Saturday, October 27, 2012

stuff, stuff! good stuff! read them all. they're all good but one is FREE :)~

Thing One: Lion Hearted will be released via Kindle next week. It's book 1 in my Divination Falls Series--my m/m paranormal series. Yay! The book will go live on Kindle next week and then show up everywhere else come January 2013. Woohoo

Thing two: This morning I turned in the Introduction and the Foreword for Coming Together: Hungry for Love. The Foreword was penned by the amazing Thomas Roche, author of many many dirty works and the author of The Panama Laugh . Who better to pen some words on zombies and sex? I am honored he said yes and it looks as if we are right on track for the Halloween release. Woohoo again!

For more about Thomas (if you've been under a rock for a good long while ;) ) visit his BLOG.

The final AND FREE thing is that Taste It is currently free on iTunes (until Nov 9th). At present, I don't have a link, but if you go to iTunes and simply search Taste It Sommer Marsden, you should be golden. Very exciting stuff to be all free and easy on iTunes. So go grab your copy today.

That's it! Happy weekend everyone. I have some horror movies to go watch :) Boo!


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