Sunday, January 27, 2013

Coveting 101

I must be growing up some because I rarely covet things 'hard' anymore. If I see something I like, it's usually cheap. What can I say? I'm  cheap date. LOL. So then the question becomes to buy it or not to buy it (that is obviously the question). Sometimes, I do. Sometimes, I don't. Depends on the money flowing into our little home and/or my willpower at any given moment in time.

But sometimes I see something that I truly covet. And it's usually by accident. Like this *gasp* necklace:

I think I've mentioned before in a blog that I have a thing about birches. My favorite frost poem is Birches. I had a love affair with a birch tree growing (a virginal one, I simply sat in it to read) and there's just something about them.

Anyway, this rambling blog is to serve no purpose other than to say look at the pretty and okay! I'll cop to it, it's inspired a story idea in me. There's something offbeat romantic about those trees. I guess that's why I love them. I've never been 'on beat', heh, offbeat is always the way I roll.

Happy Sunday. And if you want, tell me what *you're* coveting right now. Coveters unite!

More about the necklace and her other amazeballs jewelry HERE.

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