Wednesday, March 20, 2013

20 Questions with Aisling Weaver: "Bring on hermithood!"

Good morning, good morning. This week's 20 questions is with Aisling Weaver. Now [spoiler] she says down below that she likes white wine but I happen to know for a fact she's capable of making red wine that will make you forget your name. Quite a talent!


1.       Favorite YA book?
YA? Oy. Well, mine would be from before YA was actually a genre. A book that is generally found in every library for children but that has some simply beautiful writing and grave topics in it. The Black Stallion.

2.       It’s a meatless meal night. You eat…
Hmm.  well, let's see here.

I put some music on and dance in the kitchen while I saute up some chopped onions and minced garlic. Pop open a nice bottle of white wine, let it breathe but share the first half cup with Dionysus and a cup or two of that arborio rice I add to the pan. Switch up the music to something that allows for dancing in place while I stir in yummy broth until that rice is alllll creamy and smooth. Now it's time to add in some grated pecorino romano and stir in up until my mouth is watering and my sweetheart is sneaking in to dance with me and steal spoonfuls of risotto over my shoulder.

Now while I'm stirring and dancing there's more than enough time halve Brussels sprouts, saute 'em up in butter then glaze those bright green gems with just a bit of honey. And, if I'm really hungry and I thought ahead I'll have slid a few sweet potatoes into the oven. Now's the time to slide those papery-skinned babies out of the oven, squeeze them onto our plates, fork-tine them flat and butter them too.  Mmm.  Yummy. Is it dinner time?

3.       Football or baseball?
Football. Though I'd rather hockey, or even better hurling, curling, or archery ;)

4.       Look at your bookshelf. Top shelf, left to right, what are the first five books you see? No cheating!
ARGH! I don't have one right now! I'm between residences(literally living between two residences). On my kindle the first few titles are The Artist's Way and the entire Game of Thrones Series that I'm currently not allowing myself to read.

5.       Average night. Eat in, eat out, or takeout?
Ummm....Leftovers. Which could be from eating in, eating out, or takeout. ;)

6.       Favorite meal to cook?
Breakfast. Or rather, paleo-hash - pineapple-bacon chicken sausage, onions, sweet potatoes, summer squash and zucchini.  Yum! Damn. Now I know what I'm making for lunch.

7.       Favorite TV show when you were a kid?
Looney Tunes!! Bring on the anvils, the ACME boxes, the running out into thin air! Ahhh....the soundtrack of my childhood. I spent Saturday mornings watching Looney Tunes before I went out and wrought havoc on the world.

8.       Favorite TV show now?
Game of Thrones. I've become one of those people that doesn't have I watch things when they hit netflix. I like not being ruled by the networks' airing schedules and just watching things when I'm inclined. It also means I'm desperately out of touch with "popular" references. Ah well, I always was the eccentric. Bring on hermithood!

9.       Best teacher you ever had…
Hm. I was going to say Mrs. Pfaff-Pratt, my high school art teacher who bent rules to make sure I took art when I did what I thought I should do instead of what I wanted.

 Then I though Mr. Monroe, my high school math teacher, who nurtured an enjoyment of math and recognized my ability to not only excel but carry other students along with me.

But I think I'll have to say Mr. Cook, my ninth grade English teacher. It wasn't so much what he did in ninth grade that was important, but that he offered up his office as an oasis of quiet and safety to myself and many other creatives that felt they didn't belong anywhere else in the school. Even much later(almost ten years after I graduated) when I sent him twenty thousand words of a novel his response was gentle, kind, and went straight to the heart. "You've got a great story going here, but why are you sidestepping the intimacy between your main characters?"

Cue my first foray into erotic writing. ;)

10.   What did they teach you?
Oops....I think I may have answered that already. I think all three of them taught me to allow myself to do what I enjoy, and what I'm good at. Of course, it's taking about twenty years for me to come back around to those lessons, but at least they're there for me to rediscover!

11.   Tell us something you did as a kid that no one/very few people know about.
I stole money from my stepfather when I was seventeen. Almost a hundred dollars, if I remember correctly. It wasn't exactly on purpose...he has this coffee can of change...I'd just take four quarters here and there...but it all adds up, and I didn't realize he counted it regularly. I paid it back working it off for him and at my summer job. It took me a while and I felt terrible about it.

12.   Tell us something you did this year that no one/very few people know about.
I started a business with my partner :)

13.   What one clothing item can you not live without?
Jeans.  A comfy pair of jeans.

14.   Zombies, vampires or werewolves?
Weres. Rawr. Of course, my preference is for a different species of were....;)

15.   Anything you haven’t written about that you desperately want to?
A lesbian romance novel. The one that I searched for when I came out, that just leaves you believing that the sort of warm, comfortable love is possible no matter who you love. That isn't about bucking the system, coming out, about family dramas, or all of that. I guess a little bit fluffy, but deep in characters and emotions.

A love story. Just....a love story. Well, and a sexy one.

16.   Anything you’ve written about that you desperately wish you hadn’t?
Oh god. Well, yes, but thankfully it never got published ;)

17.   Do you finish a book that is terrible or put it down?
Oh most definitely put it down. I used to be the person who stuck with it through the end. Now, I don't have all that much time to read, so if I'm going to read it'd better be something I'm going to enjoy. I've encountered many books that just aren't for me, so I've learned the lesson that I should just put them aside rather than force myself to devote hours to something that's going to leave me resentful.

18.   Do you review terrible books or pass on saying anything at all?
I generally won't say anything when I don't like a book. There are bound to be books I don't like. I mean, I don't like artichokes, venison, or humid heat. That doesn't mean others don't like those things. And when there are things wrong with a book - editorial issues and so forth, if a company has put that book out, I understand that there's more at fault than the author - the company itself has a responsibility for quality as well. I'd be more likely to write a review on a company for bad editorial work than to leave a review on a book that would ding the author.

19.   Do you read reviews of your work?
I generally try not to.

20.   Red wine or white wine?
White. Mmmm. Especially the Sardinian Vermintinos. Yummmmy.

Chasing knowledge, life, and love, Aisling Weaver has lived up and down the interior of the Eastern United States.  She can read your tarot cards but won’t, will sail any month of the year, hasn’t walked a mile in your shoes but has lived her own life barefoot.  She writes by the seat of her pants following the strings of her heart. Her books can be found in anthologies and through her publisher


  1. Y'know, my mom always said I talked alot....
    Now I know I do! Look how much more I said than AT and Lucy!! *sheepish*

    *say only what you need to, Ais...*

    I would sooooo fail in spy school.

  2. Bah! I think your answers are perfect-o! :) What's the fun of 20 questions without honest answers! ;)



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