Saturday, April 2, 2011

Wanderlust 18 "Away"

Tada! Here I am. It's Saturday, it's raining, I have the last 50 pages of Stephen King's new book tempting me with its siren song. I have to take girl child to the mall for girlish things and I have to take the man to the deli so he can make delicious things and then...then I will have wine and give into that siren song. Have a great one, folks. XOXO Sommer

*photo by me


Part 18

By Sommer Marsden

This title is part of Amazon's lending library for the time being. Please visit for more details...


  1. Love it. Love it love it love it.


    I feel like Aurelia, in a way. About to embark on a new adventure :)

  2. Excellent, excellent. Loved Johnny's answer, "Always and never."

    What a great touch that Snowflake left her cell phone in the car. Bravo!

    Okay, I'm ready to embark on our adventure.

  3. thanks, ladies. what's funny is i always worry about not being able to write enough to fill a novel. But writing this live, piece by piece and forcing myself to pause...i can't help but wonder how long this is going to end up! lol

  4. P.S. Forgot to mention -- love your photos. Excellent work.


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