Sunday, April 10, 2011

my sunday in pictures...

I was up but his fatness was not. He only rallied when we yelled food! Have you felt that comfortable lately? I sure as hell haven't.
3 kids (mine and an extra), 1 man, lots of cinnamon rolls...
total destruction. post feeding frenzy...
This is why I love him so, he loves me so. Still. I know because when Spring springs stuff like this randomly appears for me...

I've decided to reread some of my favorite books this year. I used to reread books all the time. Then the internet showed up and screwed me up! LOL. So my current reread--good for when I want to read but my brain is still crimped up from writing or editing and I can't absorb new stuff--is IT by Stephen King. *shiver* Pennywise (O_O)
And my I'm-done-for-the-day-now-I-can-indulge book is Saskia Walker's Rampant. Someone give me a fan. Ice? A hose?



p.s. There is no picture of me sprawled on the sofa watching The Bone Collector on AMC.


  1. Ahahaha, The Bone Collector: He collects bones. I can hear the voiceover now. That always made me laugh.

    The dog... what can I say... do you want to come back as a weiner dog in the next life?

    And the cinnamon rolls.. mmmm.

    The internet has also ruined my rereading, you're right!

  2. I love that movie! Fabulous

    As for wieners, I can think of worse things to come back as for sure.

    Cinnaomon rolls: I had one and then it had me. I should never have eaten it. ;)

    Reread something. Send me a picture. I'll post it. LOL.


  3. Looks like a perfect day to me! :D


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