Monday, August 29, 2011

you still have time!

To write a short story to go with my strange vacation picture. :) Go here for full details (please post flash in the comments section and I will approve). August 31st (let's say midnight) is the cut off.


Sunday, August 28, 2011


Alive. But incoherent. So very tired but we fared better than a lot of our family and friends. Lots of them are still without power. Hoping for a good night's sleep tonight and then plan to deliver some nice cooked dinners to those still w/o power.

Hope you weathered Irene well if you had the misfortune to make her acquaintance.

Logical well-worded blog to come in the near future.


Friday, August 26, 2011

free end of the world...I mean

This is an oldie but a lovely. A favorite. If I'm not mistaken I also put it in my first collection LUCKY 13. But don't quote me on that.
I figured I'd give you something to read before your power goes out! LOL. Stay safe, people.

p.s. I've come back to post the WARNING that this story involves pegging. So if you are a sensitive reader who might be offended by topic, look away! look. away.

My Will
by Sommer Marsden
*originally appeared at Clean Sheets

This isn't about his will anymore. It was in the beginning. I can't help but smile as I slide on the harness and play the tail of the leather through the buckle. Can't help but chuckle as I cinch it tightly across the swell of my hips, making sure it isn't too loose at the top where my waist is smaller.

I can't help but shiver as I run my hand along my cock. That's right, my cock. Tonight I have one; I get to see what it feels like to wield the power of this tool attached to my body.

I get to feel what it is to thrust and push and rut inside him. To enter him, to slide home and ride waves of pleasure that I get to create. I know it isn't really a part of me, but the thought of what I can do with it is enough to set my nerves tingling and dancing. Make my nipples hard. Start a steamy slow emission from my cunt. It might as well be a part of me, because the pleasure has already started.

When I walk toward him, I ignore the sway of my naked breasts. They don't count in this equation. I watch his eyes drink me in. He notices my breasts and the new cock clutched in my hand, fondling it as if I can actually feel the nerve endings firing pleasure into my groin. Actually, I can. Built into the cup that cradles my mound is a nice little nub that rubs my clit each time I jack my new tool.

I smile and his eyes go wide. I'm not sure why but my guess is that this new smile of mine is a little unnerving.


"Hands and knees, Matthew." The words growl out of me before I even realize I'm going to say them. I'm stroking my cock and that nub is rubbing my own little nub and I shiver again.

He gets on his hands and knees, a position I am very familiar with. One I love. I love seeing him in it, too. The power courses through me and lights me up on the inside.

"Open your mouth."

Those big brown eyes grow bigger. The lashes stand out against his pale skin. His mouth opens, but he looks uncertain, and as I come closer, my lovely cock standing out in front of me, he clamps his lips back together.

That's fine. I can play.

I push myself forward, knees butting the bottom of the bed. His head is right there. His mouth a tight seam. His eyes uncertain. I will exercise my will. And it's fine, because deep, deep down it's really his will, too. He stood over my shoulder as I clicked all the colorful buttons on the Web site. He pointed and read and laughed right along with me. He chose the cock I now brandish. It was his choice. And now it is mine to do with what I please. Despite the fear in his eyes and the tight line of his mouth, I am giving him what he wants. Something he really wants. I know it. He knows it. He is just uncertain at the newness of it.

I have been there. I have done that.

"Come on and open that pretty mouth," I whisper and slide my hands into his dark brown hair.

My pale fingers getting lost in the chocolate color. I grab a handful, careful to not be too hard. I brush the blunt tip of my new body part against his pale pink lips and push just a little. I watch him weaken. Watch his mouth relax. I drink in the sight of his lips parting for me and my rod. I watch the realistic bulbous head disappear behind the petal pink, watch the flash of his white teeth against the flesh-colored rubber. This wasn't in the script he plotted but that's okay. I want him to know. I want him to know what it's like to open your mouth wide to a stiff erection. To suck it deep and feel it bang the back of your throat. To fight the gag reflex and yet relish the steely suede in the wet hollow of your mouth. I watch as he finds out, and I shudder as each thrust bangs my eager clit. I fuck his mouth and sigh as the little blips of pleasure grow bigger and bloom into a bud of orgasm.

Not yet. I don't want to come this way, so I ease up. I want to come while I'm fucking his ass. I want to come forcing myself into him while he lurches forward on hands and knees. I want to grip his slim hips and bite into the skin with my fingers. I want to do all the things to him that he does to me. The things that get me off. I want him to know firsthand what it's like to be fucked so hard you're scooted across the bed until your forehead hits the headboard. I ease up a little more.

He's into it now. Not just mimicking what he's seen me do. No. He is really there, my beautiful Matthew. Running his tongue over my cock, playing it along the distended veins, ringing the bulbous head with the rigid tip of his tongue. I sigh. My cock has no pleasure sensors but I feel each gentle, eager stroke all the way to my core. I watch and I let him do what he's doing. With each gulp of his mouth over the phallus it grows slicker and wetter, until it glistens in the low light with his spit.

"Turn around now, baby," I say and my breath has that jittery catch in it that I have heard so many times from my lovers. That skittery tone that says, I just can't wait a minute longer.

He turns for me, baring his ass, arching his back -- and I am in awe. So this is what it feels like to have someone open for you. To have someone welcome you into their body. To offer you the chance to penetrate the human suit they wear.

I get on my knees and inch forward on the bed, unused to, but relishing, the cock that precedes me. Eager and ever-rigid, it scoots forward ahead of me as if seeking out the dark hot recesses of his body. I want to pinch my nipples. I want to because I know the sensation will shoot straight to my cunt. It's possible I would even come right at that instant. But I don't. That's not part of this. It will have to wait.

I grab the lube that I left lying on the bed and slick my finger. I drench it.

I have no interest in hurting Matthew. He has always gone to great pains to not hurt me. I want him to like this. He wanted this and I want him to want it again. I know already that I want it again. I slide my finger into his ass. This is nothing new. Not scary. He's relaxed and it slides right in. I watch the first knuckle and then the second knuckle disappear until my hand is flush against his cheeks. I pull back a little and add a second. Repeat the process. Watch my digits disappear into the depths of him. I'm breathing hard and fast now. I had no idea. No idea what it was to watch. To see.

I recall every time he has ass-fucked me and whispered to me, "God, Stephanie, I wish you could see this. I wish you could see how fucking amazing it is."

I never understood that. Now I do. The urge to pull my fingers out and shove my new, hard cock in is nearly overwhelming. I want to see it being swallowed by his body. Want to see it fade into him like a magic trick. But I temper myself because I need to go slow. I know this and I will behave. How many times had he been patient beyond measure with me? Gentle when he wanted to be rough? Gone slow when he wanted to pound into me? Probably too many to count. I breathe in deep and work a third finger into him.

He's moaning now. Letting me probe his ass with my fingers. I hear his words slip out of my mouth. "That's it, baby. Does that feel good?"

He's in my role and he does what I always do. He nods, eyes closed, arching back against me. That sizzle of power and want and control shoots through my being and I close my eyes, too, just for a moment.

"Are you ready?" I ask, 'cause I know for damn sure that I am.

Another nod, another moan, and he pushes back against me harder. I pull my hand back and watch my finger reappear. Watch the raspberry ringlet of his asshole give up the first knuckles, the second, the fingertips. Now I'm the one that's moaning.

I grab the lube and smear my cock with it. Drench it. It's the only way to go. The least pain, the most pleasure. It's that first pinch-and-sting of entry that you must ride out and give yourself up to. I know this well, so I am generous. I use almost all the contents of the cute little bottle.

"Okay, take a deep breath and relax," I say so softly I can hardly hear myself. "You have to just relax into it, Matthew. And then it will feel good. I promise."

He nods again and his posture is just a touch more rigid than before. Nothing too bad. I push the tip of the dildo against his puckered hole. I watch him stiffen at the near intrusion.

"Relax," I remind him and I see him try.

I push, ever so slowly, taking my time. The head is almost in and he clenches up. Closes up like a night-blooming flower when the sun breaks the clouds.

"Relax," I say again and reach forward and under him. I take his hard cock in my hand and stroke him until he loosens and sags under me. Then I push forward and know I have entered him. I'm still.


I stroke his cock some more and stay right there. Just the head of me inside of him. "Shh. If we give you a moment, you'll relax all the way. And then it will be good." I stroke harder and he moans under me. I let the pleasure of my touch loosen him up.

Again, I know. I have been on his end. I have been the one receiving and I know how this all works.

I feel him go lax and I'm good. I release his cock and he groans a little. A sad little groan. I almost laugh. And then my hands are firmly on his ass cheeks and I am thrusting. Each thrust shoots a thrill across my clit and I can feel my cunt weeping and clenching restlessly.

"Stephanie," he gasps, but it's a good sound. Not pain but pleasure.

"I know, I know."

I'm chanting almost mindlessly. I start to fuck him in earnest. That hard rubber nub sending me up higher and higher as I watch, fascinated, the beautiful rod sliding in and out of his ass.

His body is gulping me in, letting me out. It's amazing and magical. And now I understand why he wishes I could see it. I understand what it's like to enter someone, to really enter them. To get lost in them and take them and give to them. I understand.

I give him a good slap on his ass cheek and he bucks under me, the sudden stinging pain only serving to enhance his pleasure. I know what this is like, as well. I stroke, stroke, stroke into him and then smack him again. He cries out and I can tell that he's close. I'm close. I'm right there, my thrusting is grinding that rubber pebble against my clit, and the reality of what I'm doing has my pussy nearly in spasms.

He's scooting forward, I'm ramming into him hard, mesmerized by the sight of the slick cock I wear plunging into his ass.

I hear him panting and see him try to balance on one hand to stroke his own hard cock. But he can't balance, so he submits to me, braced on his forearms with his head on the bed while I fuck him. The final stroke of the rubber nodule slides along my clit like a tiny hard tongue and I start to come. Faster I thrust and each thrust propels me higher, faster, spreading the fire of my orgasm under my skin. I bend low, breasts mashed against his trembling back and keep fucking him.

I grab his cock and pump. I sink my teeth into his shoulder, hard, and he lets loose under me, bucking with the intensity of pleasure mingled with pain.

His come coats my hand and drips off my fingers. I pound into him a few more times and come, again. Lost in the taking of him.

Surrendering to my will.

I am ready for this...

A nice boring fall day. Leaves and sunshine. Jeans and boots and maybe a cozy sweater. Sitting and shooting the shit with someone I love talking to. Absolutely zero brain aneurysms, emergency surgeries or storms that include marble sized hail. No breaking out in hives due to anxiety and no antibiotics due to broken toes. NO EARTHQUAKES and no (even more severe) storms that bring lightning so damn close to your home you're pretty sure you just felt your tongue catch fire. NO mystery broken glass all along my street and no leaking water main in my neighbor's yard (a neighbor too stubborn to do anything about it until he knows who has to pay). And absolutely, positutely NO HURRICANES.

Now if you will excuse me, I must bake a birthday cake, make appetizers, fill bottles with filtered water and other bottles with water for the um...restroom. And find batteries. And write a novella. Assess the candle situation. And drop girl child off at a sleep over

And we're not even getting hit as hard as some folks along the Eastern seaboard. So I am thinking good things for all of you folks who are/will have it worse than us.

Happy freaking Friday.

p.s. I had something else important to say and zip-bam-zoom! right out of my head. I'll come back and update when it comes back to me. Which should be right around the time I hit PUBLISH POST.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Good morning...I think

It might be the end of the world. Jeesh. Thunderstorms were/are insane. Dog was going insane. Then one big flash of lightning and a huge rumble of thunder (and a downed internet router) and then here come two kids. About three or more hours earlier than the norm!

So...I will power through this day and work on this novella and do all the crap on my list (that is currently missing). But it's all good.

And speaking of good, I totally missed this review of Dirty or Die. Awesome.

I’m not sure what is better in Dirty Or Die, the sexy scenes or the ghost story. But it is defiantly worth the read!

For the full review go her to SHBR.


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

well, hell...

I just realized I never did a proper coming out for Automagically. So here is the sexy cover and the blurb:

It was her sisters’ fault, really. Their idea that Evie use studly coffee slinger Caleb Mahoney for sex to get over her ex. It was supposed to be simple. Spell him into wanting her, get down and dirty with him, release all her pent-up sexual energy, and then do a simple forgetful spell. Easy magic for three sister witches. No biggie. Right?

Wrong. Every time Evie decides to come clean, well…they do it again. And again! It’s not her fault…at least, she’s pretty sure. Something niggles and itches deep in her brain every time she starts to confess.

Is it chemistry or bad magic? Has their simple bang-yourself-happy-again spell gone out of control? Is it amping up automagically? Or is it because the huge, shorn, loveable man—whoda thunk it?—is really good in bed? And the van…and the shower…and the… You get the picture.

And an excerpt can be had here.

Also, bonus! Base Nature has been pulled from the vault and re-released this week at a new lower price. Only 1.99. That, my friend, is what the call a steal!

There. I am done blogging for today now. I swear. No really...


And it is...

submitted. Fingers crossed! One 77,000+ word novel, completed, proofed, polished and sent. Ta and fucking da.

Now I'll go make dinner and then later start that novella that's been sneaking around in my head. I might only write one page but I will have started it by gum! (whatever by gum means. hunh. What does it mean? anyone know?)

Happy...what day is it? Wednesday? Happy hump day!

p.s. this is my sorta kinda mental setting for the book that just flew off to be considered. Nice, hunh?

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Out of the woods...

She is! Doing well and probably home by the weekend. Thank you all--on the blog, on Twitter, on Facebook and behind the scenes--for your good thoughts and prayers. I truly believed they helped and I sincerely appreciate it more than I can ever say.

I have been working a lot during all this waiting and worrying. So I have a book to send off soon sometime this week and a novella to finish. In other news I am taking my SIL's kids, my niece and nephew, duh...and MY two kids (do the math, that's FOUR teenagers) to get school supplies today or tomorrow. Now...everyone think good things for me! And wish me luck :)

p.s. PLEASE FEEL FREE TO POST YOUR SHORTS FOR THE BELOW CONTEST! I know some of you have them finished and I never called it off. Please post away! Don't leave me hanging. xoxo

Saturday, August 20, 2011


I have some.

Yesterday was the day from hell starting with multiple doctor's visits and an odd phone call. I was going between boy child's doc appt and mine for a broken icky infected toe. Could I be on emergency kid duty should a problem arise with niece and nephews. Sister-in-law was at the hospital.

Nutshell it: After hours and hours and hours of testing at one of the best hospitals in the world, she has an extremely rare brain aneurysm. And she got a warning sign. In her eye.

I can't even describe what that feels like to find out that one of your best friends--someone who has been your sister for the past 16 years--could die.

So, I'm taking a few days off. She's stable and we are all awaiting the return of her husband who'd been deployed. It will be a good thing for her to go into this surgery with him home. And we've been told her odds are very good.

Now, I am not religious. In fact, I have a large grudge against the God I was brought up to believe in. We don't see eye to eye, the two of us. But I do believe in energy and the power of intention and good thought. I believe, maybe foolishly or otherwise, that even total strangers can hold a positive thought for her and all of us in this family and that it can help.

Last week I was worried that my ass was too fat in vacation pictures and my eyes looked too squinty in that shot and my hair looked funny in that one. I actually cried because someone did not like my book and someone else thought it was just okay.

Like I said--perspective--I have it. My ass is fine, my eyes are fine, my hair is fine. An okay rating or even a bad one is just a fucking opinion and as my mother has said if given enough adult beverages:

Opinions are like assholes...everybody has one.

Right now all that matters in the world to me is my family. All that matters is that a wonderful, (and yes, God fearing church going) mother of three who has given the military her husband more than once and is always, always ALWAYS there to help anyone who needs okay. Heals. Lives. Stays with us for many, many more years.

So if you can spare her a thought and a whisper to whatever energy/Deity/God you believe in, I'd appreciate it.


Thursday, August 18, 2011

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Let's play a game...

It's called: Tell me a story...

I guess I'll leave this up until the end of month? Does that sound good? Here is a picture I took on vacation (click it, it gets bigger). I love this image for some reason. So your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to write me no more than 500 words on this image. Make it sweet, sexy, dirty, full-on nasty...all of the above. Whatever you want. But don't go over 500 words.

Post your content (abiding by all the standards, no underage, no chickens, no dead folks etc) and at the end we'll vote. Not genre specific. Got vamps? Fine. Historical? Fine. Contemporary...fine!

The winner gets a print copy of Gritty and something else. Not sure what the something else is just yet. Probably something local. Spice, coffee, candy...something!

Winner also will stay posted in my sidebar for a bit. So folks can come see how pretty you are.

How's that sound?

So the nutshell:

abide by the standard no-no's
no more than 500 words
post your content to me by 8/31/11
and good luck!


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Quest to make the best Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookie...

Test batch #1

Good but not what I wanted. Needs a touch of salt, less soda and Xantham gum. Not what I was shooting for but still yummy and they are disappearing (despite their coaster sized circumference) at an alarming rate! So they must be tasty!


more trip shots...

Highlights were homemade chips at The Pub and Restaurant on the square. The rooftop pool at the Gettysburg Hotel where we stayed. Finding a dedication brick with the man's grandfather's name on it. The thunderstorms that came during our auto tour of the battlefields. Boy child eating Amish-made cherry pie with a piece of Styrofoam because we had pies from the farmer's market but no plastic utensils and he couldn't wait. Finding gluten free cookies at the farmer's market on the square (good eye girl child!) and of course being disconnected from electronics and fully connected with each other for three days.

Priceless. Well worth the eleven year wait. Next year, I'm thinking cabin somewhere...


Monday, August 15, 2011

my favorite shot...

from our trip. Courtesy of girl child. The view at Little Round Top, Gettysburg, PA shot through a monument. My dad was a photographer. Looks as if both kiddos have picked up that artistic eye. We had a blast. We adjusted to being away from home (for the first time in 11 years! eesh) pretty fast, did a butt load of walking and had tons of good food. Brought back some nifty local wines from around those parts too. Yum and yum. I have more to tell, but for today I leave you with this pic.

We are having big thunderstorms and I have a chunk of work I must get done today. Hope you had a fabulous weekend. I know me and my blisters did!!


Thursday, August 11, 2011

Premature Announce-ulation

Tomorrow my pretty, sexy, funny, sexy, fun, and also sexy book Automagically comes out at Ellora's Cave. And I don't know what my schedule looks like. So I'm saying it now in case I don't get a chance to check in. Yay and woop and woohoo!

Now off to bed. I'm breaking out in anxiety hives and have just popped a Benadryl so any moment I will be----Zzz...


Monday, August 8, 2011

see you on the flip side...

I'm leaving a bit early for vacation. Meaning, though we don't leave for a few days, I'm checking out to focus and get myself a full week of down time. There's a ton going on of late and I had a moment last night were I thought I might be done. Was very close to throwing my hands up and practicing for a new career, maybe the fry girl at the local food joint.

Say it with me: "Would you like fries with that?"

So...being as this is all I ever wanted to do...that scared me. When I went to bed, I tossed and turned and finally decided that instead of quitting because I feel like a total hack, I was probably--mostly--hopefully--fingers crossed just feeling v. overwhelmed and something that shouldn't have bothered me...did. A lot.

Hence an early departure for my first getaway in over a decade. Hopefully, I'll be back raring to go and not deciding I'd rather work in Donald's Dog Salon or at the Donut Shack.

We'll see.

p.s. thank you TTFN for making me that picture. It made me smile :)

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Friday, August 5, 2011


Believe it or not, I've received not one but two signs in the last few weeks. As gifts. You know what that means? My sunroom is looking orsum (to quote Charlotte Stein).

This one was sent to me by the lovely CA beauty Alison Tyler. I think because the first blog she read penned by me was about me falling down the steps. And that was only the beginning of the fun to be had with yours truly. What do you think she's trying to say with this~~~~>

This one was given to me by the man who owns the liquor store we go to. For wine. We are regular customers. Heh. Anyhoo, once upon a time I told him I loved pinup girls and things in homage to pinup girls. Tada!~~~~>

That totally made my day. That random act of dirty kindness and remembering something I mentioned in passing roughly a year ago.

So, smokin' hot sunroom, people. I might even write out there for a bit today if it doesn't get too hot. I'm at almost 50K on this book and rocketing along toward the end...


Thursday, August 4, 2011 (I'm a bit loopy. It's been a busy day)

First...I made these. Gluten Free and made with zucchinis we grew! Just call me Ma Kettle...

New WANDERLUST book with white font. The man has given it two thumbs up (scroll down to see the original cover). The whole thing just totally pops now.

Spine is now mucho lesso in width--again, if you scroll down you'll see the monster it was. I cut the book in half (by size, not content) and you can see the spine print this time! White font is wonderful.

And the back. You can read it but it says: BUY THIS BOOK AND HELP THE AUTHOR MOVE TO MAINE! (((just kidding)))

And we found this nifty striped apple in the apple bowl. Deemed too pretty to eat, I was ordered to take a picture. I am so tired I simply obey at this point.

Over 3,500 written today. I'm shooting for 5,000 if I can sneak some more time after my shower. I love this book. Truly. I don't know why. But I hope it is as good as I think it is and I'm not just...delirious or some such.

Sommer, over and out. Off to make garlic and Parmesan GF noodles.


today brings us this image...

It was the image in my brain matter when I banged out my 2,100 words this morning. That puts me at almost 47K in this book. Today has also brought a mad dash in the kitchen to make zucchini bread (made with our homegrown zucchinis), visiting with grandmother and family I rarely see, visit to grocery store with kids, liquor store for wine (duh) where the owner gave me the most kick ass sign because I once mentioned something in passing. Picture of sign soon. Now I want to get more of this book written before I have to do dinner.'s your day going? Do tell!


Wednesday, August 3, 2011

now in print (woot!)

Wanderlust. Chopped in half (from about 777 pages). Reasonably sized print and much cheaper than that monster would have been. It's available already on Createspace HERE and coming soon to


I want to move to Maine...

I have wanted to move there since I was a wee little girl reading Winnie the Pooh. No shit. But then I got addicted to Stephen King and that sort of sealed the deal for me. I mean, I was fifteen when I decided that if I was a writer (which I'd wanted to be since my Winnie the Pooh days) and had a book published I could totally afford to move to Maine [insert hysterical knows-better-than-that-almost-40-now laughter here]. And Hey! I'd probably run into Stephen King and I could tell him my funny Pet Sematary story.

But I digress. I still want to move to Maine. A thing the man would love to give me but he says that it could never happen because there's no real work for him there. Poo. But I have decided (after being up half the night thanks to huge thunderstorm, scared dog who tried to take over bedroom after BARKING to be let in and said man snoring) in my delirium that I am still totally hell bent on making that happen.

So buy my books! Help me go to Maine! The more breadwinnerish I am, the better my odds.

Is that not the most stunning slightly-stupid-from-sleep-deprivation-and-odd-possibly-food-poisoning-stomach-thing blog you have ever heard?

But the smut goes on and I am currently in this location as we speak. [In my head, natch]

Carry on. That is all.

p.s. Remember! Buy my books! Help me move to Maine! *snort*

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

yay, i'm an exerpt, hon!

For ESP's Smile, Hon, You're In Baltimore #14. Go here to sample The One (And I Don't Mean Buffy). And check out the cover on this puppy, wouldja? If that doesn't say Charm City...I don't know what does.


Monday, August 1, 2011

our big (((fat))) day out...

I woke early and thanks to my August media diet (done with Daisy Harris and Cari Quinn to help keep our writer sanity) I was super prolific. Logging 1,800 + words between 8.30 and 10.30. That includes coffee, waking zombies...I mean minions, getting everyone situated etc.

Then we set out into the day to see what we could see. We ate at Noodles & Company (I forgot to ask for rice noodles and um...later in the day...big mistake) and then we hit Wegman's. See, Aisling Weaver has me hooked on all this fancy schmancy chocolate she sent. And by me I mean me and the beggars I live with. So we all had a mission.

Mine: to get this crew OUT OF THE HOUSE for some fun
Girl child: more bacon chocolate and possibly other kinds
Boy child: ten tons of bulk candy for a friend's birthday (and some for him too, of course...duh)
The Man: Blue Point Oysters


We found a little bit of candy as you can see...

And dick! The spotted kind (but we left that at the store, thank you very much)

Here's just some of my personal score...Gluten free s'mores anyone?

We also snagged some kind of salami, Moody Blue Cheese, Parmesan (the good stuff), Wild Planet tuna, um...wait...sushi! and gummi bears and Warheads and...I forget. The bottom line is I spent a ton of money, got in the car, turned to the man and said "What did I just buy?"

So we're having leftovers for actual dinner because we have a ton of goodies to sample as you can see.

When I came home I did 45 minutes of kettlebells as penance. (That's a lie. I just love to do it, but it makes me sound super good and saintly, don't it?)

Anyhoo, I'm off to write some more. I hope you had a super good, Monday.

Sinner...I mean Sommer