Sunday, January 6, 2013

"Big Bad is just another example of why my Kindle will be burning up during these cold winter months..."

I'm so thrilled that my beloved Big Bad has gotten such a stellar review more than a year after its release. This book is stuffed full of characters I absolutely adore. Leanna at Two Lips Reviews had a lot of nice things to say about my book but I must admit my fave was:

She has the ability to take characters that at first glance might be the sort you’ll roll your eyes over, and using those same flaws, command your love and sometimes grudging respect.  

You knew I'd have one right? ;) I always do that. And that is definitely a thing to appreciate someone saying about your writing! I'll heat up her Kindle any time.

I have to cop to a deep abiding love for Ellis Bach. Some folks wrote to me of their love for Tyler. Tyler gets more story in book two Long Lost. And a lot of folks seem to love Peabody. So...if I ever dip my toe back into the story of Ruby and Ellis, I might have to give that big Scotsman a shot at lady love.


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