Sunday, February 12, 2012

extreme makeover take two...

So you saw my updated cover for Restless Spirit (ebook due out this week, I believe) the other day. Now one of my favorite novels ever has gotten one, too. God, I wish this one had gone to print, LOL. I'd have loved to hold it in my hot little hands. 70 odd thousand words of sex of the month, best friend drag queens and hijinx. (I love using the word hijinx).

Behold the new cover for Calendar Girl. Ta and da! I think Jeffrey would totally approve. If you don't know who Jeffrey is, you need to read the book ;)

Love it.



  1. That is totally one of my faves!! :D Love the new cover!

  2. Thank you! It was one of mine too (actually, a lot of folks have cited that one as a fave). Tons of sex, a touch of romance, hysterical bits with poignant bits with LOL bits. I just adore that book. So much that in my mind, I didn't even write it. It's just a beloved book! :)



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