Saturday, April 9, 2011

Wanderlust Part 25 "a river of very unpleasant dreams"

Happy Saturday, all! I have one foot out the door to take the man to a specialty deli. As you can imagine he is yelling at me to hurry up already. Blogger has been a bugger (heh) but let's see if this works for me.

This is probably it for me until Monday since we are having overnight guests tonight. Hope your weekend is rockin'!


part 25
by Sommer Marsden

this title is currently part of's lending library. Please see for more info...


  1. Ah, he talks the hard talk alright, but I think someone's in love with someone!

  2. Was away all day and finding this waiting to read was the best end to the evening. Very sexy installment. So many undertones. See ya Monday.

  3. Like Cassie I was out all day yesterday, hanging with the teenager in the city, and I came home and found this waiting to read at the very end of my evening. And what a fine nightcap it was.


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