Sunday, April 17, 2011

Wanderlust part 34 "I got a girl..."

Happy Sunday, folks. Part 34, ahoy.

p.s. gosh I want that little pendant thingy. might have to order it.

part 34

by Sommer Marsden

This title is part of amazon's lending library for the time being. Please visit for more info...


  1. Oh, Johnny. Sharing and possessive all at the same time. Will we ever get any more background story on Jonhnny? Like what kind of work he's done or more personal info? I laughed when Really could hear the comings and goings of the people outside all whilst she's getting her first anal and her laughing at the situation. Its great to watch a character hand over the riegns.
    Thanks Sommer. You rock!

  2. Was looking for today's installment and discover I missed yesterday's. What a treat. Sexy anal scene. Well done.


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