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Wanderlust part 30 "part predator, part savior"

Hey, all. Wow, what a busy day yesterday! Thanks for all of your congrats on Coming Together: With Sommer and Schooling. I had a lot of new blog visitors *waves* and I hope you'll come back and join us for the continuation of Wanderlust. Speaking of: and away we go...


p.s. photo credit is me and at the end I've added a video for you of one of my favorites ever. EVAH! xo


part 30

by Sommer Marsden

Ain’t no sunshine when she’s gone…

I realized I was singing along with Bill Withers when I caught Johnny looking at me.

“What?” I snorted.


“My father used to sing this song to my mother,” I recalled. Then the anger kicked me in the gut and I grunted, turning to face the neon spotted darkness as it flew by.

“What was that?”


His hand came down on my leg and he squeezed. It was like being convinced by the world’s sexiest mob enforcer. I couldn’t quite contain my laughter.

“Come on now, you want to tell me. I showed you mine, now you show me yours.” Johnny shook my leg, his grip firm but gentle.

“My what?”

“Your guts. Your soul. Your blood. All the sticky wet insides of Aurelia Blake,” he said, focusing once again on the road. A single car flew past us and I watched its tail lights wink at me, demonic eyes in the misty black.

“Nice analogy.”

He said nothing, just gave me a half nod.

“Daddy dearest used to sing that to her. He wooed her some. He hurt her lots. Once in a while he beat up on her,” I snapped.

I had it coming, Aurelia... swam up from my recent dream. I shook in the bomber jacket even though I hadn’t been cold just a moment before.

“So…” He waited.

“So, I feel this way about my mother. This song makes me think about her and how I felt about her. I feel like there’s no sunshine now that she’s gone.” There I had said it. and a huge part of me resented the shit out of him for making me do so.

“What happened?”

“Lung cancer.” I shrugged and looked away. What I wanted speed from this runaway journey was dark roads, ugly ass motels with lumpy beds and meals taken at greasy spoons. I did not want to share my feelings or engage in cut-rate therapy with Johnny Rose. And yet at every turn, we seemed to be unzipping ourselves to show off our inside and revel in our pain and rusty workings.


“Don’t say it,” I reminded him.

“Right. You’re right. I forgot.”

“It’s okay.”

“So he…beat her?”

“Oh, not a lot,” I said, nonchalantly. The bitterness in my voice could have eaten paint of his car. Had there been any to begin with. “Just when he was stressed. But—“


“But she loved him and he hardly ever did it. That’s what she said. He hardly ever did it. So she’d smoke another cigarette and pretend it was okay and call it a fucking day. My father had a lot of stress, my mother had a lot of cigarettes.”


“That, too,” I laughed. “Virginia Blake was a regular church goer.”

He shook his head and sipped from a bottle of water. I could tell he wanted a cigarette but the mention of lung cancer had stayed his hand. Probably more on my behalf than his own

“He broke her arm once,” I blurted.

He frowned.

“And yet, I’ve spent so much time chasing my father’s love. But hating him. Go figure that out.” Now I wanted a damn cigarette.

“Human nature,” he said.

“Humans are fucking stupid,” I said.

“True story.”

“Enough,” I said. “Next subject.”

“No problem, Snowflake.”

It did not escape my attention that he was more willing to let me slide than I had been to let him off the hook. I was a bitch sometimes, you know? Or maybe I just thought I could fix everyone since I couldn’t fix me.

Streetlights stained the inside of the car with blue dots and bleach splotch streaks. It was surreal being on the highway at two-something in the morning.

“I haven’t been driving around this late since college. And I was drunk as a skunk”

“Now you just smell like sex and woodsmoke and cold air.”

We had left the cabin sealed with a note from Johnny propped on the counter. I found it both totally normal and entirely odd that I had never asked a single question about his friend or the cabin.

He turned off the highway with a flick of his wrist and the obedient Chevy followed the winding exit with ease.

“Where are we going?” We’d only been on the road about ninety minutes, but since he did a good seventy mile an hour clip, we’d gone a decent distance. “Pit stop, already?”

“Yes and no.”

We pulled into a mega saving store. The blue sign and the streetlamps fashioned to look old-timey threw the huge parking lot into stark relief. Bugs bounced and dotted the undersides of the tall lights despite the temperature.

“Got a hankering for beef jerky?” I asked him. Something in my stomach rolled and sizzled with nervous energy.

“You need clothes. Now’s a good a time as any. You’ll probably have the whole damn store to yourself,” he said.

We were kissing Pennsylvania goodbye very soon. The thought of pulling into Ohio, taking a hot-hot shower and then putting on honest to god new clothes was so tempting my mouth watered a bit.

“Okay. Good. And what will you do?”

“Grab some food and hang out and wait. You’re not one of those girly-girls who needs to try in seventy-five outfits to buy two are ya?”

He turned the Chevy off and faced me.

“Nope. Not me. No giry-girls here.”

“Good girl,” he said and calmly smoothed my still bed-headed hair.

The words alone sent a tingle through my body and set off a deep and eager flexing in my cunt. I was like some well trained pet who glowed from his praise and attention. I’d have been annoyed with myself had I not been so turned on and anxious.

“Let’s go,” I managed. If I didn’t get a move on, I’d be assaulting him in the front seat.

“Lead the way.”

We passed a lone guy in a jean jacket with a backpack. He was smoking a cigarette at the entrance and watching the bugs bang against each other in the halos of light. He nodded as we passed and smiled at me. I smiled back.

“Our friend thinks you’re sexy,” Johnny said as we pushed into the store.

Fluorescent lights assaulted my eyes as an exhausted looking woman in a blue smock, tan slacks and tennis shoes welcomed me with the same excitement you’d find at a funeral home.

I gave her a finger wave and leaned into Johnny. “It’s going on three o’clock in the morning. Chances are he’s drunk or high or near sighted.”

“Are you drunk or high or near sighted?” he asked, snagging a hand basket.

“No. Well, I’m not drunk or high, the near sighted might be beginning to pose a problem. Not sure.”

Unexpectedly, he leaned in and kissed me right on the forehead.

“I like you, Really,” he said. And that right there was even more unexpected.

My throat worked at what felt like affection but also felt like a rock lodged in my windpipe. “I—”

I’m the farthest thing from a good man that you will find, Aurelia Blake…

“You go get some clothes. I’ll wait up front when I’m finished so you can find me.”


I wanted to tell him I liked him, too. I wanted to tell him he made me feel a lot of things I never had and some I’d given up on. Like safe. He made me feel safe and I had not felt safe—down in the small part of me where the true Really lived—since my mother died. I wanted to say a lot and yet it seemed I could say nothing at all.

“Go on,” he said, swatting my ass with his big hard palm.

I gave a little yelp and a little jump and he kissed me right between the eyes this time.

“I’ll be here when you’re done,” he said.

And I knew he would. That alone made me want to throw my arms around him and find a way to say all the shit that was bottled up in me. Instead I said, “If you see chocolate, I’d kill for chocolate.”

Johnny nodded and off he went. A hulking, broad shouldered man with a shorn head. An every day working man in a flannel shirt and jeans, work boots smacking the freshly waxed linoleum floors that threw the bright store lights around like fireworks. A big man who always looked like part predator, part savior.



  1. It sends shivers down my spine every time Johnny says, "Good girl." I know just what it does to her.

  2. I read the first 29 parts of this story in one sitting last night! It's wonderful from the complexity of the characters to the steamy sex of those two broken people, searching for something they can't really (or are afraid to) name. Wasn't happy about having to wait for this next part though after that! LOL

    The song though, I couldn't help but also parallel it to how her husband must feel back home. Sorry, can't help but to feel bad for him as much as I want Johnny and Snowflake together ;)

    Amazing story, Sommer! And, congrats on the new releases :)

  3. Ditto CJ!

    Sommer, I really like these sweet, relationship-building moments.


  4. The "ones" that don't want to "make you feel", are always the "ones" that make you feel most alive. I can't wait until we see more of his layers peeled away. I love them together, especially when they get worked up. They are combustable.

  5. Another great installment. Johnny is such a great character. A girl would never have to worry if he would actually be waiting for her at the front of the store.

  6. thanks all for commenting and esp for reading. it makes it so much more intense writing this knowing folks are keeping up. wow. it's nuts!

    as for what's coming up in the near future for them. muwah! [insert evil laughter here]. :)

    you all rock!

  7. Now your characters are heading up a tree, you're preparing to throw rocks at them?



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