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Everything's coming up freebie...

Right now and I'm not sure for how much longer, Open is free! Five filthy bisexual erotic stories for nada! Zip. Zilch! Just click the image to go grab a copy.

And speaking of free, I've spend the morning mailing out freebie codes for Lion Hearted to readers at Cup O' Porn. There's only a few left, if you want one, hurry and check it out.

That being said, I'm going to go and clean my kitchen. I made some muffins this morning as a reward for finishing up my recent novella (yay! wolf whistle! happy dance!). Did you know that cinnamon chips existed? I did not until I saw them the other night on Chopped. Then I had to find them, order them ( one of my favorite places had them) and bake up some yummy muffins. And now it looks like the Pillsbury dough boy blew up in my kitchen, but damn...behold!

Happy Hump Day! Celebrate with some free stuff. And a muffin...


Sunday, February 24, 2013

17 years and counting...

So 17 years ago today, I said "I do" to the man. He was nice enough to say it back. It was frigid and windy and we drove to the church from our apartment in his Hyundai. It was a very low key wedding in case you were wondering. I wore a burgundy velvet and satin "gown" (it was really just a long dress) and lace up leather granny sort of boots (very Steampunk, I now realize). He wore a suit and a porn mustache!! (that he later shaved. I wanted him to shave it before but of course he waited until 2 weeks after the wedding). I could not drink at the wedding because we'd discovered two weeks prior that I was going to have our first child. Since the bar we met at 'donated' a keg to our festivities, the man and the family diligently made sure to finish it off without me ;)

As for meeting...18 years ago today, he said hi to me. I was nice enough to say it back ;) We were pretty much inseparable after that moment.

I know you're reading this, "man". So I'll say it right to you. I love you. And like I said last night during our super interesting dinner out, we've done pretty good for ourselves. Two great kids, a great life. Not always easy but where's the fun in that, right? I think it's the harder times that made us as strong as we are.

Anyway, people, enough slobbering and eye-wiping. Picture was chosen because it makes me happy. Apparently it was taken in 2008 and they were married 12 years then. Which means they are pretty much in line with us. Which is neat.

Have a stunning Sunday, everyone. I will.


Picture Info: photo credit: The Hadfields via photopin cc

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Have a taste...

So I am giddily going over final edits for book 2 of the Divination Falls Trilogy "Beast in Me". I say giddily because I forgot how my I love these characters. So much so I want to feed you a little nibble of what's to come.
Kiss-in (11) - 12Dec09, Paris (France)

from Beast in Me by Sommer Marsden
Coming...SOON! from Xcite Books
NSFW  M/M paranormal erotic fiction

Inch by inch, Trace entered until Cam was panting, moving and shifting just a bit even though he was trying not to. ‘Easy,’ Trace said, kissing his shoulder.
When he was in fully, Trace put his hand over Cam’s chest and started to count. ‘One … Two … Three …’
‘What are you counting?’
‘Heartbeats,’ the wolf said.
‘Why?’ Cameron was aching for his lover to move. Dying for there to be friction and fucking.
‘Shh. Eight … Nine … Ten …’
Then he began moving. ‘I wanted you to be calm. I wanted you to enjoy it.’
‘I am!’ Cameron laughed wildly.
‘I wanted you to enjoy it more.’
‘Oh.’ And it was a bit more. His whole body had waited, pausing as his heartbeats were tallied. So when Trace began to move in earnest, moving deep and hard, it was good. Better. The best.
‘They’re coming,’ Trace whispered. ‘They’re out in the parking lot.’ His movements accelerated, his fingers on Cam’s skin were more aggressive.
They moved together, a moan breaking free of Cam as Trace’s movements became more intense, more chaotic.
‘Good morning, Cameron,’ Trace grunted, driving in deep once more. ‘A man could get used to waking this way,’ he rasped, then he was coming. His teeth scraping Cam’s skin.

Behind and interested in book 1? Lion Hearted can be found HERE and at most other ebook vendors! :)

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Guest Blogger: Justine Elyot

One of my favorite erotic authors evah! I'm so happy she's here to share a nibble of her brand new erotic book from Mischief. Sit back and partake. You can thank me later. ;)

Happy Friday!


Is it a punishment if you enjoy it?

Yay, I'm at Sommer's place! One of my favourites and I'm very happy to be here today. Thanks, Sommer!

The new novella I'm here to talk about is called Confessions of a Kinky Wife and its theme is the fascinating and strangely complicated practice of Domestic Discipline. In my researches, I've come across all kinds of variants of the basic one-partner-spanks-the-other dynamic, all with their own adherents. Petticoat discipline. Christian Domestic Discipline. Taken In Hand. All different, but all with the same basic underlying principle that one half of the couple assumes an authoritarian role to which the other must submit.

It gives rise to some interesting questions. First of all, both partners must want to do it. Second of all, if both partners want to do it, then they must – on some level – enjoy it. And if they enjoy it, is it really punishment? Does it actually work as a form of behaviour modification or is it really just a way for repressed kinky folk to get their kicks?

I don't know the answer to any of these – I suppose it's different for different people. But my characters, Philippa and Dan, decide to give it a try and put their own spin on the its precepts.

Here's the blurb:

Is it possible to be a confident twenty-first century woman and submit to your lover?
It's difficult, as a modern woman, to admit that you want your lover to punish you. Not just a fun spanking in the bedroom – real punishment.

Philippa knows what she wants. She wants her police officer husband to take her in hand.
But how do you ask your lover to hurt you? And, if they're willing, how do you make sure that being taken in hand doesn't get out of hand?

Philippa and Dan explore the secret world of Domestic Discipline. Perhaps it will suit them, perhaps it won't. But they mean to find out, one way or the other.

It's available now, published by Mischief Books.

If you want to come and see what else I've got to offer, visit me at my website:

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Guest blog (with recipe!!): Victoria Blisse

Good morning, people! I'm still sort of doped so what better thing to do than have a guest blogger, right? :) And Victoria Blisse is one of my favorite people in erotica so...bonus! And she brought us a snippet of her sexy new book and...a recipe. Super double triple word score bonus!

Here we go. I have more coffee to consume. Have a great day.

Magic Chocolate sauce.

Although Vanilla with Extra Nuts isn’t really about Ice Cream, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to share a quick recipe for an ice cream topping that I know you’re going to love because it’s magic. It turns into a semi-hard shell when it hits your cold creamy treat.

And it’s so simple you can knock up a batch in no time.

Pan or microwave
Heatproof bowl
200g chocolate (milk or dark or a mix, whatever you want!)
1 tablespoon vegetable oil

Break up your chocolate into small pieces and put in a bowl. Now you can heat it in the microwave (in 30 second increments, be careful not to overheat) or place bowl over pan of boiling water (carefully, make sure the water doesn’t touch the base of bowl) and turn the heat completely off. Leave chocolate, stirring gently every few minutes (no more) until it melts. Add in the tablespoon of oil. I used vegetable oil but have heard coconut oil works too.

And ta-da! Your sauce is done. Pour over ice cream, leave for a minute then crack into the cocolatey shell and enjoy. Place any leftover sauce into a jar and keep it in the fridge. Just re-heat in microwave/ jug of warm water when you want to use it.

Mmm, yummy!
A New Release from Victoria Blisse.

Vanilla with Extra Nuts is a ménage story, featuring two hot guys and one shy and sexy vanilla girl. Here’s the blurb:

 She’s just a vanilla girl until she finds her perfect toppings.

Megan is slowly falling in love with Adam until he confesses he’s seeing a guy behind her back. She thinks the relationship has been ruined until the night she indulges in a threesome with the man she loves and Simon, his lover.

As much as she enjoys being sandwiched between the two men she’s not sure the arrangement can last. So Megan has to decide.

Can she come to terms with sharing the man she adores with his male lover or will she have to say goodbye to her soulmate forever?

Pick up your copy from

All Romance Ebooks


 “It’s all a bit...quick.” I’d hoped we’d have a few days just like we had been, just a couple before we’d have to face the Simon thing. I was wishing I’d kept my big mouth shut as he tapped numbers into his mobile phone. My stomach churned.

“Hey, Simon.” He smiled. I hope he smiled like that when he heard my voice. “Yeah, it was her. I know. She’s here now in my room. Want to come ‘round?” When I realized what he was asking, I shot up in bed and shook my head and arms emphatically. “Yeah, all right. See you in ten minutes, bye.”

“Ten minutes?” I shrieked. “What are you playing at? I’m not even halfway decent and I don’t know what to say and I need to think and, well, and and—”

“Hush, its best this way.” Adam slipped back into bed with me. “He’ll be over soon and we’ll get it all sorted out. He’s so eager to officially meet you I’m sure you’ll get on fine.”

He kissed me and pulled me back down under the bedclothes. I was still panicking deep inside, but as his lips pressed harder against mine and his hands smoothed down my curves, I began to calm down a little. He kissed down the side of my neck and I groaned. I loved to be kissed just there. It made me feel so deliciously vulnerable.

“That’s good,” I gasped, “but I’m a little scared still, Adam. I’m not sure I’m mature enough to handle this. I don’t know if I can share you, I don’t know.”

“Hush, darling.” He punctuated his words with gentle kisses. “It’s going to be okay, I know it.” His mouth wrapped round my left nipple and sucked and for a moment all thought left my mind as I enjoyed the erotic tug of his lips and the soft nip of his teeth. He cupped the other breast and I just revelled in his adoration. It felt so good to have Adam back and with a stinging jolt to my heart I realized how hard it would be to let him go again.

“I can’t let you go again,” I gave voice to my thoughts, I needed him to know a little of the tumult of emotion inside of me,

“You’re not going to have to, sweetheart. Don’t worry.” He moved back to my lips and kissed me so thoroughly I thought I might orgasm simply from his heated caress. He really knew how to kiss.

Just then there was a knock at the door.

“Fuck!” I jumped and scrambled for the blankets to cover myself. Adam just smiled and shouted, “Come in, Simon.”

Before I could protest, Simon was in the room and shutting the door behind him. He seemed even bigger now than I remembered him and I felt threatened by his presence.

“Oh, hey, I see you’ve started without me. Give me a moment and I’ll catch up.”

I was as stunned as he threw off his black jacket and undid his tie that I didn’t say a word until he had his crisp white shirt unbuttoned to the navel.

“Wait, stop, what are you doing?”

“Undressing,” he replied as he finished the last button and I was treated to the sight of his hard chest as he pushed the white material off his shoulders. For a moment all I could think about was tracing my hands over his body.

“But, I mean, well, don’t we have to talk first?”

Simon looked at Adam and they both shrugged in unison.

“I think actions are louder than words,” Adam said and kissed the nape of my neck. “We can talk later.”

I looked at Adam and scrunched my brows so he would know I was pissed off. He just kissed me in the middle of my forehead, then whispered in my ear, “Trust me, darling, it’s going to work out all right, just trust me.”

When I looked up again, Simon was naked. I gulped as I let my eyes trace the length and breadth of his delicious, hard body. There was no doubting I wanted to taste him and feel his body against mine. I looked up into his dark brown eyes and he smiled, willing me to be okay with this. I could see he was nervous too, despite his striptease bravado. I smiled back then and thought, “What the hell?” If we couldn’t work things out after we fucked, well, at least I would have the memories of a fantasy come true to keep me warm at night.

“Are you sure you’re okay with this?” he asked as he walked over to my side of the bed. “I’ll go if you don’t want me here.” Part of me wanted him to go, but it really was a tiny fraction of the whole. My body was desperate to feel his bulk pressed against my soft, giving curves.

“I’m okay, I want this,” I said, then followed it up quickly with, “I think I do anyway.”

“That’s good enough for me,” he said and leaned in to kiss me. You know as well as I do that everyone kisses in a different way. Adam is a very smooth, very subtle kisser. He starts off slowly and builds up to a crescendo. Simon is not like that at all. His kisses are aggressive and hungry and leave you gasping for breath after only a matter of seconds.

I noticed, once I had become accustomed to Simon’s kissing, that Adam’s lips were on my neck again. I don’t think I can find the right words to convey to you the sheer excitement that two pairs of lips on your body brings. A kiss is a thrill but two kisses at the same time from two different people is pure ecstasy. I closed my eyes and the two pairs of lips began to roam. I could tell who was kissing where, but after a while I just didn’t care.

“I knew you’d love this,” Adam whispered as he took a break from kissing. I could feel his long, lithe body pressed against my right side and his hand rested on my stomach. Simon was kissing still, down over my breasts, I marvelled at how easily I accepted his sexual advances. “I knew there was a sweet little slut inside you, longing for this.” Adam slipped his hand down my stomach to the juncture of my thighs. They were closed together, sandwiched between two hot men, so Adam lifted his leg and hooked it over the top of mine essentially holding me open so his fingers could slide inside me.
About the Author:
Victoria Blisse is a Mother, Wife, Christian, Manchester United Fan and Award Winning Erotica Authoress. She is also the editor of several Bigger Briefs collections, and the co-editor of the fabulous Smut Alfresco and Smut in the City and Smut by the Sea Anthologies.

Victoria is also one of the brains behind the fabulous Smut by the Sea Event taking place at Scarborough Library (UK) on the 22nd June 2013. A day dedicated to Erotica with a mini erotic marketplace and lots of Author Readings, Fun Giveaways and Exciting Talks.

She is equally at home behind a laptop or a cooker (She is TEB's Resident "Naked Chef") and she loves to create stories, poems, cakes and biscuits that make people happy. She was born near Manchester, England and her northern English quirkiness shows through in all of her stories.

Passion, love and laughter fill her works, just as they fill her busy life.

You can find often find Victoria procrastinating on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

"and then the sex comes up and delivers the creamy payoff, and we are onto the next clue and location..."

Kiss-in (17) - 12Dec09, Paris (France)

A review of Lion Hearted from E-Read Erotica! This is one of those reviews that used to stun me and kind of confuse me and inevitably I'd get upset because it left me confuzzled. And now I'm very much amused by them. And I mean that sincerely. It's a "I really liked this book!"..."now let me tell you everything I thought was wrong with it" kind of review. Despite the fact that I can't really tell for sure if she liked Lion Hearted or not, despite her assuring the reader she did repeatedly, I found the review amusing and it really tickled me. So I'm posting it.

I really do think she liked it, despite all the picked over points. I really do!...mostly. I think. ;)

As always, I am so glad people take time to read and review me, even if you did not totally adore my book I'm supremely grateful you read it and thought enough of it to put your opinions down on the subject. I'm going to go out of my way to see if I can get the next book in the Divination Falls series (Beast in Me, due imminently!) to this reviewer. I really want to see what she thinks of it!!

A non-p.s. p.s. I am on drugs. Any typos, boo-boos, or general stupidity you see on my blog for the next few days...forgive it! I had surgery Monday (minor, I'm healing nicely) but wheeeee! Percocet ;)


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Snippet Sunday: some words from Under My Skin

A snippet from Under My Skin! :)

The blurb to give a general idea of the book:

House bought for a steal online when it turns out there’s a damn good reason—check.
Malicious ghost with a body count to his name—check.
Sad, lingering female spirit pining for her still living (but currently dying) fiancé—check.
What’s a widowed medium to do when a departed soul asks to ride piggy back in her body?
To share her space and get under her skin? Juliet Bale does the only thing she can do—with her twin sister’s good counsel—she lets Lanie share her body to help her dying beloved Elijah cross over. The problem is that with all the reuniting, and sharing one body, things get seriously intimate and Juliet can’t help but see exactly why Elijah Rivers was so beloved.
It’s so wrong to sorta kinda fall for a dying man, and yet—check.
And now the snippet:

I felt her again. His fiancée. Her energy sidled up to mine, wrapped around me, invaded my heart.

“You look familiar,” he said.

Uh-oh. I was picking up some of her physical characteristics from letting her energy entwine with mine. But for some reason, I felt she needed this, and I didn’t try to stop her. So it was very much the dead Lanie who stood on my tippy toes and planted a gentle but fervent kiss on his full lips. His shock was brief, his embarrassment evident as we said our goodbyes. He spared me another glance as he got in his truck. Still blushing.

For more snippets go HERE.

Cassidy Kingston: Magical Misfire Promo

Good morning! We have a guest today on UF. Cassidy Kingston has sent some info about her new release here for us to sample.

So sample away, folks! Have a great Sunday :)



Magical Misfire: Mortals for Magic Book 1 releases on Feb 15, 2013 with Torrid books. It is the first in a series that will follow the employees at the Mortals for Magic law firm.

Kayla Bradley is a witch and she has a problem. She is so attracted to her boss, Ryan Cooper, that she can not control her magic when she is around him. Kayla tries to stay away from him, but her best friend Samantha thinks the only way she can cure her problem is to sleep with Cooper.

Ryan Cooper is a lawyer that helps magical people who have been discriminated against. After many disastrous encounters with Kayla, Cooper contacts his sister who tells him that witches sometimes misfire when sexually attracted to someone. Cooper takes matters into his own hands and seduces Kayla in his office after work one day. Will Kayla fall for his seduction?


“Kayla, you have to come out.”
“No! I may never come out again.”
“We have to be back in the meeting in five, come on. It wasn’t that bad. I’m sure they didn’t even notice,” Samantha said then quickly covered her mouth to muffle the giggle she let slip out.
“Sam, are you laughing at my humiliation? You’re supposed to be my best friend. I’m sure they all noticed, I mean, I set his tie on fire!”
“Well, it’s funny. Come out I’m tired of talking to the bathroom stall door. Stop acting like a kid.”
Kayla slowly opened the stall door and walked out; her cheeks were still blazing red with embarrassment.
“Kayla, why are you still having misfires? We’ve had our full powers for five years now. You should’ve out grown those years ago.”
“I know; it just seems that every time I’m around Cooper, I get all nervous and things just happen.”
“Ohmigawd! You like him! You’re getting all hot and worked up for him and that’s what’s causing the misfires.”
“Maybe, I mean yeah I’m very attracted to him, way more than I’ve ever been attracted to anyone ever!”
“How long has it been, ya know, since you were with a man? Maybe that is what’s wrong; you have all this pent up energy and it needs to be released…by Cooper.”
“Umm not too long, well maybe a little while.”
“How long Kayla?”
“Two and a half years.”
“Wow! I would die”
“Samantha, stop being so overdramatic. You know that when Brad cheated on me it hurt me badly and I just haven’t been able to get close to another guy ever since.”
“Well if that’s what’s causing you to misfire, you need to get laid before you do some serious harm to the poor guy,” Sam said with a giggle. “You don’t have to jump into a relationship, just the sack. Now come on, we have to get back in the meeting.”
* * * *
The two women walked into the large conference room and sat at the end of the large table. On one side were two older witches and their lawyer. On the other side was Ryan Cooper, head litigator for the “Mortals For Magic” non profit. He specialized in witches and warlocks who had been treated unfairly only because of their magical abilities. Since the magical world let itself be known to the mortal world, there had been a backlash and a new type of discrimination had formed.
Cooper was the mortal son of a magical mother, so he was perfect to run the company even though his mother had long ago shunned her abilities in favor of a rich husband and privileged lifestyle. He was tall, with a dark complexion and short well kept dark blond hair and looked every bit the part of a lawyer. He knew the laws and understood that the magical people were like regular people, just with a little magic.
Cooper sat across from the two older witches, with the top two buttons on his shirt undone and his tie long gone; his collar showing only slight singe marks. He grinned his million dollar smile at the two older witches.
“Ladies, I am honored to give you this check that was sent to us today as severance from your job. The company would like to apologize for the misunderstanding. They are thankful for your years of service and wish you both the best in future endeavors.”
The older of the two ladies took the check, looked it over and said, “Well I’m still pissed they fired us just because we came out about our powers. We worked there twenty-five years. But to tell you the truth, I was getting tired of those idiots. And I’m sure this check will be enough for us to live on for the rest of out lives. Come on Louise, let’s hit the mall.”
The two older ladies stood up and almost sprinted out of the room. Cooper shook hands with their lawyer and walked him to the door then turned to face Sam and Kayla.
“Well that went well, all things considered.”
“Cooper I am so sorry, I guess I must be getting sick. I can pay for your tie and dry cleaning on your jacket.”
“No need to worry Kayla, my sister did worse when she was getting her powers. But she was much younger. I guess you should take the rest of the day off and go see if you can figure out what is causing the misfires. Sam if you could give us a moment alone I need to talk to Kayla.”
“Sure,” Sam said as she turned and walked out of the room, looking back over her shoulder giving Kayla a quick wink when she thought Cooper couldn’t see her.
Cooper walked over and placed a hand on Kayla’s shoulder, looking down at her with his crystal clear green eyes, “Are you sure you’re okay?”
“Yeah Cooper, I’m okay.”
“We can’t have our best magical investigator sick; go take care of your self.”
As soon as he walked out the door a silver stream shot from her finger and caused a small clap of thunder and a rain cloud appeared over the table.
Sam rounded the corner and stood at the door, looking up at the rain cloud.
“Oh lord Kayla, go get laid,” she said as she quickly zapped the raincloud away.

Cassidy Kingston : @CassidyKingston

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As many of you know that is my trumpet noise. Fierce, innit? Trumpet noises only come out for big news, and I think this is super big news. It took a few days to sink in, actually.

Turns out my lovely publisher Xcite has sold the rights to my book Restless Spirit to Sourcebooks. So I will be part of a US, even though I already live here. I guess I am the invader on the inside.

My book and some other wonderful Xcite books will be coming in print to the US.

How's that or nifty news? Look for me at a bookstore near you come December. *flails* *dies*.


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I ♥ Alison Tyler, I ♥ Violet Blue!

And you will too. Alison Tyler's fiercely hot story "The Pick-Up Artist" from my book Gritty: Rough Erotic Fiction is up right now on Violet Blue's website Tiny Nibbles. Totally free. Whole story. In all its glorious hotness. Just for you.

So go check it out. Make sure to leave a thank you kiss on your way out.


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Happy Valentine's Day! Something free and...

Sexy for your ears! I am so very excited that Rose Caraway's reading me. I've been listening to her Kiss Me Quick podcasts lately and man she is talented. So I'm blushing a pretty Valentine's Day red to hear her reading my words.

This story Laugh is from Rachel Kramer Bussel's Gotta Have It which Rose just read for Audible.

To get your MP3 copy of Laugh by right clicking the link below, and selecting "save link as".

When you're done listening, be sure to friend Rose on Facebook and check out her other amazing podcasts. Your ears (and some other bits) will thank you!


Tuesday, February 12, 2013

"That being said, there was a lot of sex..."

I know I've posted here lately (and even way back) about trying to avoid reading reviews if I can. I figure if I need to see them I'll either stumble over them or folks will pass them along to me. People are awesome that way, they tend to pass on good news they see. Sometimes I do manage to do to the first, usually looking for a link or fiddling around in my Amazon page.

The other day I I stumbled over a new review for Lion Hearted on Amazon. It was short and sweet and the ending line made me laugh out loud: "That being said, there was a lot of sex."

Fat TuesdayThe whole thing (and some other nice reviews) can be found on the book's page on Amazon.

Happy Fat Tuesday, chère! I'm going to try my hand at a gluten free King Cake today if I have the time. Cross your fingers for me.


Saturday, February 9, 2013

I parted my lips so he could taste my tongue...

Did you miss me? I've sure missed you. I'll blog more about the last week of being away in the next day or so, but in the meantime...

Happy Valentine's Day! (almost ;) ) I can't imagine V day without V as in Victoria Blisse. And as usual, she has a big shindig going on to celebrate. Below is my Blisse Kiss Chase entry. A lovely, slightly taboo kiss from my book Wanderlust. For some reason when a person mentions kissing to me, my mind always goes to Johnny Rose. It's possibly wrong to be so hung up on someone who only exists in your head but, well, it is what it is... ;)



From Wanderlust
by Sommer Marsden

My throat, the part that still remained open, felt tight. I curled my fingers over him again, feeling his cock respond. He looked angry. Begrudging me the power I had over him and his body. Mine was great as his at this moment in time, despite the tableau you might see should you look at us.

He tightened his grip on my neck a little and I smiled. “Go on. Do it,” I said again. “This is the knife edge for you, Johnny. Do you want to run your fingers over it?”

He was in a position to hurt someone again. He might not love me, but he cared about me, that much I knew. This was where he saw what I saw—a good fucking man. A tainted, broken, fractured man who hid from the darkness in his past. But a good man all the same.
I rubbed him with the tip of my fingers and sucked in a thin sip of air. He kept his fingers curled around my neck but leaned in to kiss me.

“Yes,” I said against his lips and he grunted.

I parted my lips so he could taste my tongue. I took each slippery thrust as he kissed me. His hands stayed, pinning me there, while he worked his buckle and his fly one handed. “Push them down,” he said, meaning my pants.

I tried, both hands were free, but my fingers tingled from lack of air and fear. I had just enough air to be safe, but enough was restricted that I could feel the surreal floaty feeling of disconnect. He opened his palm for a moment, pushed with me and my jeans puddle around my ankles. Sweeping my panties down, he knifed his hand up the inside of my thigh, pausing just enough to test me. To see if I was wet. It was a perfunctory, clinical prod and it turned me on. He was too intent to finesse me and I liked that.

The hand was back, the great sweet gusts of air gone and his mouth returned to bear down on mine. “Open your legs, Aurelia.”