Monday, April 18, 2011

I finally gave up...

I wrapped up my handmade lap quilt today for family. It's a Christmas gift. Before you feel too's last Christmas's gift. (O_O). Anyhoo, I wanted boy child to take a picture before I shipped it off. After several pictures like this...

I finally gave up and just took one like this and called it a fucking day...

In my defense, I sew entirely by hand as machines scare me to death. takes me some time. Especially since I have the attention span of a coked up gnat these days.




  1. Nice work!!! I'd never be able to finish a project like that. Kudos to you.

  2. Oh, it's lovely. And a project like that needs more than a couple years, I think, unless it's the only thing you do in a day!

    Are you scared of sewing your finger, or do you just not know what to do with sewing machines? I have my mother's and I'd love to use it, but the tension is all wrong and I have no clue. I'm intimidated.

  3. You did that by hand? I'm impressed, very impressed. Great job.

  4. thx, katie :)

    Jo, if I'd done it the way I did the one before this one, it'd have been done in a week. was right before Christmas. I kept getting distracted. Was working on several projects, then they didn't have the right batting. yada yada yada...tada! It's suddenly almost Easter! :)

    And it is total intimidation. I am scared of it. So I just say fuck it and sew by hand. My m-i-l keeps trying to teach me and I keep forgetting. :)


  5. Impressive. What sewing, mending or whatever, I do by hand also. But, there's a little part of me that wishes I could sew. I knew a girl years ago that made everything she wore. Jeans, tops the works. And they looked like they were off the rack.

  6. thanks, cass! we must have crossed posting our messages. lol

    Janeen, I think pigs would fly before i could manage to do that, but boy...wouldn't that be awesome? Can't find a dress you reall like? Make your own!



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