Thursday, February 16, 2012

Notes on the boob tube...

I have a book currently kicking my ass and a project I'm wooing and plying with liquor. So in lieu of an actual intelligent blog, I am just going to say this:

Re: Survivor Men vs. Women.

Not impressed with the men. What a bunch of weenies! I mean, to not even finish the competition. Wee-nies. That is all I'm saying. Even being buff and shirtless can't save them, because the moment they open their mouths I roll my eyes and think [weenies!].

Re: Top Chef Season 9


Team Paul! That is all. He is just that good. And he's nice too. So what is not to like about Paul? Even when he gets super stressed or worried...he's Zen. You never see him lose his shit. And anyone who can do that is damn near a god to me. The girl who loses her shit on a regular basis.

There. I now return to my dirty book (two of them actually) and you can discuss weenies and how orsum Paul is. (Thank you Charlotte Stein for the use of orsum)

Now discuss! You. Are. Welcome.


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