, but great tasting ones.

    I checked out the recipe and have one narky comment - I couldn't work out what it had to do with Irishness, til I read the 'Happy St Patty's day at the end. You know no one calls it that. We say Paddy's Day, and Americans mispronounce the d as t. The idea of 'St Patty' is just disturbing. Rant over! Beam*

    Can you have macaroons too? Or is egg out? I heart them.

  2. um...thanks?

    I think the Patty part is an honest mistake, though I'm not positive she said it tongue-in-cheek due to the patty part of peppermint patty. I think a lot of folks assume Patrick shortened equals Patty. Makes sense if you're not in the know.

    But I am in the know since my 'brother' is actually names Paddy. Spelled such.

    Egg is fine. I don't particularly like shredded coconut thought. It's a texture thing.


  3. not positive she DIDN'T say it tongue in cheek...

    like shredded coconut THOUGH...

    those are what i meant. (o_O)

  4. Ah, well, they look great either way. I'm just using her as a Patty scapegoat. I do like the shredded coconut thing though, little bits to nibble later...

    I didn't mean to offend with that poo cake comment, sorry! Mouth-brain connection. Tbh, I think we're always in a danger zone with anything chocolatey. I know someone who broke up with a guy because he said chocolate cupcakes looked like poo. That cracks me up.

    Poo cakes were on my mind because a friend told me the other day she'd made them on purpose for her son's party - horrified all the mothers, but the little boys LOVED them.


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