Tuesday, April 19, 2011

my Coming's been Kindled...

Coming Together: With Sommer has been Kindled. What a great way to support LLS. Smutty paranorml sexy-sex in your hot little hand. Here's a snippet:

"Right there," I squealed. Trip nudged my clit with his tongue a little harder. I panted and squirmed. I couldn't seem to decide if I should
crush myself against his face or wiggle away from his taunting
tongue. What he was doing with that mouth of his bordered on tickling. It was torturous but pleasurable at the same time.
"Stop squirming."

Trip covered my clit with his whole mouth. I froze. His mouth was so hot my body bucked a little.

"I'm sorry. That was... " Then I lost my words because he was licking me in earnest. My cunt flicked impatiently around nothing. I wanted him in me. I wanted him to fuck me. But I wasn't sure I wanted this to end either.

"Martee, stay still" he said, shoving two fingers deep inside of me and pressing my G-spot as if it would pin me in place. It didn't. I wiggled more and sighed. I seemed to be overly sensitive for some reason.


He stroked me in exactly the right way and my body clutched around his probing fingers.

"That's better,"

I could tell by his voice he was smiling. He must have been feeling my body gripping him tightly.


"Okay." I agreed just to shut him up. I had no idea why I was all over the place like this. It felt almost too good, the things he was doing. And we did these things a lot -as much as humanly possible.

His cell phone rang its annoying tune and we both stopped for a second. I was so wet and so ready for him, there was no way in hell I was answering it. And there was certainly no way I was letting him answer it. Our eyes met and I shook my head vigorously.

"No way, Ericson," I said in a menacing voice.

Trip grinned and his bright blue eyes took me in, then he flexed those big fingers and forced them deeper into my pussy, and I closed my eyes. His tongue took up its former flitting attack, and I was once again jumping like a drunken marionette.

"That's it. Flip over, Babe," he said. He didn't wait for me to comply or complain, he flipped me, shoved a pillow under my belly and yanked my thighs apart.

The force and urgency did strange things to me. I went from very wet to drenched, the exposure feeding my desire. I pushed my ass back to meet him, and he shoved into me with a grunt.

"I don't feel like chasing you anymore."

"Sorry!" I said again as he plunged as far into me as possible. His hand found my clit and worked firm, demanding circles over the swollen flesh. Now that I could handle.

"It's okay. I was gonna have my way with you either way. Guess it has to be caveman instead of wooing." My cunt tightened with each thrust and each sweet circling of his finger. I rested my head on the bed and pushed back harder.

"I love cave men."

Trip circled my waist with his free arm and gripped me tightly. He pulled me harder against him even as he fucked me. His breathing more ragged, his movements more frantic. "Baby," he hissed in my ear, his slick finger on my clit moving in more desperate spirals.

"Right there," I sighed as he emptied into me with a gruff cry. My own orgasm swirled through my belly, my pussy, my chest. My face was hot and my heart beat erratic. I never got tired of being with Trip.

He kissed the back of my neck, his cock still in me, and then laughed.


He rolled away, flopping onto his back and grinned up at me. Then he beat his
smooth, muscular chest and grunted, "Trip like. Trip love Martee. Trip like when Martee makes that noise."

"What noise?" I asked. I blew my short blonde hair out of my eyes and flicked him on the ribcage with one finger. He was sweaty. I like him sweaty.

"That noise you make when you come. Hard." He smacked my ass lightly.

"I don't make any noise."

"Oh yes you do. You sound like some exotic bird."

"I do not!"

"Ah... Ah... Ah... Aha!" he mimicked.

I hit him in the face with my pillow and heard a muffled "Oof!" just as the cell phone rang again. From under the pillow, Trip said, "Maybe I should answer it?"

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