Friday, October 12, 2012

Big Filthy Spotlight on Alison Tyler

Alison Tyler is one of my favorite people in the whole wide world. She is also the very first naughty writer I went gaga over. The first time I read one of her stories I thought, ah, this is it. This is the stuff. Imagine my surprise when after talking to her a few times regarding the first story I ever submitted to her (It was She Looked Good in Ribbons and it was accepted for Love at First Sting) we became friends. And still are all these years later. 

So here I sit, on this gorgeous chilly but sunny Friday and say I have exclusive content. Do I know it's exclusive? no. So that just means if you find this excerpt elsewhere, don't tell me. I like to think I'm special.

Here we go, from AT's newest Spice Brief Giving In...we have wordage!

Ellis is unemployed, broke and nearly homeless—until her best friend Sasha whisks her away to a Venetian villa to stay with a family friend. But her dream of a relaxing escape is shattered when she spies Sasha being spanked and seduced by their sexy, dominant host.

Ellis quickly realizes the guests at the villa want her to join their intense erotic games, but she's never indulged such fantasies outside of her naughty stories. Now she has the chance to act them out…but does she have the courage to give in?

Filthy Excerpt from Giving In (Harlequin Spice)
            “Lou’s been waiting for you,” the man said. “He wanted me to tell you that he’ll be going here tonight.”
            He licked his finger and parted Sasha’s rear cheeks. Gently, he touched her asshole. Sasha shivered. So did I.
            Sasha was going to fuck Lou? The man looked like a bouncer outside one of the meaner New York clubs. I crossed my legs, but kept staring through the crack in the door.
            “You’re such a tease, girl. He’s been waiting since December,” the man continued, and now I watched, my mouth open, as he slowly started to push his finger into her hole. My pussy tightened I continued to stare, as the man firmly began to finger-fuck her asshole. “And you’re going to let him, aren’t you?”
            “Yes, Sir.” Her response was barely audible.
            “Because I’m a dirty little slut, Sir.”
            Shit. Sasha was a dirty little slut? My friend Sasha? This had never occurred to me before. The girl only dated the best-looking, wealthiest men on the market. She never slummed in Manhattan. Whenever we’d discussed sex over the years, I always got the feeling that she enjoyed the activity, but would prefer a few rounds of shopping at Bloomingdales.
            Now, she was bent over a man’s lap having her most intimate regions explored, and she was telling him and the polished antique hardwood floor that she was a slut? My heart couldn’t have been pounding any harder.
            “Of course,” the man said, “I’ve been waiting, too.”
            I swallowed hard. Were they both going to fuck her? Where had Sasha taken me? What world had we arrived in? And why were my panties sopping wet at the center?
            “Yes, Stefan,” said Sasha, shocking me even further. This was Stefan? I’d assumed the man was another employee, perhaps the major domo of the Villa. He was nothing like what I’d expected. He seemed young—not quite our age, perhaps ten years older. He had thick, dark hair and the type of face you see in magazine cologne ads. Chiseled.
            While I watched, he stopped touching Sasha. She moaned. I would have, too. “Ah, my girl likes to be played with, doesn’t she? It’s been too long since you last had a good hard cock up your ass, hasn’t it?” Sasha made soft mewing noises of assent. The man flipped her around, then picked her up in his arms and brought her toward the other end of the room. Now, I could no longer see them. Fuck. I wanted to watch whatever was going to happen next. But how could I? With a sigh, I turned around, coming face to face with Lou.
            I upgraded my mental status from fuck to Holy Fuck.
            He appeared completely nonchalant, undisturbed by the fact that I was spying on his boss and my friend. “Did you require something, Miss Ellis?” he asked.
            Had my thoughts been coming slowly before? They’d just hit a brick wall. No going forward. I stared at him, blinking, as if I’d forgotten how to speak. Lou took me by the hand and kindly led me down the hallway. He didn’t say word, didn’t ask me what I thought I was doing—snooping on my friend and the host. He simply escorted me back down the hallway. I wanted to turn, to look over my shoulder, but unlike Lot’s doomed wife, I found a sliver of willpower and clung to it.
            When we reached the bedroom, Lou opened the door and waited. Was he going to follow me inside? Was he going to spank me? I walked into the room. The bedside lamp gave the room a golden glow. On my bed? A new iPod with headphones and a vibrator.
            I looked toward the doorway. Lou was still standing there, smiling. I opened my mouth to say something, but he simply bowed slightly and wished me a pleasant night.
            The word must mean something else in Venice, I thought.
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Called a “Trollop with a Laptop” by East Bay Express, a “Literary Siren” by Good Vibrations, and “over caffeinated” by her favorite local barista, Alison Tyler has made being naughty a full-time job. Her sultry short stories have appeared in more than 100 anthologies including Sex for America, Liaisons, and Bedding Down. In all things important, she remains faithful to her partner of 17 years, but she still can’t choose just one perfume. Find her 24/7 at

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