Sunday, February 12, 2012

Read this book!

And then read it again. Okay, I don't know about read it again, but read the sequel. Which is what I'm about to do.

I fell ass backwards into this book and am so glad I did. I became an instant Stark groupie and have a serious hard-on (the girly kind) for Richard Kadrey's writing. I think I have a bit of a crush, to be honest. Any writer who can take a genre I don't (think) I like and make me love it and write the entire book in a way that I am completely able to visualize fucking BRILLIANT!

Not once in this book did I have to try. I did not have to try and visualize or try and understand or try and follow the plot. It was fluid and damn near perfect and yeah, I'm a little jealous. Oh, and if you are a dialogue junkie, then this books is even more of a perfect fit for you. The dialogue is pretty much audible to your internal ear as you read.

If Sandman Slim were a movie, it would be my go to sick day, rainy day, lazy day movie. It would be the kind of movie I could recite verbatim. As it goes, I guess it'll be a 'slipper book'. Which I've blogged about before. That's what I call the books that live on my shelves that I grab when I want to read a good book but my brain is not up for new and unexplored territory. They happen to be my favorite books ever and this book is going right up there with them.

Read it! Why are you just standing there? Chop chop!


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