Tuesday, January 15, 2013

"Another first for me by Sommer Marsden..."

Romance Book Junkies

An awesome four heart review of Lion Hearted is up at Romance Book Junkies. Reviewer Ava is a voracious reader and a treasure to the erotica community. If I read the way she does, I'd never do anything else! And yet, she is a busy bee and does all kinds of other stuff too. I think she might be magical. I'm not sure, but her review sure is magical...at least to me! ;)

Another first for me by Sommer Marsden (yes, I’ve had many first experiences with her works) and loved each and every one of them! This one is no different. The way it is a first for me is because it’s my first M/M paranormal read, ever! Oh my what a read it is! Hot, sweaty, sexy, exciting, thrilling and emotional all in one. A definite MUST read for those that enjoy M/M paranormal erotic romance.
See the whole shebang HERE.


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