Wednesday, January 2, 2013

All is quiet on New Year's Day...

And it was. This is a shot of Harford Road. It is one of the main veins of transport in Baltimore. From sun up to sun down it's usually packed, mobbed and damn near insane. This shot was taken on my walk yesterday at 11.47 a.m. That's almost lunchtime. Usually, its a zoo.

It's just surreal, if you happen to live here, to see that. But to me it's a glimpse at the coming year. A big empty expanse to be filled. A route for good and amazing things to travel to us. It's potential!

That being said, I also get to yay that 2013 starts with a nice review of Alison Tyler's upcoming The Big Book of Bondage and a nod to my story "Butter the Bird". I had great fun writing that story and the kind words from Katheel Bradean of Erotica Revealed warmed my heart. I know...gushy right!? But true.

It's a very good way to start the year full of potential.

Read the review here. You can grab your own copy of The Big Book of Bondage on Kindle now or if you're patient, you can get the print in the next few weeks. Huzzah!


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