Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Want my undying love?

Heh. Undying.

Write me a zombie story for COMING TOGETHER: HUNGRY FOR LOVE. The latest and greatest venture from Alessia Brio's brainchild Coming Together series. All sales proceeds will go to The American Diabetes Association. You get exposure and good Karma. And my undying love.

The full call page is HERE so go there for more info.

On a personal note, it wasn't long ago that, due to life long side effects of a pancreatic birth defect, my man became insulin dependent (aka Type 1 diabetes). It's been an interesting and often exhausting ride for all of us. Obviously, him especially. The learning curve for something like this later in life is amazingly difficult. But like all things in his life, he found a place where he is pretty much kicking ass and taking names and managing better than almost everyone his doctor's seen (he is a bit of an overachiever, if I do say so myself). So when asked by Alessia Brio if I wanted to do a zombie antho, I immediately said yes and ADA was my choice to benefit.

Plus, I think brains are very low in carbs ;)

So, your turn! Show me what ya got. I look forward to it.



  1. So sorry to hear about your man's medical issues, but congrats to him on taking names and kicking butt. That cannot be easy for any of you.

    Mmmmm, brainsss...

  2. Thanks, CJ. I want to say it's been about 2 years now. Long enough to mostly adjust, but it's a constant thing, there is no escape (LOL). This is the first I've announced. For a while, folks just knew health issues, but he doesn't care. It's me who's protective. But it's for a good cause, so I was encouraged to open my big mouth. ;)

    Heh. That sounds bad.


  3. Oh! And I hope to see you in my undead inbox :)


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