Sunday, February 19, 2012


So I finally wrangled CJ Lemire into a 1K/1hr. We've been trying to set this puppy up for weeks. And today [angelic choir] all the stars aligned. I was in a sweet spot in the book and in rare typing form so my 1K/1Hr turned into 2607/1hr. Which bumps my WIP up to almost 21K and frees me up for editing.

I'm super stoked about my WIP because I have unusual plans for it. A bit on the oddball side. But I think it will be super. Of course, given the strange nature of this project and how I'm going to go about it, it's one of my favorite things ever. Also, I'm doing something I've never done with a character in a full length work! Jeesh! Talk about unconventional lunacy.

So while I percolate on maybe doing another 1K/1Hr later today with CJ AND Aisling Weaver (if you want to join us keep your eyes wide on twitter), I am editing a book that is due like...yesterday! I love this book. I have never written a female lead like this before, but boy howdy, I feel like I am marching uphill waist deep in molasses on this one. Probably because of the time constraints and a Beta reader is waiting on it, but Lord! It's like one of those dreams where you're running running running...but staying utterly still.


In other Sunday news, we might get some snow (Shyeah, right, I'll believe it when I see it), I'm going to let my kids skip their chores (because I feel like a rebel) and I am, currently at almost noon, still in pj pants and a FROG BROTHERS VAMPIRE HUNTERS tee courtesy of
Alison Tyler and a super thrift store score.

That is all. Have a rocking good Sunday.

p.s. pic is in honor of a character I just introduced into super selfish secret project. (


  1. Woohoo!
    I'm in jeans and my pajama top...and the jeans only made it on so I could walk Oyv's cousin ;) I'm off to trot him around the building now and then I'll be back and ready for 1K1H :D

    Happy Sunday!
    Oh! And I made tasty, scrumptious GF buttermilk biscuits! Next week? Nutella Scones :D

  2. Oh. I want that biscuit recipe! Plz :D

  3. Easy peasy, girlio ;) Google Alton Brown's southern biscuit recipe. Mine varies as such: sub gluten free all-purpose flour. Instead of lard I used all butter and start with _frozen_ butter. Now, grate(ala cheese grater) the butter into the flour mixture, stirring occasionally to keep the butter from globbing back together.
    Skip the finger bit - you've already taken care of the combining ;)
    Note - your dough will be super wet - this is ok, as you will be adding a little more flour as you do the folding step. :)
    I did 1.5 dia biscuits today - I think I need to do bigger ones next time. Also, watch the biscuits as they bake...I overbaked mine today.

    Tada! Biscuits :D Oh...I used Bob's Redmill gluten-free all-purpose :)

  4. I assume that is 1 kiloword/hour, but awesome. I love it when things are get into place. Almost like an orgasm when the words just come spewing out and land in the perfect place.

    I have a slightly higher writing speed than that, but I also have a MUCH higher error rate.

  5. A, that is what I do! I find a recipe that looks good and substitute and mess withit. :) I'll have to try that. We don't have Alton's book but I can probably snag ther recipe on Foot Network's site.

    Sorry, t'Sade. It's 1,000 words in 1 hr. I did 2,607 words in an hour (my finger dyslexia wormed in b/c I see I typed 2067. lol). It's mainly an exercise to focus with a goal in mind. I assume for most it also depends on where you are in a book and how much you have to pause to consider!


  6. Yeah, I get that a lot. The sections that are building up to a scene take forever, but as soon as the clothes come off... I'm done way too fast. Sadly, a good sex scene only lasts a few minutes... but the foreplay can take hours.

    But, still great that everything lined up for you.


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